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Tale "The Frog Princess": a characteristic of Vasilisa the Wise

Russian folk tales from time immemorial were considered the most useful for children, they teach to distinguish good from evil, good from bad. They instill love for literature from early childhood. In this paper, the characteristics of Vasilisa Premudra - one of the most beloved children of the genre.

Why is the image of a frog chosen?

As it turned out, our heroine is in such an unattractive manner as punishment for her pride. Characterization of Vasilisa the Wise from the fairy tale "The Frog Princess" will be incomplete if we consider it from one side. It is important to note the bad sides of the heroine, which she possessed before the transformation.

Vasilisa ascended herself on a pedestal, being above her evil but very wise father Koshchei the Immortal personifying the hierarchy. By her behavior and pride, she forced Koshchei to turn her into the lowest and ugliest creature.

Life in the frog's skin

Characterization of Vasilisa the Wise greatly changes after her reincarnation into a frog. Only after visiting the very bottom, she begins to understand her true role as wife, a dedicated and caring keeper of the hearth.

It reincarnates not only externally, but also spiritually. Her pride was gone, as soon as she loved Ivan the Tsarevich. Now she gave herself completely to only one person.

Main thought

What is the tale of "The Frog Princess" about? Characteristic of Vasilisa the Wise and other heroes is in fact very deep. Everyone can interpret it in their own way. But the main idea is this: do not judge a man by his appearance, appearance, pay attention to deeds and deeds. Despite the fact that the girl was in a frog's skin, thanks to her patience, miracles and beauty, she was able to overcome all the royal trials and passed them with honor, ahead of other brides.

The heroine nevertheless returned to her father's kingdom for disobedience, she took off the frog skin during the last test, and Ivan the Tsarevich burned it. Why did he do this? He was fed up with the jeers of his older brothers.

Of course, our hero went on a long and dangerous adventure to get his beloved out of the hands of the treacherous Koshchei. Ivan has a hard time, he is in for a lot of hard tests.

A kind and instructive tale "The Frog Princess" is distinguished by a high level of skill of the storytellers. Children appreciate in it both ideal heroes, and a fascinating plot of opposition between two opposing forces, and a good end. There is where to turn around. A fairy tale teaches us to appreciate the inner qualities in people. During reading, self-development takes place. This story takes a worthy place among Russian folk tales.

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