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How to get on the Timeless Island. Chests on the Timeless Island

With the release of the update of Mists of Pandaria in WOW, the Time Island appeared. It is located south of the Jade Forest and is loosely associated with the patch events, but refers to the last part of the Pandaria quests. In this article, you will learn how to get on the Timeless Island, what it is and what you should pay attention to.


Since the island is not associated with the quest center, the experience gained will depend only on the player's actions. There are several options where you can direct your strength:

- side quests: except for the last part of the main mission, there are two daily and quarterly tasks, as well as culinary, in which you can get a recipe for crafting a raid boiler;

- Chi-Ji, Suzn, Nyuzzao and Yu-pun are bosses of the Timeless Island, which any player can kill; To kill Ordos, you need a legendary cloak;

- the reputation of Shahao is the only local faction to participate in which you need to kill the Ordos mobs;

- In order to find chests on the Timeless Island and treasures, you will have to spend a certain amount of time;

- Heavenly tournament (battles of pets) is held once a week;

- on the island there is also a rar elite of 31 mobs, from which you need to get rid.

In the game, in addition to the standard PvP, there is a PvA system in which two players fight against each other.

If desired, most of the quests can be performed in a day. But some tasks will take weeks to complete. For example, to collect all the awards of the Heavenly tournament, you will have to return to fights several times.

On the island, the Timeless, Heavenly and Bloodied coins turn around. The first is part of the main currency. It appears after killing a mob, passing a quest, or finding a chest. She can pay for the awards. A celestial coin is issued for participating in weekly dog fights. The bloodied currency is issued for killing a player in PvP and PvA mode. It can be exchanged for rewards from Orator Gulan.

How to get to the Timeless Island

There are two ways. The first is to teleport to the island in the mission "Unusual Bronze Clock" during the quest chain. To get to her, you have to work hard. First you need to complete the task "Bronze Look" from the Evergreen Valley. Then at Хроми to take "Journey to a temporary island". Only after that, the mission "Unusual Bronze Clock" will become active.

The second way: you can get to the terrain with the help of air mauts. On the island, they do not work. You will be thrown to the ground as you approach the place. You can also use vehicles with the function of walking on water. But even then, access to some territories will be closed.

The arcs of the Timeless Island differ in their inaccessibility. For example, the Sanctuary of Ordos. The only bridge that leads to it is destroyed. To get to the place, you can use the Brilliant statue of the crane from the Rocky pedestal, which at the exit from the Burning path is attached to the bridge. Initially, it is provided for admission to one of the chests. But with proper use it will be possible to catapult into the air and, by controlling the descent, get to the place.

The slow-fall function will allow you to enter the area of grass at the end of the jump, which is located to the left of the island. An alternative option is to use the Golden Ku-Mo kite. Or ask someone to impose on you a similar effect.

Albatross mountain winds often land near the Heavenly Court. If you capture it at this moment, you can freely move around the island. To descend to earth, you have to kill Albatross. You can get to the Red Lake with the help of Mauth.

To get to the central part of the Ordos Sanctum, only players who have passed all the Pandaria Tuman quests and got the legendary cloak will get it. Without him, during teleportation, you will be thrown into the heavenly court. Here's how to get on the Timeless Island.

It's useful to know a newbie

The island has a lot of buffs.

1. Timeless food can be obtained with Sand-Covered Egg, Ripe Crispfruit, Huge Yak Roast, Charged Crystal, Roasted Seed, Fire Poppy, Southsea Firebrew. The first and third objects give additional buffs (when you click on them PKM).

2. If you catch Dew of Eternal Morning, Book of the Ages, or Singing Crystal, and then use these things for your own purposes, then the level of combat ability will grow significantly. They can also be won in the daily quest Path of the Mistwalker.

3. If you press the RMB on the "Lost in time sacred", one of four random buffs will drop out. These shrines not only allow you to reach Pilgrimage, but also strike a nearby enemy.


Having dealt with the question of how to get on the Timeless Island, we turn to a review of some tasks. The chain begins with Travels around the island. Then follows the Guardian of Time, Emperor Shahao and Culinary Quests. Each group includes several tasks. Including daily and quarterly.

The Kairoz chain

The power of time is brought to the hourglass. In this weekly quest, you need to collect 50 Stones of Eternity by killing the cubs of a large turtle in the west.

In each task it is necessary to use an hourglass at certain locations:

- "Vision", "Improvement", "In search of destiny", "Hidden threads", "One last coup" - on the Siege of Orgrimmar.

- "The fate of the prince" - in the Temple of the White Tiger.

Quest of the Emperor Shaohao

It consists of 6 tasks. The first is for training. In "Ways of Wanderers" it will be necessary to kill rar-elites. The easiest of them are the Big Turtle and the Brilliant Windshield. Go the rest of the task does not work.

