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How to make apple jam: recipes

If there is a jar of jam in the fridge, you will not have to think about the pie filling or pancakes. With tea and bun, it serves as an excellent dessert created with little effort. Jam is plum, quince, currant, but most often it is made from apples. A dense, sweet product is stored for a long time and retains vitamins, which are so many in fresh fruits. Its recipe for apple jam for the winter should be for every mistress. Here are a few good cooking options.

How to make apple jam: the classic version

You need four hundred milliliters of water, two kilograms of apples of sour varieties, a kilogram and six hundred grams of granulated sugar. Wash the apples thoroughly and dry them with paper towels or napkins. Cut into quarters and remove the bones, place in a voluminous enamel saucepan, pour water and cook over low heat. As soon as everything starts to boil, start mixing from time to time. Cook the boiled apples and wipe through a sieve, add sugar to them, mix everything thoroughly and send to a stove. Remember, before you make apple jam, you need to prepare glass jars. They should be sterilized. A quarter of an hour after the start of cooking, the jam will need to be poured into the jars. Tightly close the filled jars with covers, wrap them, and after cooling, put them in a cool place for storage.

How to make apple jam with cinnamon

On a kilogram of apples you will need three quarters of a glass of water, seven hundred grams of sugar, a little lemon juice and cinnamon. Rinse and peel apples, cut them into pieces and put them in an enamel bowl. Add water and place on a plate, included at the minimum. Wait for the boil, then cook for about twenty minutes. Finished apples wipe through a sieve, mix with sugar and cinnamon and cook for fifty minutes, from time to time stirring, so that nothing burns. Before turning off the plate, add the lemon juice. Finished jam spread on glass sterile jars, tighten the lids and wrap the workpieces until they cool. They can be stored at room temperature.

How to make apple jam with pears

You need a kilogram of fruit and eight hundred grams of granulated sugar. Rinse and peel the fruit, cut into slices, place in a saucepan and pour with water. On a quiet fire bring to a boil and cook for twenty-five minutes. Grind the fruit in a puree with a sieve, wiping them in small portions. Add sugar to the resulting mass, mix well and put on a fire. Try to mix thoroughly from time to time so that the jam does not burn. Boil to the desired density and pour out according to the prepared banks.

How to make apple jam with pumpkin

You need four hundred and fifty grams of apple puree, three hundred and fifty grams - pumpkin, citric acid, six hundred grams of sugar, water. Mash the fruit and vegetables in the manner described above. Mix in a saucepan, put on fire and cook for half an hour, gradually pouring out all the sugar. For twenty minutes before the readiness, add the citric acid, the prepared puree spread on sterile jars and cool.

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