The scrotum - what is it? Its structure and functions. Scrotal diseases and their prevention

Consider an organ such as a scrotum: what is a scrotum, what is its structure, function, appearance and problems that can be associated with it.

Structure and location

The scrotum is a protrusion of the anterior abdominal wall in mammalian males. Usually inside it, it has two chambers, each of which has an egg, an appendage and a spermatic cord. This is the basic structure of the scrotum. This organ is located between the anus and the penis. It is believed that the placement of the testicles is not within the body of men, but in the scrotum is required because of the need to maintain a constant temperature, which is lower than the body temperature (34.4 degrees). Thanks to the muscles, this temperature remains almost constant. That is, the testicles are approaching (pulling) to the body in the cold, then they move away in the heat.

What are the diseases?

So, we know what the scrotum is (what is and where it is). We now turn to the study of the main diseases associated with this organ.

1. Inflammation of the scrotum (can be caused by infections or physical effects). In difficult cases the patient is hospitalized, in simple cases it is treated at home. In any case, treatment is mandatory, and the consequences can be unpleasant. The main symptoms of the inflammatory processes of the scrotum are pain, itching, any redness or increase in volume, as well as spotting along with sperm. If the pain in the testicles continues for more than a day, you should immediately consult a doctor.

2. Cancer of the scrotum. More often than not, we are talking about skin cancer in this area. There are also more rare types of cancer of each of the components of this body. How to understand that the source of cancer is the scrotum? What is scrotum skin cancer? These data can be obtained by the patient only after a sufficiently serious examination. The reason for his passage is the appearance of any neoplasms in the area of this organ, even if they do not bring discomfort.

3. An unsuccessful testicle. Congenital type of scrotal disease. A situation where one or both testicles remain inside a person and do not fall down. Most often, the testicles become in their place in children several months before birth or within a few months after. If this does not happen, then surgical intervention is necessary.

To what doctors to address?

So, having learned that it hurts the scrotum, that this phenomenon must be treated necessarily, the patients ask themselves a question about which doctor to run to? It is possible, of course, and to the therapist, who independently redirects to the right specialist. But it is not necessary to waste time on this completely unnecessary link in the chain. First of all, it is worth turning to an andrologist or urologist. These are narrow specialists in this field who know what the scrotum of a healthy person looks like and all the external signs of various pathologies. These specialists can send you for example to a surgeon (if it's a scrotum hernia and other problems of this kind), or to an oncologist (if there is a suspicion of a malignant tumor). In the office of an andrologist or urologist, you can also take all the necessary tests and get advice on the prevention of various diseases in this area.


As already mentioned, the main function of the scrotum is to maintain the optimum temperature for spermatogenesis. To this function, we add a protective one. The testicles in the scrotum are positioned relative to each other in a way that allows them to be protected from being pressed against each other. The proper functioning of this body and its components is a pledge not only for a long and healthy life, but also for the continuation of the family. Problems associated with scrotal disease, can lead to infertility and impotence.


There are a number of general rules for the prevention of scrotal disease. To avoid inflammatory processes associated with mechanical damage, caution and thrift in relation to this body is necessary. To prevent diseases of a viral and bacterial nature, you must follow the rules of hygiene and accuracy in sexual relations. Every man should think about his men's health before he speaks about himself. After all, preventing a disease is sometimes much easier than treating it.

Take care of yourself. This will help us to nurture a new healthy generation.

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