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Pictures of women in different eras

Throughout the long history of mankind, the female image has excited painters and became for them a genuine source of inspiration. The creators who sang in their works with tenderness, beauty, and unsolved mystery of the representatives of the beautiful half gave preference to the subjective worldview. For example, the well-known founder of Cubism Picasso said that he was drawing not a woman, but a painting.

The Art of Primitive Society and Ancient Egypt

We will not take into account the primitive art of primitive society. On the rock carvings found, the woman appeared burly, with heavy forms. Obvious was the desire to convey primarily its main purpose - motherhood.

Women, admired by the men of ancient Egypt, in the fine arts appeared graceful beauties with light, sun-dyed skin.

The Middle Ages and the sinfulness of women

In the Middle Ages, a woman was associated with sin, and the use of cosmetics was condemned by church laws.

Pictures of women of the early Middle Ages are similar: they are depicted almost bodiless beings with transparent skin, large eyes, high forehead, hair on which were shaved to match the standards of beauty of that time. The head of the ladies was necessarily covered, because only the husband could contemplate his wife with loose braids.

Ideals of Renaissance beauty

But in the Renaissance the beauty of the body of the fair sex is already sung. It is not by chance that the pictures of Madonna women turn into ordinary portraits of the girls of that era.

Raphael's famous painting "The Sistine Madonna" is a representation of his beloved Fornarina, with whom the artist lived for 12 years. An ingenious painter considered her to be an ideal of beauty and endowed her with a gentle face loved by other works in which he praised the women of the Renaissance.

Baroque and Rococo

One era is replaced by another - the Baroque, coming during the reign of the French "sun king". Lush forms were emphasized by a narrow waist in tight corsets. Famous paintings of women XVI-XVII centuries seem to say that naturalness is no longer in high esteem, and it is replaced by theatricality and stylization.

The formal appearance is emphasized with elaborate clothes, and the huge costume collars and obligatory wigs among the noble beauties become the main attributes of the era.

In the time of rococo, when shyness and modesty caused ridicule, theatricality reaches its apogee. Women impose makeup on the face to make their appearance become a puppet. In every way, the lower skirts are decorated, fashion includes stockings, and the female breast peeps out from the deep decollete.

Naturalness is back in fashion

In the era of the Enlightenment again comes into fashion naturalness. A huge amount of blush and whitened, high wigs, stylized costumes with corsets go into oblivion.

The images of the grace of the Romantic era were distinguished by spiritualized persons. Dark-haired, slender young ladies with damp eyes, carried away into the world of dreams, became the standard of beauty in that period.

Considering the pictures of Bryullov's women - the artist who created in the beginning of the XIX century, you can catch the romantic aspirations of a master of fine art. In each work, there is clearly felt admiration and admiration for dreamy models.

Modern women: paintings (photo)

In modern painting there is no clear standard of beauty. All female images are beautiful and multifaceted. And some artists create stunning and realistic pictures of beautiful women.

When people look at the works of Mary Jane Ansell, it remains a mystery to everyone how to convey the wonderful images of heroines, breathing life into each of them. Connoisseurs of contemporary art are shocked by her paintings, and it seems to many that this is not an artfully executed art canvas, but a real photograph of the modern charmer.

Each work of art that evokes special feelings among viewers is the embodiment of the artist's soul, and the magic of famous paintings created several centuries ago fascinates contemporaries to this day.

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