Otitis externa

Otitis is a very unpleasant and dangerous disease. Its symptoms can appear in people of any age. A neglected disease can lead to brain damage or to deafness. Treatment must be comprehensive. Without referring to a doctor here is indispensable.

Otitis has several types. Each of them has some of its symptoms. Some of them are unique. Also otitis differ from each other by the causes of appearance and areas of damage.

External otitis affects external ear regions. In most cases, it appears in children, but they are also affected by adults. Treatment of external otitis media can be carried out in various ways and means. What leads to its appearance? In most cases, it is the result of trauma or infection. The cause of it can be and moisture ingress into the external auditory canal. Often swimmers suffer from it.

External otitis, whose treatment was not started on time, can cause serious discomfort and great pain. With his ear becomes red, the auditory passage narrows, and a person can begin to hear worse. It is almost always possible to observe transparent mucous discharge. Sometimes there are a lot of them.

External otitis can be of two types: limited and diffuse. In the first case, it is a kind of hair follicle, which is located in the external auditory canal. It can not be seen from the outside. All that it gives out - the pain and discomfort that incessantly torment a person. The pain is constant and intensified when someone touches someone's ear . It also intensifies during conversation, during chewing and so on. The abscess costs several days, and then it is independently opened. This leads to a decline in pain.

Diffuse otitis externa is characterized by an inflammatory process that affects the entire auditory canal. In itself, it is further subdivided into fungal, allergic, and also bacterial. Its main cause is group A streptococci.

Infection occurs through any microcracks, as well as through other damage to the ears. This disease is almost always accompanied by a marked increase in temperature. The patient is suffering from chills, migraine tears his head, and there is no appetite. The auricle strongly reddens and swells. The external auditory canal is covered with blisters.

With this otitis pain will increase if you pull by the ear. The patient almost always experiences pain when opening the mouth. In the ear canal itches. If you open the boil, you can see that there is a lot of pus inside it. This pus has a very unpleasant smell.

External otitis media: treatment

The doctor-otolaryngologist should treat. Self-medication is not recommended. Ears - this is not something you can joke with. You should go to the hospital for any diseases related to them.

Before starting treatment, the doctor must determine the reason why external otitis occurred. Disease in mild form can be cured and at home. In this case, special ointments, lotions, balms will be used. Sometimes doctors prescribe the treatment with alcohol solution, which is made with the help of special gauze tubules.

Heavy form of this ailment is treated with anti-inflammatory, as well as antibacterial drugs. In some cases, it is best to get rid of a furuncle by opening it surgically.

Do not run external otitis media, as it can lead to loss or deterioration of hearing.

Remember that small children can not always tell exactly what it hurts. With external otitis, they constantly cry and shake their heads. Be careful and guide the child to the doctor at the first alarming symptoms of any otitis.

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