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Mother's Day Holiday: script

Mom is the most beautiful gentle word. It has a lot of warmth and cordiality. I want to start with the words familiar from childhood: "It does not happen in this world that children are lost!" Indeed, every mother loves her child very much, cares about him. For their parents, their children are the best. Being a real mother is a calling, given to a woman by nature.

Primary school is the best time to celebrate Mother's Day, because at this stage of life parents and toddlers are still inextricably linked. And only at this age the child truly sincerely will say all congratulations to the mother, not paying attention to the people around him. The holiday, dedicated to Mother's Day in primary school, is a holiday not only for women, but also for children. The guys, giving joy to their mothers, are themselves charged with energy of affection and happiness, mixed with a quivering excitement.

Preparing for the holiday Mother's Day

The preparation of any holiday is a very painstaking business, but at the same time pleasant. Each class teacher asks how to spend the holiday in the primary school on Mother's Day and where to start the preparation. To forget nothing, the organizers need to remember the main stages of holding events in the primary school:

  1. Stage of the preparatory work.
  2. Stage of discussion and planning.
  3. Stage of collective training.
  4. Stage of the celebration.
  5. The stage of summing up the results of the celebration.

Prepare a holiday in an elementary school for Mother's Day is not easy. Here, a very big responsibility falls on the shoulders of the teacher-organizer, most often his role is played by the class teacher. In order to organize and hold this event correctly, the teacher needs to set the goal of the celebration and formulate tasks in order to start.

Why celebrate Mother's Day in primary school?

The goal of the holiday to Mother's Day is most often the development of positive feelings for the mother, a kind and gentle attitude to the closest person on Earth.

The main objectives of this event in primary school are:

  • Explain the reasons for the appearance of this holiday,
  • To cultivate a respectful attitude to a woman mother.

The time spent on the holiday should not be wasted, so you should not forget about its functional load:

  • Teaching,
  • Educational,
  • Developing,
  • Communicative,
  • Aesthetic,
  • Entertaining,
  • Relaxation.

Room decoration

Undoubtedly, the Mother's Day holiday in primary school should be primarily safe for children. Therefore, you need to think carefully about the design of the room. Most often, this event is held in the classroom, which means that the question arises as to where to put the training tables. If your holiday involves tea drinking, then you need to make tables so that they do not interfere with the celebration, but at the same time take into account free access to them when the time is convenient for a snack. If tea will not be, then the tables can be taken out into the corridor, making them so that they do not interfere with the free passage.

To create a festive atmosphere in the room, you can hang out the balls you bought in advance, and bring the screensaver with a congratulation to Mother's Day on the interactive board . To make an exhibition of reproductions of pictures on which the woman-mother is represented. These are the famous canvases: "Mother" AA Deineka, "Mother", "Petrograd Madonna" KS Petrov-Vodkin, "Sistine Madonna" Raphael.

Add a photo

If your children are no longer first-graders, it means that this is not their first holiday in the primary school for Mother's Day. Photo of the past years from this event will be an indispensable assistant in the design of the premises.

Well and additional ornaments from a paper children can make themselves at lessons of technology or visited circles. Ornaments made by themselves will necessarily present an atmosphere of warmth and care.

Scenarios for the celebration of the Mother's Day

Undoubtedly, the most grateful viewers are mums and grandmothers. After all, like no one else, they are able to love their children, give them maximum attention, enjoy their successes and empathize in their failures.

There are a lot of scripts on the Internet, but I would like to save the teachers from the mistake. Remember that not a single development of the Mother's Day holiday for elementary school is written for your students. And if you do not want to write the script yourself, then at least form one of several. Yes, basically they all look alike - it's reading poetry, singing songs, chastooshkas, using theatrical productions about mom. But if you include imagination and imagination, and each elementary school teacher is endowed with these qualities, then using the basic blocks, you can create a completely modern and creative scenario.

The holiday in the primary school by Mother's Day is one of the best ways to keep children in an organized atmosphere. But also do not forget that this age category of children requires periodic discharge. Therefore, when developing the event, it is necessary to include mobile contests for children and their mothers. Participation in them usually causes a lot of positive emotions.

Of course, for participation in the contest there should be prizes, and here it is necessary to think about whether it will be medals, sweets, diplomas or diplomas. One rule for primary school, which must be observed: prizes should be the same, because the mental characteristics of children of this age do not allow them to answer the question: "Why does someone have a better prize than mine?"

Extra-curricular work - an assistant in the organization of the holiday Mother's Day

With the introduction of the new Federal State Educational Standard at the school, where the main requirement is for children to attend classes in various subjects, elementary school teachers have become easier to prepare for the festivities. The holiday in the primary school for Mother's Day can be prepared in parts. Ask teachers for extracurricular work to help in this process, namely - to learn poems, songs, create a theatrical performance, make paper flowers or original cards.

