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We choose for the well the "Rodnichok" pump

A well for a country house is one of the best options for providing water. If its depth is more than 6 meters, it is necessary to use a special device. Before the owners the question arises about choosing a product according to certain parameters.

Depending on the purpose of the pumps are divided into water-lifting, circulating, drainage. The most common are surface instruments. They are acquired because of their low cost and convenience in circulation. Groundwater pumped drainage pumps. If water is extracted from a deep well, it is necessary to purchase a submersible unit, such as the Rodnichok pump.

This device can work even with a weak power grid and a low-power generator. It is made of stainless steel. If the water is deep enough (more than 10 m), only submersible pumps can be used. They, in turn, are divided into centrifugal and vibratory.

Pump "Rodnichok" should be used only if the well is located in sandy soil. A current flows through the winding of the coil, which results in the formation of a magnetic field, attracting the steel core. Then the diaphragm bends and the volume of the chamber increases. The magnetic field ceases to function, the diaphragm bends in the opposite direction, and water is pushed out.

Vibration pump "Rodnichok" can lift water from a depth of 20 meters. This product consists of an electromagnet, a U-shaped core and a winding. Prices for these units are low. Before deciding on the choice of the device, you need to know about its advantages.

The "Rodnichok" pump has the following advantages:

  • Made of high-quality alloys;
  • safe;
  • economical;
  • easy;
  • inexpensive;
  • Has a significant resource.

Recommendations for installing the product

First, you need to do the pumping or cleaning of the well. For pumping, you need to drain the water with sand. You can make a barrel with a sand trap. That is, it installs two cranes: in the lower compartment water comes from the well, and from the upper department it pours out. In this case, the sand settles on the bottom of the barrel. Another reliable method is cleaning, but it is more labor-intensive. After the performed procedures it is possible to install the pump "Rodnichok".

The next step is the connection of the water pipe to the opening of the device. The pipe size is selected depending on the depth of the well. A bushing is put on it to protect it from deformation.

The submerged pump "Rodnichok" during operation should not touch the walls of the well, so a rubber ring is mounted on it. Many models of submersible units have a float switch. Quality devices are made of stainless steel, and cheap analogues are made of plastic.

Stages of installation

  1. Measure the distance.
  2. Prepare an electrical cable that matches the size.
  3. Connect the cable to the pump.
  4. Install the pipe to the unit.
  5. Strap of stainless steel bind the device.
  6. Lower it into the well.
  7. Cuts the casing.
  8. Water is put into the house.

In order for water to flow smoothly, it is necessary to invite specialists. They will measure the depth of the well, make accurate calculations and give recommendations on the purchase of the necessary device for the well.

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