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Popular restaurants in Italy

In this article we will consider the popular Italian restaurants. Each of them is interesting in its own way. They serve delicious food. So, what good places worth visiting?

Piazza Duomo

Let's start by describing Italian restaurants with Piazza Duomo. The institution was opened in May 2005 in the center of Alba. During the first years of its existence, the restaurant made a name for itself. Every gourmet of the city knows the address of this institution. Driven by a young, but very talented chef Enrico Cripp. Together with his colleagues he works in the kitchen, constantly surprising something new to his demanding visitors. The institution is famous for its wide variety of dishes. The menu includes fish, mushrooms and seafood. Enrico, along with his colleagues in the shop, turns ordinary dishes into real masterpieces.

In addition to the skilful culinary specialist, magnificent dishes, the establishment attracts its modern and pleasant atmosphere.

Guests of the restaurant leave conflicting reviews. Some liked the atmosphere, the kitchen. Other people say that they are not particularly happy with the dishes. But still most visitors recommend this place.

Dal Pescatore

Describing the popular restaurants in Italy, we'll talk about this one. It is located in the city of Canetto sul Ol'o, in the region of Lombardy. The grandfather and grandmother of the current owner Antonio Santini founded the institution. Dishes that are served on the table are prepared according to family recipes. Pearl dishes of this establishment are: duck under balsamic vinegar and saffron risotto with artichokes (fried).

After visiting this institution the guests are satisfied. The food in Dal Pescatore is delicious, the atmosphere is very cozy, pleasant. Some people, just arriving in the country, immediately go to this institution, to once again taste the masterpieces of the chefs. If you want to visit the best restaurants in Italy, then pay attention to Dal Pescatore.

Osteria francescana: description and opinion of tourists

In the city of Modena is a very worthy institution. It is called Osteria francescana. The restaurant is visited by chefs and gourmets from all corners of the world in order to learn from the experience of the local culinary expert. Tables in the institution are round, covered with snow-white tablecloths. In the middle is a black stone with 2 tulips, as well as a silver basket designed for bread. The walls of this institution are white, no frills, they only hang photos of local celebrities.

The restaurant's menu is not very large. Do not look into it. You can trust the choice of food for the waiters. They will advise good dishes, as well as a suitable wine. In the dishes prepared in this institution, add balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The restaurant's signature salad is Caesar. Its ingredients are completely different from those that tourists are accustomed to seeing. Almost all dishes on the menu are different in composition and serve. For vegetarians, the institution serves many different dishes.

People who were in Osteria francescana, were satisfied. I like the kitchen very much. Tourists who were in this place say that the Osteria francescana restaurant is worth a visit.

A small conclusion

Now you know how the best restaurants of Italy are called, photos of them for clarity are presented in the article. We hope that information about the institutions and opinions of visitors will help you choose the right place for yourself.

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