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The best brands of air conditioners for apartments and houses

All brands of air conditioners, regardless of category and price, have a similar set of functions.

They are equipped with:

  • Remote control;
  • The heating and cooling mode (the heat pump is included in the configuration);
  • Ventilation;
  • Drainage;
  • Support of the set temperature at the automatic level;
  • On and off timers;
  • Filters.

The brands of air conditioners have their positive and negative sides.

The main criteria by which you can make the right choice of the device when buying, you can include:

  • Reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Level of product reliability;
  • Technical parameters of the installation;
  • Application of innovative technologies for air treatment;
  • Availability of additional features;
  • Economical consumption of electricity;
  • The cost.

Let's consider all listed points separately.

Reputation of the manufacturer

Many are interested in what brand of air conditioner to choose. As in the automotive industry, the climate market has its own leading companies that have earned a positive reputation for many years.

There are brands of mid-range air conditioners, there are also cheap units with a unified design.

Premium products

The best brands of air conditioners are Daikin and Mitsubishi. They represent products of the highest class, guaranteeing its high quality and durability. Such devices are distinguished by innovative schemes, comfort in use and economy. The same group can be considered the company General Fujitsu.

During the warranty period, factory assembly defects are fixed to no more than 0.2% of the products. With proper use, the life of these units is approximately 12 years.

These brands of air conditioners, reviews of which are the most positive, produce devices with advanced systems for protection from errors in operation. The configurations contain self-diagnostic and protection circuits that can turn off the unit automatically if an error occurs, a reboot or in case of danger.

The units differ in the silent operation of both the indoor and outdoor units. With a standard indoor noise floor of 26-28 dB, it does not actually produce a sound.

The best brands of air conditioners produce units operating at any temperature. They are distinguished by their exquisite design and small size.

Most of the devices included in the first-class segment are not assembled in Japan, but this does not affect their quality and price. The reason lies in the fact that robots are used when assembling products, and the human factor is minimized. So, for example, Daikin units are assembled in Japan, Thailand and Belgium. They have a high level of functionality and a three-year warranty, regardless of the place of release. In addition, each production has a specialization of a narrow profile. For example, in Belgium, a single split-system unit is assembled, and another unit is produced in Thailand.

Features of the aggregates constituting the first group

  • Daikin . Traditionally, the models of this company are considered to be the best on the world market. At the same time, they do not have any special advantages over the brands of the premium segment, but by some parameters are the undisputed leaders. The air conditioners of this company have higher quality of circuits and compressors, improved balancing of fans, improved the function of self-diagnostics and protection.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy . A well-known brand of elite group. Its models are distinguished by a high level of reliability, protection from low pressure, noiseless operation and a high energy saving indicator. They are going to Japan and Thailand.
  • General (General Fujitsu) . The air conditioners of this company are reliable and stable. When assembling them, innovative technologies are used. Assembly is carried out at the company's factories. The brand of air conditioner General Fujitsu is represented by three varieties: Fujitsu General, General Fujitsu and Fuji Electric. The assembly is made in Thailand, China and Japan.

Middle class

The middle segment includes many brands. For example, such can include Mitsubishi Heavy, Hitachi, Carrier, LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba. These brands of air conditioners are divided into upper and lower class.

The upper class consists of products produced in America and Europe, and the lower class is in Korea. As a rule, assembly of structures is carried out in the countries of South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines).

Mid-segment air conditioners also have a high degree of reliability in operation. At the same time, the price for them is significantly lower than for analogues of the premium class. It should be noted that many additional functions of brand models are not at all used by users.

The difference with the high class is the use of more unified systems of protection and self-diagnosis, as well as in a shorter period of service. If you want to buy a working air conditioner with a good price / performance ratio, then it's better to choose a second-class device.

There are no striking differences between the models within the middle segment. The exception is the brand of air conditioner DeLonghi. Its models are able to work year-round, which is provided by factory adaptation to winter conditions. But they have a minus. They are quite noisy when working.

Economy class

These are air conditioners of a cheap segment with a simple configuration. They are going to the DPRK. Products are represented by a wide range of different brands: General Climate, Ballu, Neoclima, Aeronik, RiX, AEG, Electrolux, etc.

Pi selection of the Chinese unit should pay attention to which plant it was assembled.

Only Chinese brands of household air conditioners differ in reliability: Gree, Midea, Chigo, Haier, LG, Hyundai, Rolsen, Samsung, Shivaki, Gree, Ballu, General Climate, Aerotek. The devices produced by them under their original names occupy the lowest level of the middle segment.

Air conditioners of the third group have the lowest cost. At the same time, they can be an excellent choice with limited financial resources.

