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What to give a girl for 12 years: several interesting options

Usually it is not difficult to choose a gift for a child - it is enough to consult with parents who can definitely advise what to give to their child. With adolescents, the situation is more complicated - there are already their hobbies, modern gadgets, all kinds of fashion in the subculture to which the teenager belongs, things. But the most mysterious in terms of choosing a presentation is the transition from childhood to adolescence. Many adults are racking their brains to give a girl for 12 years.

With babies in general it is difficult, because they are more capricious, and even at this age it's completely incomprehensible: does she still play with dolls or does she already run to date with the boys? That's what to give? 12 girl - this is the age when she is not yet adult, but already interested in her appearance, thinks about the first love and first realizes herself as a girl, a female being, and not a child.

These are the features of age and should be guided. To begin with, let's say banality: the best gift is a book. Even if before this young lady was not fond of reading, 12 years old - to start a good age. Particularly relevant at this age are encyclopedias and books of advice from the "specifically for girls" series. On sale, for sure, you will find several similar books telling how to start taking care of yourself, taking the first steps in mastering the art of make-up, getting acquainted with the fashion world, communicating with peers and especially with boys. All these tips to the young seductress will be useful. In addition, choose what to give a girl for 12 years from the literature, now you can easily - there are whole series of children's detectives, fantasy books designed for this age, fantasy and even youth novels.

But it is not worthwhile to limit books to girls for gifts. Also a large selection of what to give a girl for 12 years, you can find in a store with good jewelry or at exhibitions of hand-made. What girl will not be pleased with the new decoration? They should not be expensive - at this age, not everyone is aware of the value of the product, but they are obliged to be beautiful and suitable specifically to it.

If you are still thinking about what gift to give the girl, so that he was both beautiful and teaching at the same time, consider such an option as sets for weaving of beads, for assembling jewelery, embroidery or felting from felt. At age 12, any new knowledge is grasped on the fly, and hand-made jewelry or handicrafts will give each girl self-confidence.

Another option from what to give a girl for 12 years - this is the first cosmetics. It should not be "adult" brands, because now there are many children's cosmetic lines offering both caring products and decorative. At 12 years old to use mascara or foundation and blush, but lip gloss, nail polish, the first scented water or powder is quite suitable for a young seductress as a gift. Also, good gifts will be jewelry for the hair - the original hairpins and headbands, colored hair mascara or toning varnish will taste like a modern twelve-year-old girl.

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