Nebulizer compressor Omron (inhaler): reviews

In recent years, diseases of the upper respiratory tract have become very common not only among adults. Already, many children know what an allergic cough or bronchial asthma is. Most doctors believe that inhalation is the best method of treating such diseases. But traditional procedures with the help of hot steam can not all be tolerated, and they are not always safe. Therefore, inhalers have been inhaled for a long time already with stationary devices - inhalers, which are also called nebulizers. And in recent years they have become available to everyone, because there are small devices for home inhalation. They are safe and convenient. And the most popular nebulizer compressor of the Japanese firm Omron.

Features of the device

The effectiveness of inhalations is that the medicinal solutions with the help of steam or air stream get directly into the respiratory tract and start to act faster. So they have fewer side effects, because they do not pass through the gastrointestinal tract. The nebulizer compressor is effective because air under pressure passes through the drug liquid and sprays it onto the smallest particles. They can penetrate into the lower parts of the respiratory tract and are easily digested. Unlike other types of inhalers, for example, ultrasonic, they have their drawbacks. This is the impossibility of working without a current source or a high noise level. But the compressor nebulizer "Omron" is popular due to the large number of positive qualities.

Benefits of using the device

- The compressor nebulizer "Omron" is based on a system of virtual valves, which allows it to be used in the mode of natural breathing, that is, the medicine is given only during the inspiration of the patient.

- Unlike ultrasonic devices, you can do inhalations with this nebulizer with almost any medication, including antibiotics and hormonal drugs. The inhaler breaks the drug solution into tiny particles, but does not destroy its structure.

- This device is lightweight, compact and very easy to use.

- The procedure can be carried out even at elevated temperature.

- A large number of different attachments make it possible to use the device for children and adults, as well as for various diseases.

- The undoubted merits of these nebulizers are also their relatively low price, so they are available to everyone.

What is a nebulizer compressor?

This device is small - less than a loaf of bread - and consists of two parts. It is a compressor that blows compressed air. From it a tube goes to the nebulizer itself. This is a small plastic cup with a plug, connected to a face mask or a tube with a mouthpiece. The simplicity of the design makes it possible to use a compressor nebulizer to any person. It is easy to assemble and incorporate. You need to pour the right amount of medicine into the cup, connect the tubes and press the button. After that, a mist should go out of the mask. This means that the nebulizer Omron compressor works correctly. The system of viral valves allows you to apply the medicine only on the patient's inspiration and regulate the strength of the jet for children and the elderly. This also contributes to a more economical use of the drug solution. The kit includes various sizes of masks, nasal cannulas and a tube with a mouthpiece. The instruction for the nebulizer is written in a simple and understandable language. Therefore, this device is very popular.

When using "Omron" (inhaler)

Compressor nebulizer can be used for any colds, inflammation of the respiratory tract and allergies. Effectively, this treatment for such diseases:

- bronchial asthma;

- an allergic cough;

- ARVI, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngotracheitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis;

- Acute and chronic bronchitis;

- pneumonia;

- tuberculosis;

Cystic fibrosis.

What medicines are used in the device?

Nebulizer "Omron" compressor allows you to treat almost any medication, except for oil solutions and herbal decoctions. It is best to use special ready-made preparations for inhalers, but you can prepare them yourself, diluting the drug with saline. What kind of drugs can be added to the nebulizer compressor?

- antiallergic drugs, for example "Kromogeksal";

- funds that promote the expansion of the bronchi: Berotek, Berodual, Salamol and others;

- mucolytics and expectorants: Ambroxol, Lazolvan or Ambrobene;

- antibiotics, for example "Fluimutsil" or "Dioxydin";

- hormonal preparations of anti-inflammatory action, such as "Pulmicort";

- alkaline or saline solutions, for example, mineral water "Borjomi".

Terms of use

1. Carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor before carrying out inhalations.

2. Only special medicinal solutions intended for inhalers can be filled into the nebulizer. It is acceptable to dilute them with saline or to do inhalations with mineral water.

3. The procedure is performed in the regime of free breathing, it is not recommended to take very deep breaths so as not to provoke a cough.

4. The nebulizer chamber should be in an upright position, and the patient should sit comfortably without straining.

5. Inhalation should be done 1-2 hours after eating. The procedure usually lasts no more than 20 minutes, and after it it is desirable to relax: do not eat and do not talk.

6. After the procedure, you must thoroughly wash and dry the mask, tube and nebulizer chamber.

What to do when using a nebulizer

1. Use any medicinal solutions without doctor's prescription.

2. Do not use water to dilute the medicine.

3. It is forbidden to pour oil solutions, pharmaceutical syrups, decoctions of herbs or self-pounded tablets into the compressor nebulizer.

4. Do not take expectorants immediately before the procedure.

5. Contraindicated procedures for people with impaired cerebral circulation, a tendency to nosebleeds and severe respiratory or heart failure.

6. The compressor itself is forbidden to cover during operation.

Inhalation by a nebulizer to children

Usually a traditional steam procedure is very unpleasant to kids, and not everyone can tolerate this effective treatment. But modern instruments are very differently perceived by children, for example, "Omron" is a compressor inhalator. This nebulizer is convenient, and kids like to breathe through a mask, blowing out "smoke". Especially the devices of this company are produced especially for children in the form of bright attractive toys. And they can be used even for infants. And under the action of the procedure quickly recedes cough, passes inflammation. And it can be carried out even at temperatures up to 38 degrees. Effective nebulizer is also used to treat a cold in children. Yes, and breathe through the tube children agree with more willingness than to instill nasal drops.

Feedback on application of the device

More and more people use nebulizer compressor for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Reviews after such an application show that it not only effectively helps to cure, but is convenient and has many other advantages. Many note that the device became for them and their children a real salvation from frequent colds. Many doctors also recommend this nebulizer compressor. Reviews are positive and from them: patients recover faster, the cough passes without a trace. It is also effective in the removal of asthma attacks or allergic cough. It turns out that this device is needed in every family.

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