The disadvantages of such aggregates include the following:

  • The marriage rate is 1%. The biggest problem with budget devices is the lack of stability of work and quality. The rate of rejection in different batches may differ, which is a problem for the service. Also the duration of their service is small. For example, models from the LG manufacturer have been working for 7 years.
  • Modification does not provide protection against misuse. The user must thoroughly familiarize himself with all the intricacies of the unit operation, which are specified in the instruction manual.
  • At the majority of models at work the outdoor block makes noise.
  • A significant disadvantage is that the devices have a unified control system. The configuration contains a small number of sensors, as a result of which the stability of the device is limited by a narrow temperature range. For example, low-cost devices often have a problem such as the freezing of the indoor unit's radiator at a temperature below plus 10-15 ° C. If such units are supposed to be used to cool the room in the summer, then this fact is not essential.

Thus, air conditioners related to the third segment can be successfully applied in everyday life, provided that the owner has thoroughly studied the basic rules of operation. However, it is necessary to use correctly all devices, regardless of the level of their quality and price.

Features of air conditioning compressors

The main detail of any air conditioner is a compressor. It is located in the external unit of the unit and promotes the circulation of Freon between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

The compressor configuration can be rotary, piston and helical. In the scheme of household air-conditioners, as a rule, include rotary or spiral type. Piston modifications are applicable in industrial units.

The main characteristics of the details include:

  • Power consumption;
  • Power when circulating refrigerant;
  • noise level;
  • durability;
  • the size.

For the improvement of these indicators, all world brands are fighting. When choosing compressors, companies have two approaches.

The first approach

Its main advantage is to purchase the parts for a low price. At the same time, it is distinguished by a high level of quality, as manufacturers continuously introduce innovative technologies and strictly follow the assembly process.

Compressors are purchased from world-class producers. The main brands of air conditioning compressors are Toshiba / GMCC, Guangdong, Meizhi, Compressor Co, Guangdong Meide Holding, Samsung, Copeland, Hitachi, Bristol.

The second approach

The second approach involves the release of their own parts on the basis of their factories. So do the brands Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu General LTD, Daikin.

This method allows the assembly of compressors that meet the technical specifications of air conditioners. Thus, there is a simultaneous development and introduction of new parts in their own products. Increases control of the factory-quality level.

Degree of real reliability of air conditioners

It is necessary to understand the difference in terms of "reliability" and "reputation". Currently, many leading companies have postponed the assembly of their equipment to China, and not all air conditioners from popular brands are highly reliable.

On the other hand, there are a number of productions in the DPRK that produce good products and constantly modernize air conditioner designs. Such units can last long enough.

Before purchasing the product, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a specialist who understands the configuration of the unit. He will tell you which air conditioner is better to buy.

Technical Installation Options

Air conditioners belonging to the same segment and having approximately the same technical characteristics may have differences in some details that make it difficult or impossible to install an air conditioner from one manufacturer, but allow the installation of another. For example, the indicator of the maximum length of the route for a 2.1 kW unit can differ by 5 m, which helps limit the installation of the model at a large inter-block distance.

Modern principles of air treatment

For the purification of air firms use different modifications of electrostatic plasma filters. Also, the principle of ionization, mixing of oxygen, coating of the heat exchanger and the creation of filter elements is different.

Many of these options are nothing more than a trap of marketers. However, some of the models of air conditioners are characterized by high technical performance.

Additional features

Marketers are constantly studying all the novelties in the climate market. The specialists offer a wide range of additional functions.

To make a difference between really necessary innovations and attempts at the expense of nuances to raise the product on the product or to win in the competitive struggle will help a knowledgeable specialist.

Energy Saving

Like any appliance operating from electricity, the air conditioner consumes a certain amount of current. The topic of effective energy consumption has become extremely popular nowadays, therefore, all leading brands are trying to release a device with a high level of efficiency and make the configuration more economical.

As a rule, devices from leading brands have a high efficiency index. Such aggregates are classed as A.

Among the instruments of the middle segment, the selection of inverter models should be stopped. These units operate at variable compressor power and are more economical.

Air conditioner cost

What should be the cost of the unit? Today in stores there are many models of a cheap segment. The price for split-systems produced in the DPRK starts from 12-14 thousand rubles.

To make a rational purchase, you should:

  • To assess whether the device is suitable for your needs;
  • Compare brands that have similar technical parameters;
  • Choose the most appropriate model;
  • Compare with each other all the prices offered in stores for this air conditioner;
  • To delete from the list the most expensive and cheapest options (it is possible that there is some kind of dirty trick);
  • Call several companies that offer goods at an average price;
  • Ask questions of interest to their representatives.

On a note

Today, the Internet is full of offers from various specialists in the installation of air conditioners. Some of them acquired personal online shops selling electrical equipment and lured customers with low installation rates.

Take these proposals into account is not worth it. Is it dangerous! You do not get a real guarantee for the equipment.

