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An abbreviation is the addition of two or more words with a subsequent abbreviation. For example, the chief accountant, as a result of the abbreviation, turns into a chief accountant. There are also initial abbreviations, which are formed from the initial letters of a name, here is a simple example of Russian Railways that means Russian Railways. But the abbreviation of the UPC has far from the only variant of decoding, it is now about them that will be said.

In the Russian language, new abbreviations and other types of abbreviations are added every year, as a consequence, the need for their correct interpretation and use is growing. Reducing the place of writing, or for the speed of communication, we often use as well all well-known, and little-known abbreviations.

At your service first aid

Even the highest-level technology is at risk of breakage during operation. If there was a problem, then it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible, because for a modern person a working computer or laptop has long become a means for work and for conducting serious business documentation. To entrust the repair of important and important equipment for you is best to a professional specialist, and not just a self-taught lover, even though many brilliant masters come among them. In the field of IT technology, the first abbreviation of the UPC emerges. Deciphering it is simple - this is an early computer help.

Masters of computer service guarantee high-quality maintenance of your equipment, find the cause of the failure, replace the defective items and parts and in a very short time will restore your computer, laptop or any other gadget. Therefore, this abbreviation is worth remembering, since it will not once fall on your eyes. And when you need to remove viruses, configure a Wi-Fi router or upgrade your computer equipment at home or in the office, it is SCR that will come on call or take your equipment to restore its working condition in its service center.

Serious state body - Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's Office

A single federal centralized system of bodies in Russia is the prosecutor's office. It is she who oversees the observance and implementation of constitutional laws. In addition, this government agency is responsible for the implementation of other functions, such as protecting human rights and freedoms, ensuring unity and strengthening the rule of law, and much more. And it is this state organization that has the abbreviation of the UPC, which stands for the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

The system of the UPC includes the General Prosecutor's Office, as well as the prosecutor's offices of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the military and other specialized prosecutor's offices equated to them , as well as scientific and educational institutions, city and district prosecutor's offices, editorial offices of printed publications and other territorial or other specialized prosecutor's offices. Here such still is at abbreviation SCP decoding.

Fighting political party

This party was organized in October 1924. It represented a single organization of Syrian and Lebanese Communists. This party was called abbreviated UPC, that is, the Syrian Communist Party. The very first congress of the UPC was held in 1930. The newly created party for the national independence of Lebanon and Syria was struggling, and members of the party participated in the struggle against colonial French rule.

At the second congress of the party, which took place in 1944, the Charter was adopted, in which the principle of democratic centralism was approved as the organizational basis of the party and a program was adopted calling for the struggle and consolidation of the national independence of the above-mentioned countries. Also at the same congress it was decided to split into two separate and independent parties: the first UPC - the Syrian Communist Party, the second - the Lebanese Communist Party. In 1947, the activities of the parties were banned, but this did not stop the patriots and, going to illegal position, in 1948 they reunited, after which the party was named KPSIL - the Communist Party of Syria and Lebanon.

Let us glance into quantum mechanics

What does SPC mean in quantum mechanics? The SPC, that is, the standard quantum limit, is a restriction that is superimposed on the accuracy of a continuous or repeated measurement of a certain quantity described by the operator. The definition is rather complex and more accessible to professionals than ordinary citizen. The SKP was predicted in 1967 by the theoretical physicist V.B. Braginsky. Actually, the very term of the UPC was proposed somewhat later by Thorne. In addition, the standard quantum limit is quite closely related to such a notion as the Heisenberg uncertainty relation.

Flight control station

There is also an abbreviation of the UPC in the flying sphere. At temporary field airfields, it is also necessary to coordinate the flights of aircraft, as well as at ordinary civil and military airports. The UPC is the starting command post, that is, the point of flight control of aircraft. To provide control of aircraft, UPC is equipped with navigation, meteorological, radio engineering and telephone equipment, as well as antennas and special lighting equipment.

In addition to the above, the starting control point should have uninterruptible power supplies in the form of a reserve, so that if necessary there is always the possibility of autonomous operation. Inside the control room body are equipped with workplaces for the flight manager, as well as for the observer, for the timekeeper, weatherman and radio mechanic. The UPC enables the operational organization of flight control virtually anywhere. The maximum range of control is 120 km.

Different CCP values

The abbreviation SCP decryption is so different that it is impossible not to be surprised. Her presence can be found in a variety of areas that do not fit together at all. The same abbreviation can often be observed in life, for example, the capital letters of all well-known mobile operator MTS can also be deciphered as a dairy freight station. The same applies to the UPC, it's not only the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor's Office, but also the point of control of aircraft, and the Communist Party and the quantum limit. What else interesting has this multifield alphabetic combination prepared for us?

Field of Medicine

To meet the abbreviation of UPC is also possible in medicine when examining the state of the stomach. The principle of this multi-stage method for the study of gastric secretion is to obtain a pure gastric secret by active aspiration at various stages of the secretory activity of the stomach. The abbreviation SCP in this case is deciphered as stimulated acid products. Samples of this product are taken from the human stomach by means of sensing.

The probe with special marks has a diameter of 4-5 mm and a length of 1.5 meters. Aspiration of the gastric secretion is carried out with a special aspiration vacuum suction or water jet pump continuously, with small interruptions, necessary to prevent the suction of the probe.

The machine-building theme

SKP (decoding - assembly and body production) is used in engineering. Such workshops with assembly lines are available at any car manufacturing plant. Now such plants are modernized and equipped with automated warehouses, which is very convenient for a huge modern workshop building. In addition, the work of major and auxiliary industries helped to improve the appearance of new information technologies. It turns out that the machine-building UPC may sometimes need the services of another SCP (fast computer help).

Numerous, but less frequent variations

A lot of unusual and interesting CTP decoding can be found in the documentation of some organizations, in mathematics, in accounting and even in the most unexpected places. For example, there are such transcripts of the abbreviations SCP, as the counting-office personnel, or SKP - self-propelled cable operator. In the same way, the mean-square error is abbreviated, and the UPC is also found as an integrated planning system. There is even an UPC as a fork-lift seeder. And because you encounter somewhere with a similar abbreviation, do not rush to decipher, but first ask what it means!

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