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Kaluga icon of the Mother of God: meaning. Monastery of the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God

There is an ancient patroness of Kaluga - an icon of the Blessed Virgin created on canvas. More than two and a half centuries it keeps the inhabitants of the city, generously pouring out the grace of God on the pure in heart and strong faith. The Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God - this is how it is customary to call this marvelous image, found in the XVIII century and has become one of the main shrines of the region.

Appearance of the Shrine

It happened in 1748 in the village of Tinkovo, near Kaluga. It pleased the Most Holy Theotokos to show people its miraculous image in the house of a pious man - the landowner Vasily Kondratievich Khitrovo. During one of the clean-ups, a bundle of old canvas was found in the attic of the house. When it was unfolded, the eyes of those present presented a picture of a woman in a monastic vestment immersed in reading a book.

The girl who found the canvas decided that before her was a portrait of one of the sisters or the abbess who was near the village of the nunnery, and, showing the find of Evdokia - the daughter of her daughter, told her that, on occasion, she would complain to her mother Mother Superior - Evdokia is negligent in prayer and guilty of slander. However, instead of repentance, the servant's threat caused anger in the master's daughter, and she, not remembering herself, spat on the picture, showing her contempt for the spiritual person.

Punishment for insolence and blasphemy

What happened after this shocked all those present. Suddenly, Evdokia faltered and fell after it, unconscious. When the girl came to herself, she could neither speak nor move. It was clear to everyone that the unfortunate person had broken a paralysis for her blasphemy. The master's daughter was transferred to her room and placed under the image.

Soon the master of the house appeared in the night vision of the Most Holy Theotokos and reported that Evdokia was punished for the impudence shown in relation to the image found. The Queen of Heaven also told that it is not the abbess who is depicted on it, but She is the Mother of God, and that henceforth through this image grace will be sent to Kaluga and its inhabitants. About all that happened, the Mother of God ordered to tell the priest and serve a repentant prayer service before the icon that was found.

Healing Evdokia and new miracles

About Vasily Kondratyevich's daughter it was said that after sincere and deep repentance, it must be sprinkled with water flowing out from under the church - and she will be healed. So it all happened. The canvas with the image of the Holy Virgin was placed in a frame, and it became their family shrine. The impudent maiden tearfully repented, and after she was sprinkled with holy water, she was healed.

A little time passed, and the rumor of a new miracle flew around the village. The master had a servant Prokhor, who had been deaf from childhood. Once in a dream he heard a voice telling him that the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God, stored in their house, would save him from the misfortune. You just have to pray diligently before her. The same thing happened the next night. Then Prokhor spent long hours in a kneeling prayer, then suddenly fell asleep. He slept two days, and when he woke up, his hearing completely recovered.

Soon the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God was solemnly transferred to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was in a nearby village. But this event was preceded by another miracle revealed through it and the fellow villagers who remained in their memory. Evdokia, the very daughter of a landowner, who was once punished for her impertinence, fell seriously ill. And again there was a night vision of the Blessed Virgin with a command to pray before the image and not weaken in faith. After the whole family Khitrovo performed a miracle-work before the miraculous image, the illness left the girl.

Kaluga icon of the Mother of God - keeper of the city

Since that time, an ancient Russian town appeared as an intercessor and patroness - an icon of the Kaluga Mother of God. Marvelous miracles revealed through her the Blessed Virgin. In 1771, the Lord struck the inhabitants of the city for the sins with plague, but served a penitential prayer before her, and begged His Most Blessed Son to pardon the Kaluzhans. Another time, in 1812, the city saved the prayer of the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God from the invasion of Napoleon's troops. This event is forever preserved in Russian history. When in 1898 an epidemic of cholera occurred, during the moleben the akathist of the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God read the prayer of the Mother of God, and the Heavenly Intercessor did not leave them. She took the trouble from the city.

In memory of these miracles the Holy Church established holidays celebrated annually on the Kaluga land. All of them date back to the days when the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God showed its intercession. This is September 15, October 25 and July 31. In addition, the temple of the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God at the bishop's house in the city of Kaluga celebrates its patronal feast every year on the first Sunday of Petrova's post.

Prayer before the miraculous icon

This wonderworking image, revealed during the reign of the pious Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, still does not leave kaluzhan with her care. Soon it is planned to open a nunnery in honor of him on the site of his miraculous finding.

Whatever worldly misfortunes may have happened, the inhabitants of the city go to the temple, where the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God awaits them. What are they praying for in front of her, from what do they ask for protection? They pray for their health and for their loved ones, for blessing all good deeds, for family happiness and multiculturalism. To save is asked from the evil one and all his intrigues.

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