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What is bacon? It is interesting!

It is difficult to imagine a traditional English or American breakfast without a couple of slices of crispy pink bacon, which is so deliciously fried in oil in a frying pan. And although at present this product is by no means a rarity in the culinary world, many still do not know what bacon is. It's easy to find out if you look at the material below.

What is bacon

Since there is a significant fat layer in the bacon, some believe that this is just one of the varieties of lard. This statement is not entirely correct.

What is bacon? This is a meat product for the production of which special, so-called "bacon" pigs are used. Pigs intended for fattening are distinguished by long spins and rapid growth.

How to make bacon

In order for the meat delicacy to turn out exactly as it is used by most people, bacon pigs are kept in special conditions. First of all, they are abundantly fattened with barley, dairy products, beans. Their diet contains no food waste, oats, fish products and meat, so that the bacon is tender. When the pig reaches the age of seven months, it is sent to slaughter. About a kilogram of product is obtained from a 100 kg pig.

Bacon in the World

Surprisingly, in many countries of the world they do not know what bacon is. This is not surprising, since basically this delicacy is consumed in Europe and America. But even in these countries the meaning of the word "bacon" is very different, because the manufacturing technology differs. So, in America, the appetite for muscle is the animal's stomach, in Canada - the lumbar, and in Russia they take the brisket. Separately, we can say about the Italian Guancale, made from the cheeks of a pig by special technology.

Varieties of bacon

As a rule, the meat snack is divided into salted and smoked bacon. Smoked bacon is cold and hot smoked. Salty is used as a semi-finished product. In the future, he undergoes food processing: from it get a brisket, pork or ham. Smoked show us from the TV screens: a brisket or other meat part with alternating layers of meat and fat. Such bacon is completely ready for use.

How to eat bacon

Most often it is used as cold and hot snacks and for cooking second courses. The most famous variation of its use is for breakfast combined with scrambled eggs or omelets. Since this snack is fat enough, it is used to bake lean meat, which is pinched or wrapped in thin slices of bacon.

So, in order to consolidate the information studied, let us repeat what bacon is. This is a kind of meat snack made from a brisket or side of bacon swine with alternating layers of fat and meat.

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