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Who are they, Putin's parents? Life of Vladimir Putin's parents

Russian President Vladimir Putin is today one of the most recognizable political figures in the world, whose personality is of great interest to millions of people from different countries. However, the publicly available information about his personal life and relatives is extremely meager, of course, except for the "sensational" articles in the yellow press, which a sensible person can only cause doubts about the adequacy of their authors. So, what were the parents of President Putin and what role did they play in shaping his character and outlook on life?

Where did the ancestors of the incumbent Russian president live?

As it is commonly believed, the genus of Putin comes from the Tver region. In general, of course, it is extremely difficult to know who the ancestors of the "ordinary" person were of non-noble origin, especially in Russia. The fact is that if the representatives of the upper class had their own estates and lived in the same place for centuries, the peasants often migrated throughout the country. In addition, many localities disappeared in the fire of fires or were destroyed as a result of wars. So, in the case of the incumbent president of the Russian Federation, everything turned out differently. Putin's parents came from families who for centuries lived in neighboring villages. In particular, the president's great-grandparents lived in Pominovo, Turginovsky district, and were hereditary peasants. This settlement exists today, but most of the year there live only 2 dozen people, but in the summer there are always a lot of tourists, coming mainly from St. Petersburg. By the way, in one of the interviews Vladimir Vladimirovich told journalists that the family house in Pominovo, which his relatives use as a dacha, has been preserved.

What is known about Putin's ancestors

According to the book written by the cousin of the incumbent president about the family tree, first their ancestors lived in the village of Bordino. In the 18th century, one of the descendants of the Putin family - Semyon Fedorovich - moved to Pominovo. As for his brothers and sisters, they settled throughout Russia during the years of the plague, which began around 1771.

Putin's grandfather

Like many residents of the Tver province, many of the ancestors of the incumbent president went to work in St. Petersburg. Special success in the northern capital was achieved by his grandfather - Spiridon Ivanovich. He was in his youth received a specialty cook and worked for many years in the famous restaurant "Astoria". At the same time, SI Putin did not lose contact with the small homeland, where in late 1900 he built a new house. This was very prudent, because during World War I, when it became very difficult to get food in St. Petersburg, Spiridon Ivanovich, together with his wife and four children, returned to Pominovo. However, in 1918, he, without a family, went to work in Moscow in the People's Commissariat canteen.

Putin's parents: father

The pope of the incumbent president - Vladimir Spiridonovich - was born in 1911. At the age of about four years he was brought from St. Petersburg to Pominovo, from where he went to serve in the navy as a submarine sailor. After returning to his native village, he married, and then Putin's parents moved to St. Petersburg. It is also known that their first child was Albert (died before the Second World War), and in St. Petersburg they had another boy, who was named Victor. When the war began, Vladimir Vladimirovich's father was taken to the front, where he took part in the heroic defense of the Nevsky patch and was seriously wounded.

Vladimir Putin's parents: mother

The ancestors of the incumbent president on the maternal line are Shelomovs. That's exactly the name of Maria Ivanovna - mother of Vladimir Vladimirovich, who, like her husband, was born in 1911 sounded in girlhood. Caught in St. Petersburg with her husband and children on the eve of the Great Patriotic War, she survived the blockade, during which she lost her son Victor, who died of diphtheria. By the way, despite the various "sensational" versions that appear in the press regarding the origin of Putin, the nationality of the parents of the incumbent president can not be doubted. They, of course, are Russian.

Family life after the World War II

In the postwar years, Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich worked at the plant, and in 1952 they had a son - Volodya. Putin's parents were simple and hospitable people. For many years, Vladimir Vladimirovich, along with his mother and father, lived in a communal apartment in Baskov Pereulok in Leningrad. And there were no amenities, except for the phone that all neighbors used. It is also known that the father of the future President was very fond of the waltz "Amur waves" and often forced his son Vova to play it on the accordion. However, the boy did not like to study music, preferring Sambo. This enthusiasm for his son Putin's parents, whose photos can be seen below, did not approve, so the first trainer of the future president even had to hold an explanatory conversation with them. It gave its fruits, and Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich no longer interfered with his son's sports.

From the memoirs of Vladimir Putin's childhood friends

At school, Vova was a fairly sociable boy. He was always surrounded by friends who enjoyed visiting their house with pleasure. According to their memoirs, the mother of the incumbent president was very active and an economic woman. She hated the mess and could force her son to change three shirts in a day. As for Putin's father, his son's classmates were afraid of him, because he seemed to them a very strict person, who, however, never even raised his voice to his son.

Also, Vova's childhood friends noted that they were often invited to visit the Putin's dacha, which was located next to the station Tosno. For example, his school friend Victor Borisenko with a warmth remembers that when he, together with other neighbors, came to a classmate, his mother treated them with all the delicacies of their own cooking.

The life of Putin's parents after his arrival in big politics

The mother and father of the incumbent died in 1998 and 1999, that is, they managed to witness the career rise of their son. However, Putin's parents did not try, as they said today, to be PR, but they lived a calm, measured life. The only thing that the doctors who treated Vladimir Spiridonich remembered was how shortly before his death he said: "My son is a king!" This cry showed the pride of a simple working man who brought up a famous politician who has reached the heights of power.

Where are the parents of the incumbent president buried?

As already mentioned, most of the life of Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich lived in St. Petersburg. There is also the grave of Putin's parents. A simple cross is erected above it, on which it says "Lord, your will be done", and on the pedestal the names of the father and the matter of the President of the Russian Federation are engraved. As for the exact place where Putin's parents are buried, this is the Serafimovskoe cemetery, which is considered a military memorial, because there in different years the soldiers who died in the First World War and the inhabitants of Leningrad who could not stand the inhuman conditions of the blockade found rest.

Now you know where Putin's parents lived before he was born, what did they do and what graveyard is their grave.

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