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People's signs on the Day of Protection. Folk signs on the Protection of the Holy Virgin

Since ancient times, people used to observe the weather, paying attention to certain people's signs. Some of them relate to specific holidays. For example, people's signs on the Day of Protection speak volumes.

This holiday falls on October - the month of yellowing leaves, cold ground, rain and the first wet snow. What do people say about this day?

People's signs on the Day cover tell about the upcoming winter

This holiday is not just an event honored by Christians. People's signs on the Day of Protection allow people to understand what kind of winter it will be. As a rule, it comes about forty days after the first snow. Therefore, the "snowy" Pokrov speaks of the onset of early winter.

However, this is not all the "surprises" of October. For example, people's signs on the Day of Protection speak about the fact that even rain can go to this Orthodox holiday. Moreover, the thunder can sound. This indicates that the winter will be absolutely snowless.

If the leaves from the maple and birches on the Pokrov are almost not fallen, then you should expect severe frosts. Dry weather will indicate a snowless winter. Well, frost will be affected by a lot of precipitation in January.

There are still some folk signs on the Day of Protection. If the wind blows from the north on this holiday, the winter will be very cold, if from the south - warm. People say that the fall also depends on the weather on the Pokrov. If there is no snow up to this day, you can hear the old people saying that "the bear will long walk on the will". And otherwise: "Cover covered, then Christmas will cover." Bears, by the way, according to the people, climb into their lairs in late October, if the snow on the holiday fell all the same time.

The meeting of autumn with winter ...

So, October 14 Christians celebrate the Protection of the Virgin. Signs of this day include the most diverse. However, the main one convinces people that on this holiday there are autumn and winter.

On this day, as a rule, you can observe the first frost. He covers the earth, just like the Protection of the Blessed Virgin. Hence, in fact, the name. Naturally, the Protection of the Mother of God signs connects it with the weather and predictions for the coming year.

By the way, not only for the wind, snow or hoarfrost is being watched this day. An early and cold winter, for example, heralds a flight to the Pokrov Cranes. If they are delayed, it means that you can still enjoy the warmth. In a word, it will take a lot, but, most importantly, all of them have been checked by generations and years, so there is no doubt in their reliability!

... And farewell

However, most often after the Intercession the autumn does not stay long. This is clear for a long time already familiar to all signs. Snow on the Pokrov, cold wind, frosts - this means that the winter is just around the corner.

By the way, this holiday is connected with other events, which Christians celebrate. For example, if the snow falls on the Pokrov, it means that it falls on Dmitriev's day (November 8). If at least a small snowstorm does not please us this day, then we can forget about sledges and snowballs at least until the day of Catherine (December 7).


Of course, not only signs, snow on the Pokrov, rain or wind are connected with this holiday. There are also certain traditions. On this day, many people, for example, go to church service. This rite has been preserved from ancient times to the present day. On the Pokrov people pray before the icon of the Mother of God, ask her for intercession and mercy, help and health, happiness in family life. Standing on your knees, you can beg the Virgin Mary for yourself, parents, children, wife ... In short, Christians sincerely believe that the Mother of God will protect them for a whole year, covering them with their veil.

Since this winter comes after this holiday, all gatherings and festivities move from the streets to the houses. From the fields at this time, the entire harvest is harvested, for the winter preparations are made, the houses are insulated, the furnaces are melted, the cattle are put in the shed. In ancient times, during this period, women and girls sat down for weaving, sewing and embroidery.

By the way, do not forget about the following traditional signs! If the house is not insulated prior to the Intercession, the owners will freeze throughout the winter. If you bake a lot of pancakes, the house, on the contrary, will be very warm. With the same purpose, the stove on the Pokrov is covered with apple trees. On the same day, the owners gather the last fruits.

If your children are often sick, they must be poured over the sieve with water. They say that it helps a lot. Well, in no event on this holiday you can not borrow money from anyone.

Wedding signs

An important role in this day is also played by certain moments relating to marriage. Sometimes the date of the wedding falls on the Pokrov. Feast, signs - everything should be taken into account, in no way confusing either the bridegroom or the bride.

So, what do people say about this day? First, the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not just a church holiday. This day is also the patron of weddings and future brides.

By the way, it's not just that Pokrov associates with a white veil. Girls who want to get married successfully, meet a worthy groom, necessarily went and go to the temple on this day to pray and put the candles before the icon. This tradition has been preserved for many years.

In ancient times, it was believed that the first girl to marry is the one who before everyone will put a candle in front of the image of the Blessed Virgin Protection of the Virgin.

There are several other signs related to weddings and this church holiday. For example, if a girl has a good time at Pokrov, she will meet a good groom. If the day of the marriage of the young will snow, they will definitely be happy.

Large drifts indicate that next year there will be a lot of weddings. Strong wind "prophesies" a lot of brides in the coming year. And of course, the wedding, played on the Pokrov, is a wonderful sign. This indicates that young people will live in the soul for a long, long time.

A bright holiday is a good mood

The last thing you should not forget about on this beautiful day is about the sublime mood. Cover is not just a holiday. This event with a huge history, celebrated for many years. One has only to ask a question to any elderly person, and he will immediately tell you what kind of holiday is the Protection of the Blessed Virgin, the signs and customs that accompany him, etc. Perhaps, for today, church holidays are not so popular ... However Forget about the ancient traditions do not ...

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