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Lemonade cucumber: useful properties, recipe

In most people lemonade is associated with a refreshing drink, made, of course, from lemons. And how do you see if you are told that there is a cucumber lemonade? Yes Yes! Sounds a bit unusual, right?

But in fact, if you think, lemon is a much more exotic product than native cucumber, which in our latitudes grows everywhere.


The composition of the cucumber is simply ideal for a refreshing drink, because it is 96% water, but not ordinary, and supplemented with all sorts of useful substances, such as iodine and potassium for example. Moreover, cucumbers contribute to cleansing the body and improving metabolism.

Ingredients of cucumber lemonade

Refreshing beverages will always be popular, whether it is a hot hot day or a cold winter evening. To drink a glass of ice tonic lemonade is always pleasant. Such a drink as cucumber lemonade, the recipe is slightly different from the cocktail habitual for many, the main component of which is lemon juice. But, as it turns out, besides lemons and oranges for a drink, use cucumbers. It's amazing, is not it? But this unique vegetable perfectly harmonizes with citrus fruits and mint.

No less interesting and useful and ginger-cucumber lemonade. Instead of sugar, it is recommended to use honey, it will give the drink sweetness, without harming health. In addition, honey contains a huge amount of nutrients. Such a drink will relieve the feeling of fatigue, restore strength and lift the mood.

Taste qualities of a drink

Lemonade cucumber has a light, pleasant taste with floral notes. In such a cocktail components are collected that not only perfectly combined to taste, but also have practical healing properties. Lemonade cucumber is also very popular with children, and this is its undoubted merit. After all, now parents should not worry about the health of the child, the ingredients that make up the drink are natural and extremely useful.

Cucumber lemonade: recipe with mint

To prepare this cocktail you will need the following ingredients:

  • One liter of mineral water.
  • Four large cucumbers.
  • Lemon.
  • Two spoons of honey.
  • Leaves of fresh mint.

What is noteworthy of the recipe for such a drink, as a cucumber lemonade with mint? You can regulate the degree of sweetness and sourness by increasing or decreasing the number of necessary ingredients. Instead of lemon, you can use lime or even an orange - both fruits perfectly combine with cucumbers. Sugar can be replaced with honey. It is also possible to add ginger or to remove mint, replacing it, for example, with melissa. This plant perfectly harmonizes with both citrus and cucumber, giving the drink a gentle and mild taste and smell. And just like mint, melissa has relaxing and soothing properties. The recipe, as you understand, is universal.

If suddenly the cucumber season has not yet come, and try lemonade passion as you want, you can buy cucumbers in the store. But in this case you will have to soak vegetables in water for at least two hours, this will help to reduce the content of nitrates and possible other harmful substances to a minimum level.

Cucumbers should be small, with a skin that resembles the color of young juicy foliage, but by no means dark green and large. In the first and vitamins more, and nitrates are much less.

Of course, summer lemonade cucumber is more useful, and vegetables do not require pre-soaking, just rinse them.

Cucumbers rinse, peel and cut into small, but not small pieces, so that they fit into the bowl of the blender.

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and combine it with prepared cucumbers, mint leaves and honey, chop all the ingredients to a puree state. Pour in the mineral water and mix again.

Then pass the drink through a fine sieve to squeeze out all the pulp, and pour into the cocktail glasses.

If necessary, add a little more lemon juice or honey.

That's all, a refreshing and insanely delicious drink ready. If before cooking leave cucumbers and mineral water for a while in the refrigerator, then the finished cocktail will not have to be cooled, if desired, you can add ice cubes to it.

Serve a drink, decorated with a slice of lemon or lime, mint leaves.

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