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Kovbyk, kendyuh, kurgar shurby ... How to cook a pig's stomach - a few ideas

It is said that the gol is cunning for inventions. And this resourcefulness of the poor, who wanted to eat delicious, without going beyond the family budget, and spawned meals from by-products. Let's use the invention of the lower social strata and learn how to cook delicious pork stomach. This byproduct, as is known, is a natural bag. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to stuff it with something. Most often the Slavs stuffed the pig's stomach with porridge. And tasty, and satisfying. By the way, in a hundred grams of pig stomach contains 160 calories. But, depending on the stuffing, the nutritional value of the dish can go up.

Preliminary preparation

Before you cook a pork stomach, it must be thoroughly cleaned of the contents. Then it is poured with boiling water and let stand for ten minutes. Then the mucous membrane is removed from the stomach. Once again, cut the wall of the by-product with a knife and wash it with cold running water. Now this natural bag is ready for stuffing. But it should be remembered that during the heat treatment the stomach decreases in size. Therefore, it should not be stuffed to the string, but so that there is free space left. You should also make a few punctures in the stomach with a knife so that the bag does not crack during baking. It is necessary from time to time to water the dish with juice, which will be released during the thermal processing of the by-product. Baking the stomach in the oven, you need to tie it with some kind of press - so it will be easier to cut when serving. And to achieve a crispy crust, you need to water the dish with a sauce prepared from a mixture of sour cream and spices 10 minutes before the end of the culinary process.


This dish is a stuffed stomach, which is then boiled for a long time. Eat it as sausage - chilled. The cowboy is very tasty on a bread crust with horseradish or mustard. But also warmed, with a garnish of mashed potatoes, - too, nothing. How to cook a pig's stomach to make a cowboy? We need one more byproduct, namely the pig lung. Cut it from the trachea and crush it in cubes (approximately 1 cm). We only need red pads, without tapes. In the same way grind the fat. It is advisable to take what is called "shponder" in Ukraine, that is, with layers of meat. We squeeze into the filling a few cloves of garlic. Solim and sprinkle with cumin, black pepper, marjoram and basil. Stir and stuff this stuffed stomach inside out. Sew the hole with a thread. We put in a large saucepan and pour water. Solim it and throw five pieces of laurel leaves. Cover the pan and cook the cowboy for two - two and a half hours, sometimes turning and piercing with a needle.


Unlike the previous Ukrainian national dish, this is done in the oven. You already know how to properly prepare a pork stomach in order to start its stuffing. The filling of kendyuha, unlike the cowboy, is more "rich", festive. We need half a kilo of pork brisket and 200 grams of minced meat. Three bulbs finely shred. Breast cut into small cubes. Mix with onions and raw minced meat. We drive two eggs, squeeze the whole head of garlic. We fill the filling with ten peas of black pepper and half teaspoon of dried marjoram. Stuff the stomach, sew up the hole. Bake until ready, watering the dish with the juice.

Cougar Shurby

This is a traditional dish of Chuvash cuisine. For him, the subproduct is not stuffed, so the tailor's skills are not required here. How to prepare a pig's stomach Chuvash way? We rinse the by-product, fill it with cold water and set it to cook until ready. We check with a fork: as soon as the siphon ceases to pierce from the punctures, and the juice begins to stand out, it means that one can get it. The broth, which was obtained from cooking the stomach, can then be used as a basis for soup. But we will save a small amount for a sherby. The boiled stomach is cut into cubes of medium size, we put it into a small saucepan and fill it with broth. As soon as it boils again, add the browned onion. In a skillet, fry on a spoonful of butter the same amount of flour. As soon as it turns yellow, add to the stomach. Season with crushed garlic. We beat the raw egg, we also add it to the dish. Solim, pepper, throw fresh greens. The cigar is served hot.

How to cook a pork roast stomach

There are many recipes for cooking this by-product in a frying pan. Including kendyuh - it can also not be baked in the oven, and fry in the smaltse. The most original recipe is Chinese. It turns out very tasty cracklings, which you can sprinkle with boiled potatoes or pasta. Before you cook the pork stomach, mix the chopped ginger and leek in the bowl, sprinkle them with a pinch of starch, salt, pour the table wine. While these seasonings are insisted, let's get on with the stomach. Carefully clean it, cut it into cubes. For a high fire, we put a pan with a lot of lean oil. In this deep-fried fry the stomach. When he reaches softness, we fish him on a plate. Remove excess oil. We leave only a small amount in the frying pan. At this fat, roast ginger with leeks, detached from wine. Then add the stomach, mix, warm and serve. Bon Appetit!

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