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Olga Korobka, Ukrainian weightlifter: biography, sporting achievements

Olga Korobka is a famous Ukrainian weightlifter. He has the title of Honored Master of Sports. He works under the guidance of Vasily Kulak, the head coach of the national team. Three-time European champion.

Biography of the sportswoman

Olga Korobka was born in 1985 in the town of Bobrovice. It is a district center in the Chernigov region with a population of only 11 thousand people.

Her father was a guard, and her mother was a housewife. Stately addition Olga went to her grandfather, only at birth her weight was 4 kilograms 100 grams. Olga Korobka studied in the most ordinary high school. In the third grade she started to practice weightlifting. The first training took place in the school cellar.

After receiving secondary education, she entered the Agricultural University in Lviv.

The first major competition for the athlete was the World Cup in Canada's Vancouver in 2003, when she was only 18 years old. With the result of 277 and a half kilograms she managed to win a bronze medal. "Silver" then was a Russian woman Albina Khomich. "Gold" was taken by the Chinese woman Ding Mayuan.

The second bronze of the world championship

In 2006 she managed to repeat her achievement. The tournament was held on the other side of the world - in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. In order to fully acclimatize and show their best results, they had to go to the competitions a few days before they started. Preparation as a result was successful.

Olga significantly improved her last year's performance - 127 kilograms in a snatch and 157 in a jerk. In total, it was 284 kilograms and enough for the second bronze medal of the World Championship in a career. The second time this time was another Chinese woman - Mu Shawnshuan, and the victory was won by South Korean weightlifter Chan Mi Ran. And the final result was equal - they raised 314 kilograms (30 kilograms more than Ukrainian). Chan Mi Ran won at the expense of fewer attempts used.

The first victory

The first victory at the representative tournament pupil of the IC Dynamo won at the European Championships in Poland Wladyslawowo in 2006. Olga Box performed in a weight category over 75 kilograms and won with a result of 290 kilograms (127 in a snatch and 151 in a jerk). Her closest pursuer - Russian Natalia Gagarina - raised by 19 kilograms less, the bronze medalist was the Bulgarian athlete Yordanka Apostolova.

Record in Strasbourg

In April 2007, went to the European Championships in the French Strasbourg Olga Korobka. The weightlifter, as before, performed in the most prestigious category - over 75 kilograms.

It again improves its previous results. Raises 133 kilograms in a snatch and 160 in a jerk. The total result of 294 kilograms allowed it to win. And the result in the snatch became a new continental record.

It is worth noting that her advantage over rivals was overwhelming. Belarusian Ekaterina Shkuratova, who took second place, lost to her 37 kilograms, another kilogram was raised by another Ukrainian woman - Julia Dovgal.

In the same 2007, Korobka Olga Vasilievna took part in the World Championships in Thailand's Chiang Mai. The victory was again played by the Korean Chiang Mi Ran and the Chinese Mu Shuanshuang. They set a world record, again raising the same total weight - at 319 kilograms. Again, thanks to a smaller number of attempts, the victory went to the representative of South Korea.

The box was worse than the European championship. In sum, she only submitted to weight of 281 kilograms. This was enough to win the second bronze medal of the World Cup.

European success

In 2008, the representative of the IC "Dynamo" is sent to the next European championship - to the Italian town of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The final result is even worse than the previous one, but in Europe no one else is even submissive to such kilograms. With an index of 277 kilograms, the Box becomes a three-time European champion. Her compatriot Julia Dovgal raises 19 kilograms less, in third place is Polladka Magdalena Ufnal. Successes in this sport do not go unnoticed at home. One of the most popular and favorite sports is weightlifting. Women who bring their country victories in international competitions are surrounded by attention and concern from fans and admirers of this sport.

To remove from the European pedestal the Ukrainian champion manages only in Minsk in 2010. She raises 273 kilograms, while Russian Tatiana Kashirina takes 297 kilos. The Ukrainian has silver.

Olympics in Beijing

The loudest victory won at the Olympics in Beijing, Olga Korobka. Weightlifting could bring the national team the 15th medal.

Ukrainian weightlifter raises 277 kilograms (124 in a jerk and 153 in a snatch). This result brings the silver medal to the national team . Victory Olga lost only to the eternal rival - Korean Chan Mi Ran. This award was the only medal won by the national Ukrainian team in this sport.

Doping scandal

Four years after the Olympic Games, on the eve of the next Olympics in London, a major scandal broke out, at its center was weightlifting. Women-participants and winners of the competition were under close surveillance. First of all, the international community was interested in the results of doping tests.

Unfortunately for the Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation, Olga's Boxes' tests prove to be positive. Similar results are demonstrated by repeated studies. The athlete is disqualified for 4 years. She is not allowed to compete in any competitions held under the auspices of the International Weightlifting Federation.

She became one of a dozen athletes who were caught in the use of doping at the Olympics in Beijing. They were representatives of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Spain, Cuba and Azerbaijan.

By decision of the International Olympic Committee, the Box is deprived of the silver medal it has won, as well as five more athletes who competed in those competitions.

Because of this decision, Olga was excluded from the final protocol for the use of doping. The second place went to the representative of the state of Samoa Ele Oppeclog, and the bronze was in the weightlifter from Nigeria, Mariam Usman, who had not won any medals before.

Most recently, Olga Korobka became a mother. At the 31-year-old athlete, whose disqualification ended recently, a son was born. The child was born at the height of 54 centimeters and weighing 3 kilograms of 640 grams. It is worth noting that his mother was about half a kilogram heavier at birth. The births passed without complications in one of Chernigov's medical institutions. Now Olga is recovering and preparing to return to the big sport.

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