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Philharmonic of Yaroslavl. History of creation, collectives and soloists

Philharmonic Yaroslavl takes the leading place among the cultural places of the city. Plunge into its interesting history of creation, find out how and when it was formed, what collectives and soloists exist in it. This information is contained in the proposed article for review.

History of the Yaroslavl Philharmonic

The Yaroslavl State Philharmonic takes a leading position not only in the city, but also in the region. Each year students have a wonderful opportunity to join the highly artistic musical samples, diverse in genre and style.

Philharmonic Yaroslavl appeared in 1937, when the first concert organization of professionals was formed. The basis of it was the orchestra of folk instruments. His creative leader was EM Stompelev. The concert organization also included chamber variety groups.

In the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War, concert brigades supported in the rear of their compatriots who fought for their Motherland. With their songs, they raised the spirit of the military and peaceful population. Extremely popular was the Volga Song and Dance Ensemble.

In 1944 - under the leadership of AE Umansky - the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra was founded. With him were such talented conductors as N. Rabinovich, B. Temirkanov, such prominent pianists as A. Goldenweiser, such famous violinists as G. Kremer, L. Kogan, such renowned vocalists as A. Vedernikov, E. Obraztsova .

Philharmonic Yaroslavl bothered to hold magnificent premieres: T. Khrennikov - concert No. 2 for violin and orchestra, A. Flyarkovsky - oratorio "Immortality".

For a long time in the concert hall of the Yaroslavl Philharmonic performed such performers, ensembles and collectives as

  • Nedda Ayazyan (pianist);
  • "Yaroslavl children" (pop group);
  • "Baroque" (chamber ensemble).

Yaroslavl Philharmonic Society has such an interesting history. The official site contains more detailed information.

Collectives of the Yaroslavl Philharmonic

  • Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra. In the distant 1944 it was created by AE Umansky (the leader and the first conductor). Since 1994, the leading conductor was People's Artist of Russia Annamamedov Murad. In addition to him, two more conductors are fruitfully working at the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra: Anatoly Oselkov and Aleksey Fedorov. In 1999, the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra received the honorary title "Academic".
  • Philharmonic Choral Choir "Yaroslavia". It was founded in 2003 by SM Berezovsky. Performances of the chapel are characterized by artistry and the brightest theatricality. It is distinguished by the mobility of the creative staff. In 2008, it was headed by Vladimir Contarev, who became the chief conductor. The concertmaster is Vladimir Kamayev.
  • Ensembles "Golden domes" and "Serpentine", the group "Che are right". A trio of soloists of the Yaroslavl Philharmonic in the person of Mikhail Bushuyev, Batyr Akhmedov and Vladimir Popov. All of them have a wide repertoire and prestigious awards.

Philharmonic of Yaroslavl. The soloists

  • Sukhanov Alexander (baritone).
  • Anatoly Kolbyshin (tenor).
  • Khripkova Albina (soprano).
  • Vera Dobrolyubova (soprano).
  • Lev Evilevich (master of the artistic word).
  • Nina Tokareva (master of the artistic word).
  • Shishkhanova Lyubov (soloist-organist).


Thus, the Philharmonic of Yaroslavl is the leading concert organization not only of the city, but also of the Yaroslavl region. It has existed for more than 75 years. Collectives and soloists, which form its basis, constantly delight listeners with their virtuosic performance and the widest repertoire. This is the honored artists of Russia, and people's artists, laureates of all kinds of competitions, and just creative people with great potential.

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