Kalina does not start: possible causes and their elimination

It has been a long time since the car "Lada Kalina" was launched on Avtovaz. Advertising and the hope of the domestic car enthusiast for the bright future have done their work - every third Russian chose the Kalina as the new car. However, the joy of owning a domestic car ends sooner or later. After several months of operation, the Kalina car showed its rather capricious character. And so it happened that the owners of "Lada Kalina" began to disappear more and more in the garage, once again doing some repairs, and not to drive a car. Engineers of AvtoVAZ are well aware of the shortcomings and childhood diseases, and are trying their best to get rid of them in the next generation in order to increase reliability. However, the result of improvements is insignificant. The machine still can not please its endurance and resistance to wear. Especially unpleasant - when at the right time, "Kalina" does not start. And the car owner is forced to look for a malfunction. Let's try to understand the reasons for the reluctance of the car to start.


If the car refused to start, then this is one of the possible reasons. Problems in the work of this system can be seen independently. If a corresponding icon blinks on the dashboard and a characteristic barking is heard, read the operating instructions. If Lada Kalina does not start - the immobilizer is a frequent problem. Troubleshooting is not easy. In the instructions to the car, the manufacturer indicates the decoding of sounds and the blinking of the bulb - the car owner needs to calculate the time between flashes, the number of buzzer signals, and then read what the manufacturer writes about it. In winter, it often happens that the car normally starts about the sixth time. This problem in most cases can be solved by retraining the key - after this procedure, problems with the launch should not appear.

How and why does the "buggy" immobilizer

On this topic, we will dwell a little more closely. The thing is that the ECU controller on this model is under the radiator of the heater. In models of the second generation, the controller was moved. So, if the "Kalina" does not start, you need to remove the side wall from the left side of the passenger seat and visually check the computer. The unit must be dry. If it is wet, then it is flooded with a cooling liquid - in this case, the computer can not be restored, only replacement will help.

First of all, when the liquid is exposed, the output key burns out. The chip can be soldered, but after such repairs, the problems will be gone for just two months, and then they will appear again. It will be necessary to replace the heater radiator. If this problem exists, experts recommend installing a new controller between the engine compartment partition and the stove.

Now about the imobilizer - in cars "Kalina" the manufacturer installs immobilizers APS-6. In very rare cases, these devices go out on their own. Often, the problem is hidden in the wiring or in the control panel. The case of the key fob is fastened with one self-tapping screw - the screw can be re-tightened or not tightened. On the chip of the remote device appears a crack between the contacts of the transponder. In this case, if the "Kalina" does not start, only a spare or training key or a replacement for the remote control will help.


The immobilizer is checked and no alarms are given, but the engine still does not want to start. Another reason for this behavior is the starter. To note a malfunction in operation of a starter is simple - the characteristic sound of the starting motor will not be heard. The mechanism simply does not rotate, and hence the engine can not start. It's all clear - you need to shoot and check the starter.

If the "Kalina" does not start, the starter does not turn, then the first reason may be a battery. It can be trivialized. If the bulbs in the cabin and on the dashboard do not burn, the driver will be able to immediately notice. However, it often happens that everything is in order, but the starter still does not work. For diagnosis, include the high beam and exit the machine. The dim light of the headlights is a matter in the battery. It is discharged, but only to a critical level, when the power is not enough to scroll the starter.

If the "Kalina" does not start, the starter does not turn, the best way out of this situation will be charging the battery. But if the headlights in the driving mode are brightly lit and are not going to fade, then you'll have to look for the cause elsewhere.

Problems in the operation of the starter or wiring

You can use a multimeter to test the wiring. The red wire is connected to the starter contact, the black wire to the ground. In normal situation, the device will show from 12.5 to 14.5 V. If the readings are less or completely zero, then there is something wrong with the wiring.

The first thing to do is to clean the contacts, check the integrity of the wires and the fuses. If the test shows that there is a current, then the starter should be replaced. If the latter issues clicks, but does not rotate, then the starter motor failed. If everything is vice versa, then the problem is with the retracting coil.


This is another popular problem when the "Kalina" does not start. The computer is the "brains" of the car, in themselves - they are quite reliable, and if you do not touch them, then no problem happens. However, most often the ECU is flooded.

Often this happens when antifreeze flows. This is already mentioned in the section on the immobilizer. When mounting the alarm or when pulling the car wires, forget to install the plugs - the computer gets water. Repair of the electronic unit is a useless occupation. In a new generation, this problem was solved, and now the ECU is located elsewhere. However, now there is another problem - in the event that the drainage hole that is next to the salon filter is blocked, water can enter the computer through the holes.

Spark plug

If the electronic stuffing is all right, you should look for a problem in the candlelight. Often, and especially in winter, the spark plug fills. Compression in the engine in the frost does not meet the standards, so the engine can not start immediately. Often, the candles are flooded because of a depleted battery, which is unable to give a normal spark. If the "Kalina" does not start, the reasons can also be in the wiring, or the candles themselves. The easiest way to dry the candles is to press the gas in the floor and scroll the engine with the starter two or more times. Often, after this car will be started. If this does not help, then for more thorough drying, you need to remove the candles, then clean them, check the gap, and then dry it with a hairdryer or in the oven.

Gasoline pump

The whims of a gasoline pump are often observed, especially in winter. The starter works, but the Kalina car refuses to start up, the petrol pump does not sound, an exclamation mark may flash on the dashboard .

The first thing to check the pressure in the fuel system. To do this, open the hood and look for the cap on the ramp with injectors. There you can see the nipple - if you press it, the fuel should splash. If it splashes, then the problem is not in the gasoline pump.

Another reason is a relay. In the tunnel, there is a casing on the passenger side. Power coils are installed in it. To fix the problem, just tap or warm it.

If the gasoline pump does not work, then you need to get to it and check the voltage. If the multimeter shows about 12 V, then the gasoline pump is working. If not, check the fuses and the relay.

Crankshaft sensor

It often happens that the "Kalina" does not start, the starter turns, the pump pumps fuel. Also everything is in order with candles and a control unit. In this case, it is recommended to check the crankshaft sensor. Perhaps it will soon fail.

To test it, connect it to the multimeter and move the screwdriver before the end of the sensor. The multimeter must show a power surge. There is another way - to check the resistance between the contacts. In the operating sensor, it must be 750 Ω.

Do not start when warmed up

Owners also often complain that "Kalina" does not start "on the hot." The most common reasons for this behavior are the malfunction of the coolant temperature sensor. An incorrect signal can come from it, and as a result, the fuel is not supplied correctly. There is also a depressurization of the fuel injectors. As a result, the fuel mixture is re-enriched. It is necessary to replace the injectors or clean them.

That's all the reasons why Lada "Kalina" refuses to start.

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