We select the air conditioner

What brand of air conditioner to choose for an apartment, house or office? The most important parameter is the area of the room in which the device is supposed to be mounted. At its high rate, a powerful unit is required. If the power is too low, the air conditioner will simply not be able to cool the room, and if high, then the consumption of electricity may not justify itself. In addition, the device will be switched off and turned on too often, since the required air temperature will be reached quickly. Constant switching will lead to rapid failure of the unit.

The average figure should be about 2.5 kW of cooling capacity for a room of 25 m 3 .

If there are powerful heating devices in the room or there are usually a lot of people in it, then the power level of the air conditioner can be higher.

An important role is played by the type of unit. Let's consider features of functioning of each kind separately.

Air conditioners, mounted on windows

These are inexpensive and compact models that are installed in the window. They have a unified design in which all parts are in the same block. Currently, such devices are installed extremely rarely, since they are very noisy when working and can not be mounted on metal plastic windows, unless, of course, the opening for the unit was not provided in advance.

Mobile Modifications

This option is acceptable for those who rent an apartment for a short time. They also gained popularity among summer residents. Mobile construction does not need to be mounted and dismantled. This is a portable model. By the minuses can be attributed noise at work, a large weight and a small cooling area (no higher than 25 square meters).

Features of split systems

The brands of air conditioners for apartments are very popular. They have established the production of split systems, which include two units - indoor and outdoor. The distance between them can be 20 m. Configurations work almost silently, differ in the small size and variety of options.

These models include upgraded air filters. They have a good air flow regulation system. The configurations are designed for premises ranging from 15 to 90 square meters. M. The best brands of air conditioners for a split apartment are Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Midea, Hitachi, Electrolux.

Features of multi-split systems

From previous models such devices differ in the number of units located inside. Usually there are two to five of them, and there is also one external. This is a good configuration, designed for office or home. However, the models are of high cost.

Often, installation of multi-split systems is resorted to when it is not possible to install multiple units on the front side of the building. For example, the building belongs to the category of architectural monuments or the owners do not want to spoil the appearance of the dwelling.

According to many experts, the best brand of air conditioner for home is Hitachi. In the domestic market the company managed to prove itself as reliable. The units of this company have always been distinguished by innovative technologies that have affected the appearance of many modern air conditioners. The first multi-split systems Hitachi Multizone were an example for many manufacturers, as they provided a high level of comfort and energy savings.

The constant inflow of investments in the company's technological development allows us to say that the company remains one of the most advanced in the market today. The combination of low price and excellent work makes multi-split systems Hitachi an excellent choice for homes or offices.

VRF and VRV systems

They are advanced types of multi-split system. Models are designed for cooling large areas from 150 to 500 square meters. M.

Configurations are multi-zone. This implies the possibility of connecting to the outdoor unit several internal, which allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the premises with different microclimate.

Duct construction

Such models are related to semi-industrial configurations. Their installation is carried out behind a false ceiling closing the internal block of the device. Distributed cold air through a system of bends, also located in the space between the ceilings.

This model is suitable for creating a comfortable climate in a small cottage, office or five-room apartment. Channel configurations can solve the problem of ventilation.

The disadvantages include the difficulty of separately adjusting the temperature in different rooms and the need to install suspended ceilings.

Cassette models

This view is similar to the previous one and also requires the presence of suspended ceilings. The difference lies in the internal block diagram. The cassette devices distribute cold air through a part of the unit located at the bottom. It has a standard ceiling tile size of 600 x 600 mm.

Such air conditioners can not disturb the interior, as they are invisible. From the bottom only the decorative grid is visible.

Cassette configurations distribute air evenly in all directions. One device is able to cool a large enough space.

Floor and ceiling views

This type is compact. The depth of the indoor unit is from 18 to 25 cm.

Installation is carried out either in the lower part of the wall or on the ceiling. In the first case, the air will be directed upwards, and in the second case it will take a horizontal direction along the ceiling.

Floor-ceiling units provide cooling of premises, the area of which is from 50 to 200 square meters. M.

Column types

Such conditioners have received the additional name "cabinet". As a rule, they are mounted in large hotel lobbies, restaurants, conference halls, shops and other large premises. They do not require installation. Instruments create a powerful airflow, which is directed upward. The desired temperature is reached very quickly even in the largest room.

Precision Models

The word precision is English. In translation into Russian it means "accuracy".

These are devices of an autonomous type. They are used for point maintenance of the set temperature, humidity and air circulation.

As a rule, they are used in technological rooms, where maintaining the desired temperature is extremely important. For example, they are installed in the halls for cars, server rooms, as well as in museums, book stores, laboratories with chemical reagents.

Precision configurations withstand high loads and can operate year-round without shutting down.


Which brand of air conditioner is better, it's up to you. Here much depends on the type and area of your premises, as well as financial possibilities. Of course, it's better to buy models of time-tested brands. The operation of these units is more stable.

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