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Useful tips on how to keep parsley for the winter

Any hostess wants to have all the year round a variety of vegetables, fruits, greens and all kinds of condiments. In this case, there is an opportunity to cook absolutely any dish properly at any time and not be afraid for the final result. It should be noted that the greens are often used as an additional component to various soups, salads, meat, fish. Without it, there is almost no hot dish or cold snack. Of all kinds of greenery, the most fragrant, perhaps, is parsley. Without it, it is difficult to imagine any culinary recipe at all. But if in the summer to find parsley is not difficult, in winter it can be associated with certain difficulties. Therefore, almost all the housewives are trying to procure it for future use. There are several basic ways to keep parsley for the winter. There are four main options: freezing, drying, pickling and pickling.

Cooling billet

The easiest way to prepare is to freeze. It can be carried out in different ways:

  1. In some cases, whole beams are frozen. Previously, they need to be washed and cleaned. Then cut off part of the stem, leaving only the right amount. Buns neatly folded in plastic bags and sent to the freezer. This is the easiest method for storing parsley for the winter.
  2. You can freeze whole or chopped greens. For the preparation of various dishes, single beams are rarely used. Most often, the greens are crushed with a knife, and then added as an aromatic seasoning. Therefore, it is most convenient to keep it in the shredded state. You can store these blanks in a freezer in plastic bags. But for this you need to know how to keep parsley for the winter correctly. After freezing from the bag, you must remove all air as far as possible and only then send the product for long-term storage.
  3. Shredded greenery can be frozen portion by part. To do this, it needs to be diluted with water and poured neatly into ice molds. This way of storing parsley for the winter is indispensable for making soups and various hot dishes. Frozen briquettes completely retain the aroma of fresh greens and serve as an excellent flavor additive.

Drying is a reliable assistant

Another way of billet, which allows you to keep fragrant greens for a long time, is drying. It is also conducted in different ways. Drying can be carried out:

  • In a natural way;
  • With the help of an oven.

Now we need to understand more in detail how to dry parsley for the winter. Do this usually in the summer or early autumn. Fresh greens, taken straight from the garden, carefully sorted. At the same time discarded yellow shoots, thick stems and leafless leaves. Selected green foliage is tied in small bundles, and then hung in a room where there is free movement of air, and there is no direct sunlight. Otherwise, the greens will quickly turn yellow and crumble when lightly touched.

You can also dry the chopped parsley. To do this, the greens are neatly cut with a knife, and then spread on a sheet of white paper a thin layer (not more than one and a half centimeters). The finished product is covered in cans of dark glass and stored at room temperature for two years.

Sometimes, to speed up the drying process, use a conventional oven. Shredded or whole bunches of parsley are laid out on a baking sheet sent by a sheet of paper and sent for 2 hours to the oven, heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. Then the temperature should be raised to 50-70 degrees and gradually finish drying.

Salt is an excellent preservative

Best of all, any greens retain their useful properties when greased. This method is the fastest. It is very easy to prepare dill or parsley with salt for the winter. To do this, on the basis of 0.5 kilograms of greenery, 125 grams of table salt.

Everything starts as usual:

  1. Greens should be washed thoroughly under running water and dried.
  2. Then grind it with a knife and put it in a clean bowl.
  3. Cover the parsley with salt, mix and put it tightly in prepared jars.

Keep this product in a cool place. Banks are better to choose a smaller size, so that the greens properly salted. In winter, this fragrant seasoning will be like a find.

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