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The problem of careful attitude to nature: arguments from literature

The essay in the USE is one of the most difficult stages for a future student. As a rule, testing part A does not present any problems, however, many people have difficulty composing the essay. So, one of the most common problems that are covered in the Unified State Exam is the problem of careful attitude to nature. Arguments, their clear selection and explanation - the main task of the student who takes the exam in the Russian language.

Turgenev IS

Roman Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons" is still very popular both among the young generation and among their parents. It is here that the problem of careful attitude to nature is touched upon. Arguments in favor of the affected topics are as follows.

The main idea of the work in the field of environmental protection is: "People forget about where they were born. They forget that it is nature that is their original home. It is nature that allowed the birth of man. Despite such deep arguments, each person does not pay due attention to the environment. But all efforts should be directed to its preservation in the first place! "

Bazarov's attitude to nature

The main figure here is Eugene Bazarov, who does not care about the careful attitude to nature. Arguments of this man sound as follows: "Nature is a workshop, and a person is an employee here." It is difficult to argue with such a categorical statement. Here the author shows the renewed mind of a modern person, and, as you can see, he did it perfectly! Now a careful attitude to nature, arguments for the protection of the environment are relevant in society as never before!

Turgenev in the person of Bazarov presents for the reader's reading a new person and his mind. He feels complete indifference to the generations and all the values that nature can give to mankind. He lives a real moment, does not think about the consequences, he does not care about the careful attitude of man to nature. Bazarov's arguments are reduced only to the need to implement their own ambitious desires.

Turgenev. The relationship between nature and man

The above-mentioned work also touches upon the problem of human interrelation and careful attitude to nature. Arguments, which are given by the author, convince the reader of the need for caring for mother nature.

Bazarov completely rejects all judgments about the aesthetic beauty of nature, about its indescribable landscapes and gifts. The hero of the work perceives the environment as a tool for work. The opposite appears in the novel of Bazarov's friend - Arkady. He with bestowal and admiration is related to what nature gives man.

This work highlights the problem of careful attitude to nature, the arguments in favor of a positive or negative attitude towards the environment are determined by the behavior of the hero. Arkady with the help of unity with her heals mental wounds. Eugene, by contrast, seeks to avoid any contact with the world. Nature does not give positive emotions to the person who does not feel emotional balance, does not consider himself a part of nature. Here the author emphasizes a fruitful spiritual dialogue both with himself and with the relation with nature.

Lermontov M.Yu.

In the work "Hero of Our Time" the problem of careful attitude to nature is touched upon. Arguments, which the author cites, concern the life of a young man named Pechorin. Lermontov shows a close relationship between the mood of the protagonist and natural phenomena, the weather. One of the pictures is described as follows. Before the duel began, the sky seemed blue, transparent and clean. When Pechorin looked at the dead body of Grushnitsky, "the rays did not warm", and "the sky became dim". Here, the connection between internal psychological states and natural phenomena is clearly traced.

The problem of careful attitude to nature is touched upon completely here. Arguments in the work show that natural phenomena depend not only on the emotional state, but also become unwitting participants in the events. So, the storm is the reason for the meeting and a long meeting between Pechorin and Vera. Further, Gregory notes that "this air favors love," meaning Kislovodsk. Similar techniques show a careful attitude to nature. Arguments from the literature prove once again that this sphere is vitally important not only at the physical level, but also at the spiritual and emotional level.

Evgeny Zamyatin

The bright novel-dystopia of Evgeny Zamyatin also shows a careful attitude to nature. The writing (arguments, quotations from the work, etc.) must be supported by reliable facts. Thus, describing a literary work called "We", it is important to pay attention to the lack of a natural and natural beginning. All people abandon a diverse and isolated life. The beauty of nature is replaced by artificial, decorative elements.

Numerous allegories of the work, as well as the sufferings of the number "O", speak of the importance of nature in human life. After all, it is such a beginning that can make a person happy, give feelings, emotions, help to experience love. It shows the impossibility of the existence of reconciled happiness and love for "pink cards." One of the problems of the work is the inseparable relationship between nature and man, without which the latter will be unhappy for the rest of his life.

Sergey Yesenin

In the work "Goy you, my dear Russia!" Sergei Yesenin touches upon the problem of the nature of his native places. In this poem, the poet refuses the opportunity to visit paradise, just to stay and devote his life to his native land. Eternal bliss, as Yesenin expresses in the work, can be found only in the native Russian land.

Here the sense of patriotism and love of nature is clearly expressed . Homeland and nature are inseparably connected and existing only in the interrelationship of the concept. The very realization that the power of nature can weaken leads to the collapse of the natural world and human nature.

Use of arguments in the composition

If you use arguments from art works, you must observe several criteria for submitting information and presenting the material:

  • Providing reliable data. If you do not know the author or do not remember the exact title of the work, it is better not to specify such information in the work.
  • Serve information correctly, without errors.
  • The most important requirement is the brevity of the material presented. This means that proposals should be as large and short as possible, providing a complete picture of the situation described.

Only if all the above conditions are met, as well as sufficient and reliable data, you will be able to write an essay that will give you the maximum number of examination scores.

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