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Who dreams of colored dreams? Ideas and facts

Dreams ... It's hard to think of something as mysterious and inexplicable. Many try to unravel their dreams, turning to clairvoyants, fortune tellers or reading dream books. But sometimes a person suddenly realizes that he sees something unusual. Why dream color dreams? What does it mean?

Opinions of scientists

It used to be that only patients with schizophrenia are able to see dreams in colors. To date, conducted research proves the inconsistency of this statement. Yes, there is such a fact that schizophrenics are 20 times more likely to see colored dreams. But there are also quite normal people who celebrate such a feature.

So, who dreams of colored dreams? Some researchers and scientists believe that television and photography have influenced the perception of dreams. In the beginning they were black and white. So, according to researchers, people who lived in the early 20th century, it was often such dreams.

Studying sleep processes, scientists (somnologists) believe that a person perceives only the images that he sees at night. And the color and details of the dream does not pay attention. When going to wakefulness, a person begins to remember everything and subconsciously arranges some images, emotions and even colors pictures. But this is not always the case.

Why dream color dreams?

There is one version that is more plausible and is able to answer this question. The more emotions a person has experienced in recent times, the more intense will be the coloring of night vision.

Even in ancient times, King Solomon, who was wise, said that he sees dreams from an excess of worries. This means that the brain, loaded with troubles and problems, gives out pictures more complex at night. Including color. But the paradox is that if by the same worries a person is brought to exhaustion and very tired, then the dreams will be faded or completely without colors.

Research of specialists

If you ask American scientists who dream of color dreams, they will answer that to intellectuals. In 2012, a survey conducted by researchers from the United States showed that the majority of two thousand respondents do not remember at all whether they see anything at night. Those people who passed the tests for intelligence, noted their frequent bright, colorful dreams. According to the survey, such night visions are inherent in about twenty percent of the population.

By the way, colored dreams are not always frightening, sometimes they are more pleasant than black and white.

Russian scientists also carried out research in the form of surveys for such dreams. They can say whether color dreams are dreamed, for example, to people of age. It is noted that young people see painted pictures at night much more often. The older the person, the less often he is visited by those same colored dreams.

In the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" there is one song on this topic (maybe she will answer the question, who dreams of colored dreams). There are words that in childhood we are visited exactly by such night visions, and when we grow up, we rarely receive this gift. After all, according to the research of Russian scientists, the brain presents presents for fifty people only in twenty percent of cases. And in youth, on the contrary, people very rarely see black and white dreams. Apparently, this fact is influenced by the fact that over the years a person who has learned much for his life ceases to experience such strong emotions and impressions as in his youth. This is reflected in dreams and their color.

Interesting about dreams

Remember or not a person in the morning what he saw at night, it does not matter. In any case, each of us sees a few dreams during the rest period.

The snoring person is in the deep phase of this state and he does not see anything.

After waking up in the morning, after five to ten minutes, we forget the night images.

Often, when a person rests, his brain tries to solve day problems and cares. So, everyone knows the fact that Mendeleev saw a table of elements named in his honor, in a dream. That's who dreams of colored dreams - talented and inquisitive. And this is not the only time when people managed to get information at night, which later became a discovery or a work of art.

It's strange that in our time of progress and high technologies, the question of why color dreams are dreamed is always open. There are only assumptions and studies in the form of surveys. But no one can give a clear answer. And is it necessary? If you dream of colorful pleasant dreams, do not ask why. Enjoy the night vision. You can even record them. Suddenly, one day something extraordinary comes to you and will turn into a very important discovery. Sweet Dreams!

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