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Compressor equipment performs quite specific tasks related to the supply of air under high pressure. Despite the narrow specialization of such units, they are widely used both in the professional sphere and in private farms. A variety of characteristics, operational and functional features allows for any purpose to find a suitable compressor. This device, which can be considered as a universal device for pneumatic equipment - the main thing is to choose a model with suitable technical parameters.

General information about compressors

To understand the essence of compressor units, one should determine the principle of their operation. Such devices perform two main tasks - compression and supply of air or gas mixture. At the same time, the way these tasks are performed is determined by the design. For example, a blade compressor is an aggregate that compresses air as a result of its contact with the design blades. In essence, this is a kind of dynamic equipment that eliminates the vibration of air currents.

There is another approach to implementing the main tasks of the compressor, which is used in volumetric models. Such devices are often used in solving household tasks, as well as in woodworking and furniture industries. This is an air compressor, in which the pressure increase occurs as the level of the stored gas decreases.

Basic characteristics of the unit

The starting point in the choice of characteristics should be the appointment. There are household and industrial models, the performance of which is quite divergent. One of the key separating parameters is the voltage under which the compressor operates - 220 V or 380 V. Typically, household devices are powered from the network by 220 V, and industrial models require 380 V. The next important indicator of compressor performance is the maximum pressure, at Which will be supplied with air. This value is usually 10 Bar. But this does not mean that you can only use the device with peak potential. As a rule, during operation, the operating pressure drops from 10 to 6 bar.

The following characteristic is represented by the power. For household models, the standard is the range of power potential from 1 to 2 kW. But we should not forget that the compressor is a dynamic equipment, the work of which involves energy costs for the friction of parts. Accordingly, to the minimum indicator of the required power, about 30% should be added to provide the necessary reserve of power potential.

Where is the air compressor used?

The scope of use of compressors covers almost all areas where pneumatic equipment is used, all kinds of sprayers and spray guns. Such units are supplemented by devices for supplying compressed air for the purpose of uniform application of varnish-and-paint, oil and abrasive mixtures. In particular, the electric compressor is quite popular with car workshop employees. And it is used not only for the application of paint and varnish and protective coatings, but also in operations for inflating tires, for cooling, refilling bottles, cleaning, washing, etc.

Also, compressors are used in industries and industries. In such cases, the equipment can act not only as an auxiliary device, but also as a full component on conveyors, as part of assembly or processing lines.

Types of compressors

It has already been noted that compressors are classified according to the principle of operation, but the main division assumes more significant structural differences. For today allocate belt, piston, screw and automobile models. The first category of units operates due to belt transmission, and also provides a cooling system and special protection against overheating. A reciprocating compressor is a household appliance that compresses air masses through the operation of a piston in a cylinder. Automobile models are compact in size and designed specifically for inflating tires, mattresses, boats, swimming pools and other rubber products. The screw type compressor is oriented to long work sessions. As a rule, these are professional units operating under high pressure.


Buying a compressor, it is worthwhile to think in advance of the nuances of its future operation. Certainly, additional material will be required along with accessories. In particular, it can be fasteners, hoses and adapters. In order not to have to repair the compressors already at the first time of application, the developers recommend using a special oil for lubricating rubbing parts. Manufacturers also offer many modern solutions that replace traditional approaches to the technical organization of the workflow. For example, in the circles of specialists, quick-connect connections are becoming more popular, which replace the bayonet systems. With this mechanism, the user can connect the pneumatic tool to the compressor with a single click.

Manufacturers and prices

Compressors are represented on the market by the largest manufacturers of construction equipment. It is worth noting such brands as Fubag, Daewoo and Metabo, which form the basis of the segment. Remeza offers high-performance models with a wide range of functions. This compressor, whose price can reach 100 thousand rubles. In the lower price segment, the domestic producers "Interskol" and "Zubr" are represented. Mostly these are household devices, the cost of which is 5-10 thousand rubles.

Operation and maintenance of compressors

Much of the preservation of the working resource of such units depends on the operating conditions. Use the compressor only for working with clean air, since the penetration of dust and debris can damage the elements of the technical stuffing. It is worth noting that it is contacts with foreign bodies under high pressure that lead to factors that make compressor repairs unavoidable. The same applies to the stable supply of electricity, and disturbances in the operation of the unit can be caused not only by interruptions in the network, but also by incorrect calculation of the power of the device. With regard to maintenance, it is mandatory to check the oil before each use and clean the air filter after using the machine.


The uniqueness of this equipment lies in the fact that there are no analogues that can fully reproduce its function. Another thing is that there are different design variations in which a modern compressor is manufactured. The price, by the way, directly depends on technical performance and can vary from 3-4 to 150 thousand rubles. To what extent such costs are justified - this issue is solved individually. But, as practice shows, the use of a compressor for painting a car is cheaper than paying for similar services in specialized workshops. Of course, there are other ways of using such equipment, which will save on the services of specialists.

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