For the teacher, this is a good time saving, to give extra attention to solving other organizational problems in the design and conduct of the holiday dedicated to Mother's Day.

Preparing children

In addition, that children read poems and sing at the celebration, they need to do additional work. For example, explain why and for what reason this holiday was created. Children at this age do not yet know that the official reason for Mother's Day is explained thus: the status of a woman mother must constantly grow, and therefore this international holiday.

In the sphere of the existing political situation in the country, it will also be useful for them to know that America celebrated this holiday first in 1914, and then the countries of Europe began to join it. This holiday is considered young for us, because it was established only in 1998 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Russia, Boris N. Yeltsin, on January 30, 1998, No. 120 "On Mother's Day". They celebrate it in Russia on the last Sunday of November. The initiator of the establishment of this holiday was the Committee of the State Duma for Women, Family and Youth.

Undoubtedly, the role of the moral, aesthetic and cultural education of a child rests with the society in which he lives, but the elementary school can lay the foundation for this upbringing. Literary holiday Mother's day spent during the class hour can help in solving this problem, and also contribute to broadening the horizon through familiarity with new authors, their works and various images of a woman mother. For elementary school works of V. Vorobyev ("Mama"), verses of A. Blok, N. Nekrasov ...

Scenes played on Mother's Day

Undoubtedly, to have an excellent Mother's Day, the script of the holiday in the elementary school should contain scenes-miniatures. They should be comic and correspond to the subject of the event. For this event, you can offer the following scenes: "Because of you", "Homemade composition", "Flowers for Mom." The plot unfolds in a home setting. The main characters are mothers and children.

It is very important to correctly show the role of women in the upbringing of children. Children should be taught everything in such a way that it is absolutely impossible to do without moms. Women, in turn, should feel pride in their children.

How to invite mothers to a holiday

In order to correctly and aesthetically beautiful to invite mothers to a holiday, you can make invitation cards. Only first the teacher will need to consult with the guys on the question of what kind of invitations they are, because you can do it yourself, and you can print it on the printer. The only condition is that the child should write the text in the invitation letter-invitation himself. The text of the invitation can be thought up by yourself, but you can use the following:

Mom, my own mother,

Come to your holiday soon!

My place of schooling is my school,

The class in which I study now.

Do not forget, please, this date ...

Time too - do you hear - do not forget!

I'm waiting for you, dear mother.

Remember that I love you!

Pre-holiday rehearsals dedicated to Mother's Day

Every child tries to be the best for his mother. The holiday in the primary school for Mother's Day, according to the script, requires pre-holiday rehearsals. And to make these rehearsals as productive as possible, the following factors should be considered:

  • It is necessary to involve every child in the class;
  • Rehearsals are best conducted in parts, in mini-groups it is easier to pay attention to each child;
  • Special attention should be given to those moments where the maximum number of children is involved, so that they do not crowd, do not jostle and enter their role in time;
  • Never raise the voices of children, if they do not succeed, maybe they just misdirected the roles;
  • It is mandatory to run a control rehearsal with the use of musical design and excerpts from cartoons;
  • After a test rehearsal, you can not change anything in the script.

Holding a holiday dedicated to Mother's Day

There is very little time left - the long-awaited hour will soon come, when the children together with their mothers will come to the celebration called Mother's Day. The script of the holiday in primary school has already been written and rehearsed, and it seems that all points are taken into account. But that the holiday itself left only positive emotions in the souls of children and their mothers, the teacher-organizer should not be forgotten:

  • About creating a pre-holiday mood for children, they always wait for something new, incredible, pleasant and kind;
  • Children should participate on a voluntary basis on a holiday, then the atmosphere will be kind and emotional;
  • Competitions and games held at this event must end sooner than they manage to get bored, so they better cook with a margin;
  • The holiday itself in the primary school by the Mother's Day should not be prolonged.

If the teacher takes these moments to his note, the holiday will be held in one breath.

Discussion of the held holiday

After the Mother's Day in elementary school passed, it is necessary to discuss it with the children. Find answers to the following questions:

  1. What did we do very well?
  2. What did not work out for us?
  3. Why?

Only jointly found answers to questions will help in the future avoid mistakes and hold a holiday in the primary school for Mother's Day for the next year without a hitch.


In conclusion, I would like to note that Mother's Day is an interesting holiday. Primary school is the time of experiments, discoveries of talents and abilities. Everything that is laid down in children at an early age will necessarily affect their lives in the future. If today's primary school pupils learn to love and appreciate their loved ones, in the future they will never be able to pass by a person who needs help. Is not this the main goal of conducting extra-curricular activities?

Be not afraid, dare - and you will succeed!

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