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Recipe Burito

Recipe burito is not one, which makes it a common dish for people with different flavors.

First, consider the general principle of creating a dish or how to cook a burito.

In fact, the burito is a roll, inside which is minced meat from minced meat, vegetables and sauce is added. The shell of the roll is a thin bread cake.

Hence it is clear that the burrito recipe and its taste entirely depend on the imagination and preferences of the person who cooks it.

In addition, the simplicity of the dish makes it available almost everywhere. In principle, the recipe of burito in one form or another can be found in the culinary arts of many countries of the world, but under different names.

Recipe for burrito with chicken, for one serving


Chicken fillet, 100g

Greenery, different, to taste

Cheese, type "Cheddar", 50g

Canned beans, white, 30g

Pepper spicy, 15g

Sauce based on mayonnaise, 15g

Vegetable oil, 30g

Pita bread or thin flat cake


Prepare greens, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a napkin, after which cut into large pieces.

Grate cheese on a grater with a large cell. Finely chop the fillets, strips. In a pre-heated frying pan with vegetable oil, grill the fillet from two sides until it is ready.

Lubricate the lavash sauce based on mayonnaise, lay along one edge of the fillet, after roasting. Add the beans and peppers. Spread evenly with herbs and grated cheese. In conclusion, gently twist the lavash with a tube.

On a hot and dry frying pan fry the twisted tubule from different sides. Feeding on the table, burito can be cut diagonally in half.

It should be noted that as a greenery, you can use absolutely any edible herbs that are appropriate or available at the moment. You can add onions, any. The type of sauce used can also change the taste of the dish, if desired, or the availability of sauce selection.

Oil also changes the taste of burrito, which can be used to select the taste of a dish for a specific consumer.

The recipe for burito will be complete if you prepare bread yourself. This will require: three glasses of flour; 50 g of margarine or butter; A pinch of soda; 250g of water. From this composition of the components, 10 lozenges can be prepared.

In a deep bowl mix the dough. After kneading, place the dough on the board. Knead the dough until it becomes elastic. Let the dessert settle, covering it with a towel. After, the dough is divided into 10 parts. Each part is rolled on a board on flat cakes. Cakes should be thin. To dough does not stick to the board, you should lightly sprinkle it with flour. The rolled dough for flat cakes is fried in a frying pan, on both sides. Fry should be before the formation of bubbles on the flat cakes.

Recipe for burrito with chicken, for 10 servings

The recipe is good because it takes a little time for cooking, and the dish looks good, has an appetizing aroma and a pleasant taste. For any festive table can be used as a dish for snacks.

Components of the dish:

Ready-made bread cakes, 10 pcs;

Fresh chicken breasts, 10 pcs;

Sauce based on mayonnaise, 1 st;

Canned beans, red, 2 cans;

Avocado, 2 ripe fruits;

Lemon, large, 1 pc;

Sour cream, 1 st;

Salad leaves, bunch;

Ground pepper, black, to taste;



Boil the chicken fillet until cooked. Water during cooking should be salted. Remove the boiled meat and allow the water to drain. Finely or finely chop the fillet with straw. Spice into sliced add to taste.

Warm the beans in the frying pan , red canned, adding 50 g of vegetable oil.

Cut the avocado into 4 pieces, peeled. To prevent oxidation of flesh pulp in the air and its subsequent blackening, treat the avocado pulp with lemon juice.

Heat the bread cakes in a dry frying pan. After, lay them out on the table. Along one side of each cake lay the prepared ingredients: canned beans, red; Slicing chicken fillets; The avocado pulp, which is taken out with a spoon.

At the end of packing the components of the filling all sprinkle with lemon juice. Then put a layer of sauce on the basis of mayonnaise and cover with a leaf of lettuce. Next, apply a layer of sour cream.

The filling of the dish is ready. Cake should be immediately rolled into a tube and can be served to the table.

If the dish is not used immediately, it will soften. If it is necessary to delay the moment of use, the ready-made tubes should be quickly fried in a hot and dry pan. This allows to extend the presentation of the dish.

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