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Ilsur Metshin, mayor of Kazan: biography, education, family

Ilsur Metshin refers to those politicians who cause mixed reactions among their voters. So, for some, he is an example of diligence and honesty, and for others - an ordinary PR man and a swindler. But who is right and who judges too biased? Where is the truth hidden? And does the Mayor of Kazan hide any secrets in his past?

Biography of early years

Ilsur Rais smile Metshin was born in the city of Nizhnekamsk, which is in Tatarstan. It happened on April 24, 1969. His parents were simple employees: his father worked as an engineer, and his mother was a nurse in a local hospital. In addition to Ilsur, the family raised two more sons: Aidar and Ayrat.

At the age of six, Ilsur Metshin went to the city school No. 11. It should be noted that even in early childhood the future politician dreamed of becoming a great man. Initially, these were only youthful fantasies that had nothing to do with reality. But over the years his plans became more and more ambitious and eventually realized.

Returning to the past, it should be noted that Ilsur Metshin spent a lot of time in sports. His favorite discipline was hockey. Moreover, thanks to hard work, he was able to become a member of the local youth team and at the same time repeatedly participated in interregional competitions.

Education and Research

Kazan State University became the place where Metshin got his higher education. It was here that he entered after leaving school in 1987. Ilsur Metshin chose jurisprudence as a basic discipline.

After a year of training, he was drafted into the army. The young man did not shrink from his duty and went to serve his homeland. After demobilization, he immediately returned to his faculty and continued his studies. And in 1991, the future politician passed all the exams well, thanks to which he received a diploma in law.

However, Metshin was not in a hurry to leave Kazan State University. After reflecting a little, he submitted documents for postgraduate study, where he was successfully enrolled. Ilsur was a post-graduate student until 1999. And the crown of his education was the defense of a scientific thesis on "The legal system of the republic within the Russian Federation".

Ilsur Metshin: family of the future politician

Ilsur was brought up in a large family, and therefore always knew that his house would also be filled with childish laughter. With his wife Gulnara, the future politician met while still in school - she was his first love. For a long time the couple just met, and only after Ilsur returned from the army they decided to sign. Such strong family ties gave them three sons and one daughter. As for today, the couple lives happily together and diligently educates their children.

The first career accomplishments

Ilsur Metshin initially began to build his career so that in the future he did not have to regret the choice made. So, while still in graduate school, he got a job at a local real estate agency. Here the young Ilsur served as head of the department from 1993 to 1995. The next place of work was the apparatus of the administration of the Soviet district in the city of Kazan.

In 1997, he took the post of prefect in the Kazan Posad. It was here that he first thought about what could become a manager in his own city, and then began his journey to the heights of political glory.

The first political battles

So, what do we know about the political victories that Ilsur Metshin accomplished? Kazan initially became a paramount reference point in the eyes of the young politician. However, Ilsur did not have illusions and was well aware of the fact that without thorough preparation the mayor's chair could not win him.

Therefore, his first step was to nominate his own candidacy for the post of head of the administration of the Nizhnekamsk region. Ilsur's expectations were justified, and in 1998 he acquired the desired position, which he held until 2005.

Being in his post, he is running for deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan. And here he unconditionally wins, thanks to which he occupies the post of servant of the people from 2000 to 2004. And in 2006 Ilsur again gets on the list of Kazan deputies, but this time Metshin already represents the party "United Russia".

Position of the Mayor of Kazan

In November 2005, Ilsur Metshin's dream comes true: he becomes mayor of Kazan. For his duties, he takes with his usual enthusiasm. What is true, such zeal for some seemed too frightening. But let's talk about everything in order.

Let's start with the fact that the rule of Ilsur was to the liking of local officials. That is why in the winter of 2006 he is appointed the head of the executive committee in the sphere of municipal formation. And in March of the same year the newly-minted Mayor passes to the City Duma.

Such a remarkable success leads to the fact that he is noticed by such a political force as "United Russia". Thanks to this, on September 28, 2006, the mayor of Kazan becomes the chief secretary in the local branch of this party. In the future, this union will serve more than once for the benefit of the mayor, and for the benefit of United Russia.

What could Ilsur Metshin achieve as mayor of Kazan?

"Cleanliness and tidiness". These two words characterize the mayor's activity well. With his appearance, Kazan has changed for the better: new parks and public gardens have been opened, the streets have been put in order, and municipal services have finally begun to operate normally. Thanks to this, to date, the capital of Tatarstan is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

Another victory was the improvement of the tourism industry. During the rule of Ilsur, the influx of tourists increased 4-fold, which gave the city a good increase in the budget (on average, the capital of Tatarstan is visited by about 2 million people a year). One of the best student games began to be held under his patronage. Due to their scale and color, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Kazan an unofficial sports capital.

Dark spots in biography

However, the mayor's reign was not without a spoonful of tar. So, in 2013, near the building of the City Hall, a picket took place, at which the protesters expressed their discontent towards the current governor. And although there were not so many of them, nevertheless the crystal clear reputation of Ilsur Metshin gave the first crack.

The next blow was complaints about the work of municipal transport. People were indignant at the fact that some routes were heavily overloaded, and the authorities do not want to deal with this. It even went so far that Kazan residents called such buses "ghostly", as they existed in official documents, but did not appear on the streets.

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