Tattoo on the side, their features and meaning

Since ancient times, drawings on the body have had a certain meaning. To date, the fashion for tattoos has reached a new level. Now the pictures adorn not only those who wish to transfer belonging to something (clan, social movement, occupation), but also those who wish to stand out from the crowd. The tattoo on the side became fashionable not so long ago, replacing such popular places as hands, shoulders, ankles, lower back.

Typical male drawings

Initially, the sides were not regarded as places for tattooing. The exception was when the pattern from the back was so voluminous that it crawled from one or both sides to the ribs or abdomen. Later, women discovered for themselves and the world such a thing as a tattoo on their side, because it looks spectacular and stylish.

Men often choose for themselves serious and large-scale drawings that have a certain meaning. So, the most popular are:

  • Wild cats (tigers, leopards, panthers);
  • Predatory birds (a hawk, an eagle);
  • Forest animals (bear, wolf);
  • Compositions (a sailboat on waves, churches);
  • Marine dwellers (shark, dolphin, whale, killer whale).

Tattoo on the side of men and women are always at risk of being stretched. In the stronger sex, this is most often due to the development or weakening of the musculature. Therefore, the salon workers usually warn that this or that drawing can be spoiled in the future.

Typical female tattoo on the side

In women, the image is stretched due to loss or weight gain. It is advisable to do tattoos on one side to those who have already learned the joy of motherhood. Since during pregnancy the abdomen (and along with it the side) increases, and then decreases again, there is a risk that the conceived pattern may change beyond recognition or ugly "swim".

Representatives of the weaker sex are always somewhat more romantic than men. And tattoos choose appropriate (with some exceptions, which only confirm the rule). Beautiful tattoos on one side for women are usually:

  • Vertical ornaments that emphasize the waist;
  • Compositions of several elements (for example, several butterflies flying vertically);
  • Different inscriptions in different languages.

Girls should remember that diet and exercise affect the constitution of the body, which means that the pattern may change somewhat over time. It is highly not recommended to do bulk compositions before losing weight. It is more expedient to first bring the body back to normal, and then to do tattoos.

Unisex tattoo

And, of course, there are universal images that are ideal for women and men. To them it is possible to carry beautiful phrases. For example, about the love of nature or life, about love or way of life. Most often the choice falls on the inscription in a foreign language (English, French or Latin). Here the main thing is to know exactly how the desired phrase sounds and is written, so as not to get trapped. After all, it is not too difficult to fill a tattoo, but to reduce it is much more difficult. It is worth remembering that in the field of ribs the process is always more painful and unpleasant than where the muscles predominate.

Tattoo designations

Before choosing a picture to be applied to the body, it will be superfluous to ask what it means. So, few know that a shark is not a symbol of aggression, as it seems at first glance, but a symbol of cunning, remarkable intelligence and strong character. Tattoo on the side, depicting vertically growing plants, can carry a different meaning. For example, the cherry branch is mind, beauty and grace. A lily is a symbol of kindness, disobedience and cordiality. Correctly selected tattoo can not simply decorate the body, but also tell a lot about its carrier. Be more careful when choosing.

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