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Lyudmila Narusova - Russian politician: biography, personal life

Narusova Lyudmila Borisovna - a member of the party "Fair Russia" and the Federation Council of Tuva. She was married to the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. He has a daughter-celebrity Xenia with him. In the past, Narusova was a member of the Party of Life. She is an active member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

A family

Narusova Lyudmila Borisovna was born on May 2, 1951 in the city of Bryansk. Her father went through the whole war with the fascists, finishing it in Berlin. After that, he worked as a school principal in Bryansk. Boris Moiseevich (Lyudmila's father) had a higher education, having finished the historical faculty and having studied on the defectologist.

My mother was a prisoner in a concentration camp. Ludmila Borisovna's father was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She is an excellent daughter - at the first opportunity she moved her elderly parents to Petersburg, buying an apartment for them in the neighborhood with her. Ludmila takes care of her parents and tries to provide them with everything they need. She has an older sister, who is called Larissa.

Mother Narusova Germans were hijacked during the war to work in Germany. At that time she was only sixteen. First she worked for the German peasants, then, after the war, she was taken as an interpreter to the military commandant's office of the USSR. She worked for some time in the German city of Heriberg, where she met Lyudmila's father, who was there with his part. Boris Narusov went to war in 1941 and returned only after it was over. They were married when Narusova's mother was twenty. Her husband was three years older. They had a daughter, Larissa, then Lyudmila Narusova. The nationality of their father is Jewish. Mother is Russian.


After school, Lyudmila entered the Leningrad University (in the sixty-ninth year). She graduated in the seventy-fourth year. Has received a specialty "historian". After graduation, I entered post-graduate school. She defended her thesis brilliantly and became a candidate of science.


Lyudmila got a job as a laboratory assistant. I worked in the Bryansk school for those who were hard of hearing. After a while I got a job as a teacher at Leningrad State University. At the same time she worked at the publishing house of the Leningrad University, in the socio-political department. Then she moved to the University of Culture as an assistant. Then she was promoted to a senior lecturer, associate professor. Later Lyudmila Narusova became a doctoral student at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

Political career

Lyudmila Borisovna began to actively help her husband in his political career, thereby finding himself in this circle. First, she supported him in the elections to the Lensovet, then - to the mayors of St. Petersburg.

Lyudmila began to work in hospices (hospitals for cancer patients). She became one of the founders of the Mariinsky Foundation. In the ninety-fifth year she was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. She joined the faction of the PDR and the Women's Committee.

After the death of Sobchak (in 2000), Lyudmila Borisovna was elected the head of the St. Petersburg political council. In the same year she became an adviser to the head of the presidential administration and the head of the public fund of her husband's name.

In the spring of 2000, Vladimir Putin appointed Lyudmila the head of the Russian-German fund for reconciliation and mutual understanding. From the autumn of the same year until 2002, Lyudmila Borisovna was the representative of two boards of trustees.

After a while she was elected head of the Federal Assembly from Tuva, replacing Chanmyr Udumbara in this post. In October 2002, she became a member of the upper chamber and the Federal Assembly for Culture, Ecology, Science, Health and Education. And in 2006 she joined the Commission of the Federal Assembly on Information Policy.

Since the fall of 2010, Lyudmila Narusova represents the executive branch of power in the Bryansk region. She is also a member of the Federal Committee for Science and Education.

Lyudmila Narusova: personal life and the birth of her daughter

The first time Lyudmila married a medical student, whom she met at the university. But after a while he divorced him. She wanted to sue the former husband's apartment and turned for help to a lawyer Anatoly Sobchak.

From that moment their romance began. The housing issue was decided in favor of Lyudmila. But on this their acquaintance was not interrupted, but continued. At that time she was twenty-four years old, and he was thirty-eight. The age difference is large enough, but Lyudmila did not frighten it. After a while, they got married. Once she saved his life without letting him go on a trip to the mountains, where Anatoly's comrades, with whom Sobchak wanted to leave, perished.

In the eighty-first year they had a daughter, Xenia. As a child, Lyudmila gave her to the ballet studio. Xenia's father wanted her daughter to become a lawyer. But she chose her way in life. Xenia is a secular lioness, moreover, she tries herself in politics and declares that she sympathizes with the opposition parties.

Political views of Lyudmila Narusova

Lyudmila Narusova, whose biography is closely connected with politics, advocates limiting the activities of Russian nationalist political organizations. In her opinion, some of their slogans are criminal and unconstitutional.

She also actively supports the activities of foreign foundations and various organizations in Russia. He believes that the country should turn towards the West and be more loyal to it. Lyudmila relates herself to the opposition and believes that Russia needs many liberal reforms.

In 2012, when the bill on rallies was being considered, Lyudmila Borisovna protested against his promotion. And even exponentially retired from the hall of the meeting. In July of the same year, she participated as a witness in one high-profile trial of the misappropriation of budgetary funds and the non-payment of taxes on an especially large scale. Lyudmila noted several scandalous statements after the end of the process, as the outcome of his was dissatisfied.

Lyudmila Narusova does not always support the foreign policy of the country. She reacts negatively to Russian planes in Syria and believes that the Russian leadership should not interfere in this conflict.

Narusova in show business

In 2002, Lyudmila Borisovna tried herself in show business. She became the leading program "The price of success" on the television channel "Russia". Prior to this, Narusova already had experience of such activities in the "Mind Games" and "Freedom of Speech" on TV in St. Petersburg. Lyudmila wanted to become the chief editor of one of the publications. And this was directly stated at one of the press conferences. But her dreams have not come true yet.

In 2005, Narusov was admitted to the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg. Lyudmila Borisovna has always been a supporter of tougher media responsibility for materials that are published, and regretted that there is no unified information policy in Russia.

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