Mid-size pickup Toyota Tacoma

The mid-size pickup Toyota Tacoma. This car is modified for use in North America. Produced from 1995 Toyota Motor Corporation. In 2005, the second generation of "Tacoma" won the prestigious award of the magazine Motor Trend. "Toyota Tacoma" for more than 10 years, holds the leading position in the automotive market in the mid-sized pick-up segment, is very popular and is considered almost the most massive car. The main advantages that determine the demand for this vehicle are excellent off-road characteristics, a wide range of bodywork and stable reliability. But there are several generally recognized shortcomings. First, the cost of these cars is significantly higher than similar in terms of car parameters. Secondly, large drivers will be close enough in the cabin of this model. Nevertheless, the combination of advantages determines the flagship positions of this car. Toyota Tacoma has a platform similar to the FJ Cruiser and Toyota 4 Runner. But it is characterized by increased stability.

The body of the Toyota Pickup Tacoma is available in three versions: Regular cab, Access Cab and Double Cab. The first type is the basic equipment, in which there is only a little free space behind the front seats, it is equipped with air conditioners, a 4-cylinder engine, a guiding system, a CD player, and a plastic finish - that's all. Access Cab is additionally equipped with a small rear door, equipped with a cargo compartment behind the front seats and two small seats. Double Cab was first introduced in 2004 at the Chicago Motor Show. This is a full-size car, equipped with rear doors and full complementary seats, climate control, a full electropackage, quality acoustics, added traction control and airbags (front and side). On this model only V6 engines running on gasoline are installed.

On the car "Toyota Tacoma" are installed only two types of engines. The first, selected for the basic configuration, 2TR-2,7 (liters), 4-cylinder with 159 horsepower with a torque of 244 h / m. He is available 4-speed automatic and 5-speed mechanics. It is worth saying that this engine is very economical. The second, quite powerful, 1-GR-4 (liters), V6 at 236 horsepower with a torque of 360 h / m. This option involves a 5-speed automatic and 6-speed mechanics. If the owner of the car plans to use the trailer often, it's definitely worth choosing V6. Developed and released a separate group - X-Runner, which is a sports version of the Toyota Tacoma. The technical characteristics of this machine can be accelerated to a speed of 100 km / h in 6 seconds. This is a serious indicator for machines of this class.

"Toyota Tacoma" is equipped with hard shock absorbers, the headlights provide a perfect ground clearance - more than 200 meters, the rear axle has a lock, the front wheels are equipped with disc ventilated brakes, the rear wheels are drum-type. In the models released in 2013, only small changes have been made. Probably, the car is already pretty close to its perfection. In the US, only American models outperform the Toyota Tacoma class. Most likely, because of the lower cost.

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