Culinary tasks

In the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the "Secrets of the secret ingredient" you need to kill Sha Doubt and take the scroll. Then you should fight with an elite monster on the balcony at the end of the room. To defeat him, you will have to shy away from all the objects he throws. In the next task, it will be necessary to assemble the kit for installation of the trolley with noodle soup. In the Imperial granary there is a basket in which grain should be poured. Vandals from above drop sacks. The quest item allows to collect and carry 5 units to the specified place. But if you use the manual to increase the speed, then the bags will be gone. Next, you need to collect 20 Hop Lures and fifty Fat Cherpash Steaks. After completing all the instructions from the "Secret ingredient" the player gets the opportunity to create a Cart with Noodle Soup.

Rar elite

To find a rare mob, you need an addon. The arrows of the Timeless Island appear most often after completing the quest. The game has 31 rare mob.

  • Next to the Heavenly Court, you can meet the Heavenly Gander, the Imperial Python and the Steadfast Stalehem.
  • On the shores of P'Jiu, the Calling and Zesqua appear with Gu-chi.
  • At the end of the mini-event "Sour Beer", Zhu-Gon Prokischii (37.55, 77.31) appears.
  • Followed by Fin Long Paw follows Carcano.
  • If you destroy the entrance to the Mysterious Lair with a quest item from the "Legend beyond Time," Charobrod will appear.
  • Shelon is on the coordinates of 25.06, 35.98.
  • To summon Zhuravletsap, you need to put a live fish-eater on the corpse, which is located at coordinates 43.89, 69.89.
  • At the end of the "Fight crabs" Kosokhrip appears.
  • The spirit of the Jade tribe is in the Cave of the lost before Zarim. Here you can find Cave Moss.
  • At 67, 43 appears Healer Lisva, Garnia - on the Red Lake, Bufo - on the field with the Snapper frog.
  • In Ruins of Fire, there are Osu Ranger and Yakur of Ordos.
  • With Voznekor you can meet on the Deck of a pirate ship.
  • Three Defenders of the Black Tribe live between the two bridges of the Burning Path.
  • In the Sanctuary of Ordos, you can meet the Lord of the Flint, Udrur the Cox and the Bishop of the Tribe.
  • The ash falls appears on the site of the destroyed bridge.

Addon for the Timeless Island

At the first stages of dating you can easily get confused with numerous monsters, coins, quests and chests. To avoid confusion, your attention is presented to the five best extensions that are used by many players. Addon for the Timeless Island will help quickly find the place and periodicity of the appearance of monsters.

NandyNotes not only adds labels to the map, but it is used for the following two extensions.

NandyNotes_TimelesslsleChelst determines the location and types of chests.

NandyNotes_Timelesslsle_RareElites shows the names of the locations that are highlighted in color.

RareAnnouncer sets the clock on the screen, which displays the death time of the previous boss. Addon also signals the appearance of rare bots. New bosses appear with a periodicity of 45 minutes.

NPCScan is an extension that not only indicates the location of rare mobs, but also allows you to mark a target on the map. This is the most versatile addon.


The timeless island is built in such a way that all treasures are associated with achievements. Therefore, later on you will learn how to complete the task and find the desired object.

To perform "Look under the feet", you will need the following items: Giant mollusk (underwater); Brilliant sand (on the beach); Crane nest and Fire Altar (next to Heavenly Court), Sinister Crystal from the Cave of Lost Spirits, Ordos supplies from the Ruins of the Fireman; Egg of a fiery storm on the Flaming path.

To obtain the achievement "Where pirates and trophies" you need to find the Sunken Treasure, Guard Cargo and the Brilliant Bag. The sunken treasure is on the ship (40.0, 94.5). In the Cursed Khosen-yung there is the Cock-Key, with which you can open the ship. The entrance to the Cargo of the black guard is on coordinates 17.07, 57.09, and a shiny bag - on a pirate ship.

Chests on the Timeless Island found quite hard and expensive. But it still needs to be done. "Exclusive treasure hunter" is issued on finding three items. To get a Brilliant Chest (49.68, 69.41), you'll have to jump over the colonies from the Ruins of the Firebug. Before the Tie-wrapped Box (53.87, 47.34) can be reached by jumping between the ropes from the Floating path. Some players use Golden Kite for this purpose, and Magee - Jump. On the stone pillar at the bridge leading to the Floating path, is the Crane Statue. She tosses the player into the air. At the moment of the jump, coordinating the landing, you need to choose a platform with a box. On it is the third item - Treasure Chest.

The Family Helmet, the Shawl of the Heart, the Talking Trident or the Snow Tiger's Claws can be exchanged for achieving the "Legend of the Past", and all four for "Legends Out of Time". Each object gives a lifetime buff: Helmet - Celestial Strike, Trident - river call, Shawl - itself. The new element adds a button that can be used during battles.

Master Kukura for 500 Timeless coins will give the key to opening any chest from his cave. In one there are 400 units of currency or equipment.


After the update of patch 5.4, the Timeless Island appeared. Rarniki here are difficult to achieve. That there is only one Sanctuary of Ordos! Mautas do not fly on it, and the bridge is destroyed. It is better to use the Albatross. He will help to get to the Red Lake. Treasures on the Timeless Island are associated with achievements. To get them, you need to find objects scattered on the map.

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