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Red beans in cooking

Red beans occupy a leading place among other vegetable crops in the content of anthocyanins, which are the most powerful antioxidants that slow the aging of the human body. In addition, these substances contribute to the strengthening of blood vessels and prevent the development of cancerous tumors, but they are lost in part in the heat processing of beans.

In cooking, red beans are used regularly, as it is a source of fiber, vitamins, iron, proteins and other. That's just before cooking it is recommended to soak in order to remove the oligosaccharides that make up its composition, and leading to the appearance of colic and bloating. Cook this legume culture for an hour and a half.

It should be noted that the bean pods are cut off both immature and when the seeds are fully ripe. Fresh and dry red beans are cooked in water with the addition of spices until it becomes soft. After that, the water is drained, and the finished dish is served with butter and parsley greens.

You can also cook mashed potatoes from a boiled vegetable, filling it with sour cream, or served as a salad with Vinaigrette sauce.

Beans are often used for cooking various dishes, for example, snacks, hot dishes and baked goods. For this, it is put in cold water, brought to a boil and cooked for two minutes, after which it is removed from the fire, covered and left for one hour.

Let's consider in detail some recipes of dishes, where red beans are used.

1. Vinaigrette snack.

Ingredients: one glass of beans, two hundred grams of sauerkraut, two potatoes, one onion, two beets and carrots, parsley, salt and spices, vegetable oil.

Beans must be boiled, mixed with cabbage, diced potatoes, chopped onions, sliced beets and carrots, chopped herbs and spices. Mix everything well by adding vegetable oil.

2. Snack of beans with nuts.

Ingredients: three hundred grams of beans, two onions, half a glass of walnuts, half a spoonful of vinegar, salt, spices, greens of cilantro.

Red beans are cooked until ready (the liquid where it was cooked does not pour out), kneads, it is added with a chopped onion, finely chopped nuts, a small amount of liquid. The dish is filled with vinegar, salt and spices, add coriander greens and a small amount of "hops-suneli", everything is mixed and laid out on a large dish.

3. Bean soup.

Ingredients: half a glass of beans, two onions, fifty grams of nuts, half a spoonful of flour, two grams of red hot pepper, two tablespoons of butter, two liters of cold water, three grams of parsley.

Beans are poured in water and left for one night. Then add one spoonful of salt to it and cook for an hour and a half. Meanwhile, toast the onions, adding pepper and flour at the end. He is shifted to soup, adding also chopped nuts, salt and spices and continuing to cook for another twenty minutes. The soup is poured over plates and sprinkled with herbs.

4. Lobiani (Georgian cuisine).

Ingredients: yeast dough, two hundred grams of beans, coriander, one onion, hops-suneli, salt and pepper, butter for frying.

The dough is thinly rolled out, the filling is put in the center (beans, salt and spices, chopped onions), and the edges are fastened in the center, then rolled up to a size with a rolling pin and fried in oil, covered with a lid. When one side is fried, turn the cake.

Thus, now every housewife knows what to make of a bean for a snack or as a first course. Possessing many useful properties, this vegetable has also good taste qualities, and the dishes made from it will be hearty and fragrant. In any case, everyone will appreciate them.

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