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Secrets that the nature of the Urals

The Ural itself can be called a unique territory, besides, its geography is so vast that it is not possible to list and describe all the most interesting places. But still, there are some unusual and mysterious places, which enjoy special glory, and it is now about them will be discussed.

1. Arkaim. This is an Aryan and very ancient settlement, which is located in the steppes in the southern part of the Chelyabinsk region. Its ring structure is clearly oriented to the stars, and once the people who lived here left this place for unknown reasons. And, despite the fact that the nature of the Urals is able to cause the most genuine admiration, Arkaim was chosen for itself by all sorts of esotericists, psychics, ufologies, "contactees" and other non-ordinary people. If you believe them, here is concentrated the extraordinary in its strength and capabilities of energy.

2. The Diatlov Pass has a very bad reputation, given the fact that in 1959, in winter, in the northernmost point of the Sverdlovsk region, on Mount Holat Sahyl, a tragedy occurred that can not yet be explained scientifically. The investigator who conducted the investigation gave a conclusion, which says that some spontaneous and irresistible force caused the death of nine experienced tourists. And really, is it possible that only the Urals, mountains and fresh air can make experienced travelers cut the tent and run down the slope in light clothes, to meet their own death from the cold and frost? To this day, there is no single hypothesis that could 100% explain what really happened.

3. The M-s triangle became famous all over the world in 1989. Apparently, not only the reserves of the Urals and their beauty attract tourists: The M-triangle became the very first anomalous zone in the country , where UFO, plasmoids and even a snowman were often observed. And although today inexplicable phenomena in this place are extremely rare, people still go here in the hope of seeing something out of the ordinary.

4. The places described in the stories of P. Bazhov exist in reality. They are located in the vicinity of Sysert and Polevsky, and enjoy extraordinary popularity with travelers. This, in particular, Dumna Gora, Azov-Gora, Markov Stone and others. As the legend says, the nature of the Urals is very rich in all kinds of treasures, but most of all they are hidden in the Azov Mountains. At night, mysterious lights wander along it, and sometimes one can meet the ghost of a girl - Azovka. Sometimes here, even in a well-known place, you can seriously get lost.

5. Nevyanskaya inclined tower is also surrounded by many secrets. It is not even known who and when it built it. This tower is known primarily for its sound room: if you stand at one of its corners, you can hear the slightest whisper pronounced at the other end of the room.

6. Taganay. In this place the nature of the Urals is especially unique, because this mountain range and now the national park, which is near Zlatoust, was chosen by the Old Believers. They lived here in their hermitages and held special rituals. Perhaps this affected the atmosphere of Taganay, because until now there are periodically observed UFO, ball lightning, energy balls and light columns of unknown origin. Also eyewitnesses mention a snowman and a certain Kialim's grandmother.

7. The Ural dolmens can be called the youngest of all secrets. Over the past 8 years, more than 200 of these mysterious stone buildings have been discovered, the oldest of which dates back to the second half of the 3rd millennium BC. By whom and for what purpose these dolmens were built, no one knows yet, although there is a suggestion that these monuments are ritualistic.

As you can see, the nature of the Urals is not only exquisitely beautiful and unusual, but still keeps a lot of mysteries, which even scientists can not comprehend.

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