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Alyutorsky herring is the visiting card of the Far East.

Herring is mainly mined in the temperate cold latitudes of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It is from the region of its habitat that the taste of fish depends. But characteristic of all its representatives is their unique flavor and delicate taste. According to scientists, herring, as a species, has not changed for several million years, and why it happened, still remains a mystery.

Among the many cold snacks, herring is perhaps the most popular dish. It is present at almost any feast. And this dish is loved all over the world. For the festive tables is characterized by a fillet of salted herring, sprinkled with vegetable oil and decorated with onion rings. As an everyday dish for dinner, a boiled potato with herring is often cooked. It turns out very tasty, simple and fast. After gutting herring and cutting it into pieces you can while the potatoes are brewed.

A total of about 60 herring species are known. Alyutorskaya herring dwells in the region of Kamchatka and is one of the most popular and exquisite species of herring. The fish received its name from the Bay of the same name on Kamchatka (Olyutorsky Bay), where it is found in large quantities, Alutorians live on the coast of this bay in the Koryak Autonomous District, one of the few northern nationalities. Alyutorskaya herring contains a large number of useful substances, as, indeed, other species of this fish. It is large in size fish, the average weight of one piece is on average 800 grams. For alutor herring is characterized by a high content of useful fat. Unfortunately, in recent years, the fishing of this herring has slightly decreased, and under its name, another large species of Atlantic herring got to the store shelves. Now the situation with catching fish in Kamchatka is improving and the alyut herring again becomes a visiting card of the Far East.

Atlantic herring dwells mainly in the Baltic, Barents and White Seas. Its characteristic feature is slightly flattened from the sides of the abdomen of an oval form. Its usual size is up to 25 cm, but sometimes on the coast of Iceland there are specimens of about 40 centimeters.

Pacific herring is very close in appearance to the Atlantic and lives both in the northern regions of the Pacific Ocean, and in the Barents and White Seas. Both herrings are valuable commercial fish. Pacific herring sometimes weighs up to 700 grams. All herrings live in flocks, single individuals stop eating and do not live long. Most of the time is spent at great depth. And during spawning this fish gathers into huge flocks.

Both Pacific and Atlantic herring are related to fatty species, especially they are delicious in salted form. In addition, the herring is marinated, smoked and salted with various spices. Very delicious dishes, which use this type of fish. Everybody knows "Shuba" and forshmak are obligatory dishes at festive tables.

To make salted herring tasty, you must choose large frozen specimens with a natural color. Fish should not be yellowed, deformed, it is supposed to have bulging eyes and pressed gills. Do not buy a freshly frozen herring without a head, it suggests that it was frozen not quite fresh. Thaw frozen herring for salting should be in the refrigerator at a temperature of +5 ° C, then it will retain its juiciness. And before salting, be sure to remove the gills, so that the dish is not bitter. And then use your favorite recipe and salt.

Herring and other kinds of this fish are very useful for humans. Their main nutritional value is the presence of a high-grade protein. Regular inclusion of herring in the diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Herring oil is useful in that it helps to reduce fat cells, reducing the risk of diabetes. Still in the herring composition are many different antioxidants and microelements. In addition, it contains many polyunsaturated Omega 3 acids and vitamins necessary for the human body, for example, D and B12.

Since the number of herrings varies greatly, a number of artificial spawning grounds already exist to increase its productivity and to stabilize its quantity.

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