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"Biotlin" broad-spectrum insecticide: instructions for use

A new summer season begins, and the owners of the household plots are beginning to stock up with funds for combating various pests and parasites, which even strive to spoil the crop grown so hard and care-tending. Ampoules, granules, powders - you need to be armed to the teeth in order to successfully repel new and new attacks of insect pests. Today I would like to talk more about the "Biotlin" facility, the testimonies of which say that it should be in the garden first-aid kit of every summer resident and owner of agricultural land.

Biotlin: reliable protection of plants against pests and parasites for a long period of time

If you are looking for an effective insecticide with a wide spectrum of action, then the best option is the Biotlin preparation. The instructions for use clearly and in detail describe which pests are used, in what doses and how many times.

  • Biotlin successfully destroys and prevents the development of new generations of such malicious pests as aphids, whitefly, apple florets, thrips and leafhoppers.
  • Due to the unique composition of the Biotlin preparation, its application even on several occasions in the same culture does not cause the insects to adapt and get used to.
  • The dosage of the Biotlin and the concentration of the working solution depend on which crop is being treated and with which pests are being waged. For example, stunted plants (cucumbers, tomatoes) are processed at a rate of 5 ml per 10 liters of water, bushes require consumption of about 1 ml per unit, trees - 2-5 ml of Biotlin. The instructions for use, which comes with the kit, will help you determine the exact amount of money.

Insecticide "Biotlin": how to prepare a solution for spraying

The treatment of plants should be carried out only with freshly prepared solution. With long-term storage, its effectiveness is reduced, and even is lost at all. In this regard, before preparing the solution should determine the area you have to handle. On average, one hundred we need about 30 liters of Biotlin solution. Instructions for use will indicate the exact dosage of the drug for different crops and pests. So, if you need 10 liters of solution, you must first pour 3 liters of water into the container, dissolve the required amount of the preparation in the container, mix well, and then introduce the remaining 7 liters of water. So the working solution will be the most uniform in concentration.

"Biotlin" preparation: instructions for use for different cultures

Cucumbers and tomatoes

In the control of aphids and whitefly, spraying of bushes during the active growth period requires a solution containing 5 ml of insecticide per 10 liters of water.

Apple tree

Insecticide "Biotlin" effectively fights against aphids and apple florets, if during the growing season (before flowering) sprinkle each tree with a solution with a concentration of 3 ml per 10 liters of water. At the same time, the consumption varies between 2-5 liters per tree (depending on the size and grade).


From aphids on the currant can be eliminated by treating the bushes before flowering solution of the drug "Biotlin" 3 ml per 10 liters of water. This consumes from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of solution per bush.

Garden flowers

Aphids, whitefly, thrips, and leafhoppers are the most malicious pests of flowering plants on the plot of land. The "Biotlin" preparation helps to successfully combat them when processing these crops during flowering at the rate of 5 ml of the preparation per 10 liters of water.

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