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Nymphomaniac is someone: a gifted woman or a diagnosis?

Nymphomaniac is who do you think? Is this a woman who simply adores mythical creatures called "nymphs"? Probably, still not ... To find out the meaning of the word "nymphomaniac," we need to uncover another concept, from which this term, in fact, was formed.

Nymphomania is what?

This sexual attraction is pathological, characteristic of the fair sex. It manifests itself in the unlimited desire for sexual intimacy with completely different partners, regardless of their age, appearance and even gender. It is interesting that in men a similar mental pathology is called satyriasis. So, the nymphomaniac is who? Correctly! This is a woman suffering from the above described excessive hypersexuality. But, excuse me! Is such a hobby without borders a norm? Let's get this straightened out.

Nymphomaniac is someone: a mentally unhealthy person or a girl of easy virtue?

What is behind this?

Nymphomania is, of course, a syndrome of some pathological change in the cortex of the woman's brain. Here are some reasons for this:

  • Disturbed activity of the hypothalamus;
  • Disturbance in the limbic system due to the transferred infectious diseases, negatively affecting the cerebral cortex (meningitis, encephalitis);
  • Cardiovascular or traumatic brain injury;
  • Intoxication with drugs;
  • Other anomalies of the body.

It is these factors that awaken the uncontrollable desire of sexual contacts in the mind of a woman, as a consequence - uncontrolled behavior. Note that they have nothing to do with sex, so a nymphomaniac can not be called a debauchery, a girl of easy virtue and so on.

A female nymphomaniac is someone: a "gift of fate" or punishment?

It has long been believed that a woman who wants sex 20 times a day is the dream of any guy. Let me dispel this stupid myth.

First, nymphomania is the prerogative of only mentally unhealthy women. That's why they do not need to catch sexual pleasures for joy, and urgently appeal to specialists. Fortunately, this pathology is quite amenable to treatment. After all, men, are you pleased to make love with a mentally unhealthy person?

Secondly, nymphomania as a mental disorder begins to develop precisely in adolescence, while the young girl has not yet formed as a person. Since 16 years, young girls with developing nymphomania look at their grown-up uncles with their lustful, hungry eyes. Uncle, do not give in! This is not a gift, it's a criminal article!

Third, nymphomaniacs are rarely satisfied. Rather, her partner will lose consciousness, than she will finish. Decent women in this case at least feign an orgasm. Nymphomaniacs will not even think about it.

Fourth, sex with a nymphomaniac is fraught with one or another contagious sexually transmitted infections. Well, guys, do you still dream of such a "gift of fate"?

Who is who: a lover and a nymphomaniac

The meaning of the term "nymphomaniac" is already clear to us. However, do not hang this "shortcut" on all the girls who love sex very much. This does not mean anything. In a normal woman, sexual attraction is easily amenable to self-control, intensifying only under certain circumstances (for example, if the desired partner is nearby). In nymphomaniac this attraction arises everywhere and everywhere, it does not depend on any circumstances. This is her "hunger". She is not capable to suppress this desire, for example, for the time of some work. She wants always and everywhere!

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