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Game "Stalker": the best part of the series

Many fans of computer games are familiar with "Stalker". The best part of the project is still not chosen by fans. Some like the "Shadow of Chernobyl" for its atmosphere, someone - "Clear Sky" for the plot, well, someone prefers colorful "Call of Pripyat." Since the release of the last part of the game several years have passed, and developers of information do not give new information about new projects. Gamers can only pereprohodit already released or search on the Internet for modifications of fans. In the article, we will analyze three classic games, as well as informal additions, and find out which part of the "Stalker" is better to play.

"STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl"

Let's start with the first series of the project, which was published in 2007. "Stalker", the best part of which, according to many gamers, it was PM, stood out for its long development. The creation began in 2001. The original version underwent many changes before the final appeared on the shelves. The game was supposed to come out much earlier, but the developers constantly transferred the release. Many ideas have not been translated into the final version.

Despite all the shortcomings, in 2007 almost everyone was talking about the Stalker project. The best part of the game was then impressed by its atmosphere and themes. Prior to this, there were no projects that would have occurred on the territory of the CIS, and even with such a plot.

The game process unfolds in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The gamer will play for the stalker Mechhenogo, who woke up after the explosion of a truck carrying corpses. The character does not remember anything. To solve all the riddles, you have to go through 17 game locations.

Monsters and bandits are the main opponents in the game "Stalker". The best part, according to fans, was an unrealistic weapon. Here all the names of machine guns and pistols are changed. The game is constantly changing the weather. You can see sunny days, rains and storms. "Shadow of Chernobyl" - the best part of "Stalker" in terms of atmosphere.

Pros of the "Shadow of Chernobyl":

  • atmosphere;
  • An interesting story line;
  • Diverse opponents;
  • A lot of weapons and equipment;
  • Several endings.


  • Unreal weapons (modifications will help);
  • Obsolete to today's schedule;
  • Monotonous additional tasks.

"Shadow of Chernobyl" clearly deserves attention. The first part introduces the gamer to the "Stalker" universe and gives an unforgettable experience.

"STALKER: Clear Sky"

The prequel "Clear Sky" became the second game in the universe "Stalker". The best part, thanks to the updated engine, which supports DirectX 10, was released in August 2008.

To play is for Shrama - the mercenary, who was covered by the blowout. The action begins on the swamps, where the stalker woke up. Which part is better? Many of the game forums still have similar questions. "Clear Sky" is good in many ways, but there are not enough minuses in it, so the title of the best she did not receive.

The main goal of the player is to find the Arrow that caused the ejection. In the new part there were other locations. Fans did not see in the CHN bar, wild territory, radar, Pripyat and Monolith control.

There are new groups that are now at war with each other. In the confrontation, the main character can participate.

Pros of the game "Stalker: Clear Sky":

  • There were emissions;
  • Improved graphics;
  • The weapon became more real;
  • There was an opportunity to improve weapons and armor.


  • Errors and departures;
  • High requirements for "hardware" (with minimum settings);
  • atmosphere;
  • Deteriorated the gameplay.

"Clear Sky" turned out to be the most contentious part. Half of the fans of the universe are enthusiastic about the innovations, the other half was disappointed in the game. Nevertheless, it deserves attention and passage.

"STALKER: Call of Pripyat"

Many gamers are wondering about which part of the "Stalker" is the best and interesting. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, but newcomers in the universe should like the "Call of Pripyat".

The final part was released in the autumn of 2009. The main hero was Major Degtyarev, who was sent to the Zone to find out the reasons for the fall of three helicopters. The game has several huge locations, in which the action will unfold.

Despite all the innovations, the game received many negative reviews and reviews. Fans expected from the new part of the larger. Do not hit the gamers of the technical component of the game, as well as gameplay and plot. Result: "Call of Pripyat" became better than "Clear Sky", but worse than "Shadow of Chernobyl". The developers failed to correct the errors of the previous parts, and were punished with negative feedback.


  • Improved graphics;
  • Interesting additional quests;
  • Improved weapons;
  • Three large locations;
  • Fewer bugs and crashes;
  • Clever opponents.


  • Few innovations;
  • A boring main story;
  • Combat system;
  • Multiplayer mode.


If you could not allocate the best part for yourself or have already passed them, then we present a list of the most interesting modifications. Fans continue to make various additions, which are designed to revive the gameplay in "Stalker." The best part of the game for each of its own, so when choosing should pay attention to all the advantages and disadvantages.

"STALKER: The Last Hope"

A small modification, aimed at improving the plot. Designed for "Shadow of Chernobyl." To play is for Stalker's stalker. The hero was trapped, from which he had to get out. The main goal is to reach the marshes. In addition to the plot, the modification received new weapons, graphics and other minor additions. This is not the best part of the game "Stalker", but it still deserves attention.


  • New plot and quests;
  • Seamless location;
  • New graphics;
  • Increased level of complexity;
  • Change the gameplay.


  • Long installation;
  • Departures and bugs;
  • Short storyline.

"STALKER: Photographer"

The modification was developed for the part "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl". To study the Zone will be as a war correspondent nicknamed Photographer. The main character is to get into the depth of the Chernobyl NPP and find a mysterious source of energy, which the world powers are after.

Today it is the most interesting mode. He received a lot of innovations that will make you re-look at the universe of the game. In a few days after the release, he was able to collect a lot of positive feedback from players, thanks to a well-researched plot and interesting quests.

Advantages of modification:

  • An entirely new story;
  • 15 populated locations related to each other;
  • New menu design;
  • New voice acting;
  • Improved graphics;
  • New mutants.


  • Small bugs;
  • Departures in some places (fixed by fixes).

"STALKER: Time Loop"

Another popular modification for the "Shadow of Chernobyl", in which the story and the game world are reworked. The main character goes with two comrades to the Zone, where he wants to find artifacts and earn money. In one of the buildings, the stalker falls into the anomaly and disappears. A year later, he finds a detachment of Debt. The hero is to find out what happened and where his friends have disappeared.


  • A completely new plot;
  • The armament model was redesigned;
  • New quests;
  • New locations;
  • Recycled textures.

Disadvantages of modification:

  • Departures and bugs;
  • There is no dynamic plot.

"STALKER: Contract for a good life"

Modification to the "Call of Pripyat", telling the story of stalker Khmur. The supplement received an exciting non-linear plot, as well as many small author's improvements.

The plot will tell about a special operation in the Zone, which is code-named "Contract for a Good Life". A group of stalkers, including Gloomy, had to land in the center of the Zone, but something went wrong ...

The passage of the game directly depends on the choice of the main character. Boredom players obviously do not have to.

Advantages of modification:

  • A new nonlinear plot;
  • New characters;
  • Set of new quests;
  • Modified locations;
  • Unique cut scenes;
  • Reworked voice acting;
  • Altered weapons.


  • Instability of modification;
  • Weak PCs may not start the game;
  • Bugs.

"STALKER: The Golden Carriage 2"

The long-awaited continuation of the modification for "The Call of Pripyat." There was a new plot and the locations created from zero. Passage is fascinating due to the large number of additional tasks.

To play is for stalker Skif, who fell under a powerful blow and woke up in the cabin of the Forester. The main task is to penetrate the mines, which are controlled by the Sin group.

Advantages of modification:

  • new places;
  • A lot of hiding places;
  • New groupings;
  • Revised graphics;
  • The possibility of cooking.


  • Bugs that are fixed only over time.

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