Ford Focus 3: reviews and specifications

It has already been more than a year and a half since the beginning of sales of the third generation Ford Focus car, the reviews of which Russian drivers are largely positive. This brand is a bestseller of the domestic car market, but, despite a noticeable rise in price, remains the best-selling car of the golf class. Today, over 800 thousand representatives of this brand of all three generations run along Russian roads.

Design Ford focus 3

The drivers' comments tell us about the stunning design of the new car. In every millimeter of the body there are aggressiveness, sportiness and excitement. More dynamic and bright hatchback, the sedan looks calmer, but, nevertheless, is not devoid of sportiness. On the market you can observe a paradox, Russian buyers traditionally prefer sedans, began to buy more Ford Focus 3 cars in a hatchback body.

The car is equipped with a powerful front bumper with a huge opening of the air intake, delimited into three segments by vertical slats. In the lower part of the fairing there is a spoiler, and stylish chrome fog lamps are located on the sidewalls. The truth in the initial complete sets for their installation will have to pay.

At altitude, as well as lighting fixtures from Ford focus 3. The owners' testimonials indicate the excellent visibility provided by the headlights filled with xenon. They allow you to turn night into day. On the hatchback, it is possible to install rear LED lamps and daytime running lights.

From the first days of driving, the aerodynamics of the body is impressive. The car has a very low drag coefficient. Thanks to this, even at high speeds in the cabin is dead silence. Good shows itself and the noise insulation wheel arches, bottoms and engine compartment Ford focus 3. Reviews of sellers and drivers show this. Excellent perform their functions and hinged wipers: in rainy weather, the glass remains clean throughout its area.

Has a car and flaws. The main of which is the sharply reduced volume of the luggage compartment in favor of the forms and style.

Ford Focus 3 saloon and equipment

The owners' feedback points to the quality of the finishes and materials that are inherent in all car trim levels. The initial series is completed more modestly and has only 2 airbags (frontal), ABC, electric power steering, electromirrors, central locking, front automatic windows, elevator for steering column and driver's seat.

Some models have leather interior, electric adjustment of the driver's seat in all directions, parktronic, automatic parking system, LED interior lighting, active bi-xenon light, cruise control, electric heating of the washer nozzles, navigator with LCD display and other options.

Ford Focus 3 Specifications

In Russia, the car is represented by one diesel and four petrol engines. All models are equipped with 5 or 6-speed automatic or mechanical boxes. Test drives show that the running characteristics are also at an altitude. The suspension has become stiffer, but still resilient, and provides a comfortable ride even on broken roads.

Management has excellent information and feedback. The car perfectly goes along the road, with a minimal body roll fitting into the turns. The mechanical box has short gears that are clearly switched on, the machine is set to save fuel, the gear changes up quickly, and when lowered it starts to reflect.

Thus, the car deserves respect for the beautiful design, ergonomics and excellent technical parameters.

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