UAZ "Bukhanka": tuning and finalizing the off-road car

"UAZ Bukhanka" is famous for its high traffic and reliability. Its unbreakable design allows you to operate the machine in any road conditions, whether it's a primer or a plowed field. By the way, thanks to its military past, the "Loaf" can boast of its high maintainability. To change or repair any part you can without the use of special tools, and on the very primer. Put a "paunch" such a car is almost impossible. However, to achieve even greater patency car owners make tuning "Loafers" with their own hands. How to do it right, let's consider.

"UAZ Bukhanka": tuning with power bumper

At the first stage, you should install new bumpers. Now the most popular power shock element is the bumper of the RIF. The products of this manufacturer allow the driver to forget about scratches and dents when driving on cobblestones and other obstacles. The power bumper is made exclusively of high-strength steel, which guarantees its perfect operation. By the way, all these details are painted black, so it's impossible to notice a scratch on its surface. Moreover, in the presence of a special aerosol, it is possible to return the old form to the impactor at any time. As for the dents, the power bumper can be described as armored in its strength. And if some detail is bent in the design of "Loaf", then it is definitely not "Reef". In addition, it is possible to supply UAZ with a special cage from behind for a spare wheel or reserve canister with gasoline.

New tires for the UAZ Bukhanka car

Off-road tuning is not possible without installing a mud strainer. Such wheels allow to overcome "UAZ" even the most difficult route off-road. They, as a rule, have a more durable frame, cord, and their protector consists of a deep symmetrical pattern with wide slats and slats. It should be noted that the installation of a mud tire on the "Bukhanka" implies not only the purchase of new disks (new tires wider in diameter), but also the backlash of the suspension. Otherwise, it just does not fit in the wheel arches. Buying tires with a standard diameter of 16 inches is also not an option, as they are not able to capture the area of the primer that is needed to ensure a normal grip on the road. Ideally, the mud tire should correspond to a diameter of 28-30 inches.

"UAZ Loaf": tuning of the salon

After the technical part of our minibus is fully prepared for off-road exploration, it's time to pay attention to the comfort of the driver. To change something in the cabin, except the seats and handles of the checkpoint, makes no sense, since "UAZ" is primarily a military car, and it does not tolerate the presence of any electronic bells and whistles, with the exception of the car radio and a small TV. Instead, install a better hydraulic power steering. With it, you can change and "steering wheel", as efforts to turn the steering wheel will be minimal. If you can not do without music, install the radio with a pair of new speakers. This will make your outdoor recreation more interesting and not boring.

That's how you can refine the car "UAZ Loaf". Tuning, done by yourself, is not only interesting, but also effective!

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