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Chandelier in the living room: listen to the advice

The living room is one of the most functional rooms in the house, so choosing a chandelier for it is not an easy task, it's not just a ceiling decoration. It is the chandelier that creates the mood in the living room and depends on it in many ways whether the residents of the house and all its guests will feel comfortable. For this simple reason, buying fixtures for a room, you first need to determine what function each of them will perform, and also to think about their installation and secure connection.

Tip 1. The number and location of fixtures depends on the size of the living room

Gone are the days when only one chandelier was used for lighting in the living room. Now to create an organic and comfortable space will help several lamps that successfully complement each other. Although to abandon the classical model is not worth it, because it plays the role of general lighting of the room.

Nevertheless, if it is supposed to create several functional zones in the living room, then it is possible to dwell on the combination of lamps and chandeliers of various shapes and designs or apply concealed lighting. To create zones can be used a variety of instruments - from floor lamps and sconces to decorative lighting and table lamps. In some cases, the general lighting of the room can be made dynamic and change the emphasis in one area or another. This approach can be implemented using systems based on the use of a conductive bus, when each individual lamp rotates freely in the desired direction or moves to another location.

Decorative lights play a special role in zoning with the help of lighting. It can be tubular luminescent wall or built-in lamps or original decorative LED lights. Therefore, using light, comfort in the living room can be created in different ways.

Tip 2. The size of the room depends on the choice of the type of chandelier

The chandelier in the living room is selected according to the size of the room for which it is intended. Holders of a large spacious hall can afford a large, multi-tiered structure, which is usually strengthened in the center of the room. A tiny product, even the most original or the most expensive, on a huge ceiling area is simply "lost" and does not give the expected effect. If the room is oblong and narrow, it is better to use two small chandeliers, which will ensure a balanced and uniform lighting.

For a room with high ceilings, an elegant chandelier made of crystal is ideal. In the living room of normal height, it is advisable to buy a more modest design or use ceiling lamps.

Tip 3. Select the lighting of the room, depending on the layout of the room

The choice of model is directly connected with the layout of the room, in particular, with the placement of the dining table. If you consider that the living room is not a dining room, the table is most often not set in the center of the room. Consequently, the ceiling lamp also moves from the center to the zone where the table is located.

Tip 4. Identify options for general lighting of the living room

The design and materials of the lampshade should provide uniform illumination of the room. Therefore, the chandelier in the living room should have a lampshade made of glass or fabric. However, lighting should be both comfortable and comfortable. And although the concept of "comfort" is quite stretchable, experts advise to proceed from the following calculations: for each square meter of the illuminated area, at least 20-25 watts of lamp power should be accounted for. Therefore, for the living room it is better to use chandeliers with a large number of horns, which makes it possible to control the intensity of light.

Determined with the choice of lighting, it should be remembered that the chandelier - this is the first thing that your guests see when they go into the living room. And what kind of presentation the room will make on them, such will be the first impression of the house.

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