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What does the water dream about?

Today in every bookstore you can find a lot of different dream books, both ancient and modern, in their own way interpreting what the dream is about. However, all of them are sure that pure water in a dream is a good sign, and muddy water foreshadows bad news. Here are the values of the water in a dream from the sonnets O. Smurov, Vanga, L. Moroz, Miller, Nostradamus and from the Assyrian dream book. Which of them to believe - it's up to you.

What does the dream of O. Smurov dream about ?

Pure water is joy, happiness, well-being. The flow of water at your home means improving your financial condition and getting a new good position. If a young man dreams, as he picks up from the well of the purest water - he will soon enter into a happy marriage. If the water in the well is cloudy - the marriage will be unsuccessful or short-lived. If you dream of a pond with calm water - your troubles have ended, and now life will go calmly and serenely. A small picturesque pond in a man's dream symbolizes the devoted love of some beautiful woman. Burling streams of water warn of litigation, fires, revenge of enemies. Standing in the water amidst the waves - resisting adversity. The troubled river water is a symbol of threat. Sailing by boat along a clean river - to success and wealth. See in a dream your reflection in the water - to your own death or the death of one of your relatives. To drink in a dream water - to meet with troubles, cares, change of the liked person. If you bathe in a dream, then soon you will remove all suspicions from yourself and justify yourself in front of others. If you dream that you are drowning - get ready to meet with dangers, troubles, threats.

What does the dream of a dream Miller dream about?

To fall into muddy water means to make bitter mistakes. Drinking muddy water in a dream - to the disease, but if the water is clean and fresh - to the favorable completion of your hopes. Sport in the water means a sudden passion. The splashes of water falling on you in a dream will lead to an unexpected happy love.

The meaning of water in the dream book of Vanga

According to this dream book, water foreshadows a change, renewal, washing away of sins. Muddy water - to trouble. Water that floods your house symbolizes news that will significantly change you and your life. Drowning in the water means to resist change, this will undermine your health and reduce your life. Circles or ripples on the water predict that you will suffer hard changes, but as a result, you will become better and stronger.

What does the dream of a dreamer mean? L. Moroz

In this dream book you will read that to drink warm water in a dream - to illness, and cold - to health promotion. If you are running in shallow water, then overcome all obstacles. Washing in a dream leads to hypocrisy, and pouring water - to reveal secrets.

The meaning of water in the ancient dream book of Nostradamus

Nostradamus water symbolizes life. If you dream of pure water in a huge bowl - wait for favorable weather for land works. If you drink water from a glass with a fly - soon a serious lawsuit will begin , which will significantly change the whole society. Strongly boiling water is a sign of new teachings that will lead to epoch-making discoveries. To drink water and blood in a dream means to witness the birth of Scorpio, a great man who claims to the whole world.

What water symbolizes in the ancient Assyrian dream book

If a person walks in a dream over calm water - he will face an easy illness or a little trouble. And if he walks through rough high water, a dangerous illness or legal proceedings await him. If you were given a pure river or spring water in a dream - you will have an increase in income, unprecedented wealth will appear. To carry water along the street means to get rid of your troubles forever.

Modern people often ask questions: what does the water in the pool dream about , what does it dream about - to dive into the water from the tower, and so on. Many new dream books give answers even to these questions. But you can always adapt any ancient dream book to our time. Consider the pool as a pond with clear water, using the interpretation of your favorite dream interpreter.

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