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Rabbit Preparation Recipe: A Gourmet Holiday

It is tasty to eat everything. In the region, so to speak, "delicious", even a special class of professionals, called gourmets, stood out. Gourmets like to serve in restaurants and cafes, as they can really appreciate the skill of the cook. It is they who are guided by the real masters of cooking.

But most of all as gourmets, and people just loving to eat deliciously, like to eat at home, where they cooked homemade, and with care and love, because in this case, the food will be the most healthy, and healthy food, as you know, gives us Vigor and energy, allows you to feel yourself in great shape, to be always young and in a good mood.

Most representatives of the human race use meat as the basis of the daily diet. But meat is not always the most healthy food. Some types of meat can be too fat or contain a large amount of harmful cholesterol, as well as traces of pesticides and even heavy metals. Of all types of meat, poultry meat and, of course, rabbit meat, which is considered one of the most dietary meat products that do not contain harmful substances, are the most healthy, and the minimum amount of fat in rabbit meat contains the greatest amount of protein, which is an excellent building material for our muscles. The recipe for cooking a rabbit is far from being one, and, of course, all the dishes from this wonderful meat are very tasty.

The content of vitamins B12 and B6, C, PP, as well as many of the necessary minerals and minerals Make rabbit meat very useful for maintaining health. And just excellent nutritional properties are almost complete digestibility, which can not be said about other types of meat, but also the very high biological activity of rabbit makes it indispensable for children's and dietary nutrition.

Rabbit, unlike beef and especially pork, can be eaten by people prone to food allergies, having problems with the gastrointestinal tract and biliary tract diseases, suffering from hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Interestingly, rabbit meat has the ability to remove radionuclides from the body, which can be very useful in certain situations.

On this dignity rabbit is far from being exhausted. If you look at it from a purely culinary point of view, you can say that rabbit meat is prepared very quickly and very quickly - the cooking time of the rabbit is minimal, and it is extraordinarily juicy and tender. What is the best way to prepare a rabbit for this type of meat?

Preparation of rabbit in sour cream - the recipe is perhaps the most common and incredibly simple. In my family, this dish is often, because we have been keeping rabbits for several years on our backyard. So, for this dish, I take a rabbit carcass, sour cream two hundred grams, a little vegetable oil, two medium lukewise and to taste spices.

The carcass should be immediately divided into portions and pour for several hours with water, acidified with a little vinegar. After that, the rabbit is fried in a pan, preliminarily having rolled in flour. Fry until you get an appetizing crust. I lightly fry onions here. After that, I put everything in a saucepan, add a little water and carcass for about half an hour. Now you can add sour cream and spices and another ten minutes to simmer on low heat. Layed on a dish pieces of meat can be poured with a sauce that remains in the saucepan.

It was cooking rabbit in sour cream. But this is not all that we do at home with the rabbit. The stuffed rabbit is also excellent, when the rabbit's shoulder, offal, vegetables and bread are taken for the filling. But the recipe for cooking rabbit from my husband. He does this himself, however, unfortunately, not as often as he would like, since the smoked rabbit in his performance is just a miracle of taste.

Smokehouse for hot smoking was made by the husband simply from an old bucket, having placed inside a lattice for meat. At the bottom of the resulting mini smokehouse, aspen and juniper branches develop. Pine, spruce and other resinous wood for this purpose are decisively not suitable.

The washed rabbit carcass is rubbed with salt and spices, we always use coriander and bay leaves. After this, the carcass is left in a saucepan at room temperature for about a couple of hours. Next, we divide the carcass into portions, lay out the pieces on the grill of our mini smokehouse and hang it directly over the fire, closing tightly with a lid. The cooking time for this recipe is only fifteen minutes, no more. It turns out incredibly delicious, I advise you to try.

Whichever recipe for the rabbit is chosen, always the resulting dish - a real holiday for the gourmet.

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