Actors "Recognize me, if you can." The history of the medieval earl in a new way

This series was released almost two years ago - in the fall of 2014. And immediately found his audience. The actors "Recognize me, if you can" (and this is the name of this picture) played the modern history of the free retelling of the story of the Count of Monte Cristo. This is an analogue of the well-known Turkish telenovela "Ezel", all the events in which last as many as 130 series. Ukrainian producers kept within 32. But the series did not become less interesting, and after the end of the next series the audience waited with a sinking heart for the continuation of history ...

Story line. Homecoming

The series "Recognize me, if you can", the actors of which told another soul-searching life tragedy, combined a thriller, a love story, a crime. Directed by Alexei Gusev filmed the film in the script of Anastasia Kasumova. Actors "Recognize me, if you can" On the main roles were selected very carefully: Eugenia Loza, Yuri Stoyanov and Ivan Stebunov.

The whole story begins with the day when Ilya Avdeev (actor Yaroslav Zhalnin) returns home after serving in the army. He has been dreaming about this for a long time, because a small seaside town is his native land, where his parents are waiting for him (Irina Rozanova, and father - Boris Shcherbakov), and his great love - Alisa (actress Eugenia Loza). Young people have a strong feeling for each other. They dream of their happy future years, boundless and cloudless, and begin preparations for the wedding.

Story line. The Prodigal Father

Closer and nearer this day, the day of the creation of a new family. Suddenly, the girl is found by her fraudulent father (actor Sergei Zhigunov), from which she escaped. Alice could not withstand that life, during which the father in her youth forced him to participate in all his frauds. A few years ago she escaped from her father and since then has said that she is an orphan. Unfortunately for the girl, her dad returns: he came up with a plan for robbing the casino, and now he needs help from the daughter and best friends of her fiance who worked in this casino - Denis (actor Sergei Peregudov) and Alik (actor Timur Efremenkov).

Actors of the series "Find me, if you can" showed the friendship of three guys, in which only Yaroslav Zhalnin's hero (then Ivan Stebunov) was a sincere person.

Now Alice does not want to step back on the criminal path, but she needs money to help her younger sister. Little Light dies of cancer, so Alice gives consent to help in the robbery, especially since the father promises her money for the treatment of her sister.

Story line. The crime took place

During the execution of the planned robbery, a guard was killed in the casino, where a small son was left. Unexpectedly for Alisa, police arrested her beloved person - Ilya Avdeev, who was accused of both robbery and murder. In court, the girl has to testify against Ilya, because before her was a condition: either the boy's conspiracy, or the painful death of the younger sister. After the trial, Wojciechowski writes Alice the address where Svetlana is, and a bag where there should be money for the treatment of the girl. But, finding her sister, Alice discovers that instead of money there are packs of sliced paper in the bag.

A new life, a new face ...

The next stage of life was very difficult for the protagonist of the series "Know me if you can." Actors and roles played by them, showed people in different life situations and how each person reacted to what had happened and how he tried to cope with the inevitable. Ilya Avdeev, according to the decision of the court, should spend 15 years in prison. Already in its walls the guy understands that both the girlfriend and best friends betrayed him. For him it is a shock, he does not know how to be.

The actors "Recognize me, if you can", which appeared in the subsequent series, at first seemed superfluous here. But only at first ...

In prison, by chance, the guy gets acquainted with the criminal authority Roman Uvarov (actor Yury Stoyanov), who patronizes Ilya. He protects him and helps him to leave in eight years, "giving" a new face to the young man. For all, Ilya was killed in prison during a riot. A new man returns to the seaside town - Nikita Gromov (Ivan Stebunov played it).

The adventure continues. Beyond the Movie Camera

These are the events that took place in the picture "Know me, if you can." Actors, whose photos have appeared with an enviable constancy appear on the pages of glossy publications, have become even more popular and beloved by the audience. Filming took place on the Crimean peninsula and in Kiev. The director of the film decided that the tape should be saturated with seascapes, so many scenes were shot at sea. In the series there are many episodes on sailboats and a yacht, there are gunfights. The main action was the relationship of the characters - all the feelings that they felt for each other.

Actors "Find out if you can try as best you can to prepare for the work on the picture. Ivan Stebunov, who played Ilya Avdeyev after plastic surgery, watched the TV series "Ezel". He wanted to catch the right mood and get the emotions he needed. Irina Rozanova, who played the mother of Elijah, is blind to the plot of the film. For a start, consider different options: glasses or plastic make-up. But the actress refused and played herself, without hiding behind anything. She decided to play with her eyes open, without sunglasses.

It was rather unusual to see Yuri Stoyanov as the mother of criminal authority, to whom the fans of Gorodok were used to the sweet and touching smile. But he was able to show a smart, hard, cunning person who, even doing a good deed for Ilya, looked far ahead.

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