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Alexander Tyutin - biography, filmography, private life

Alexander Tyutin is a famous Russian actor. Thanks to his talent and skill, he managed to win the love of a wide audience. Characters, which he portrays on the screen, attract attention. You will learn the biography of a wonderful actor from this article.


Alexander Tyutin was born in 1962, on November 25th. His homeland - the city of Podolsk, Moscow region. The boy's mom and dad were engineers. In his school years Alexander was fond of physics and mathematics. In the senior year he attended a special boarding school at Moscow State University. Even at an early age, the future actor showed outstanding musical abilities. He independently mastered the skills of playing the guitar and graduated from music school in piano.


After school, Alexander Tyutin became a student at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The educational institution was famous for its student theater, which the future actor enjoyed visiting. He participated in musical productions, sang and danced, mastered pantomime, was involved in avant-garde performances. In 1981, the theater was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize. Tyutin along with the troupe began to go on tour all over the country.

Thanks to work in the student theater, Alexander Tyutin, whose filmography was just beginning, made his debut in the cinema. Their troupe received an invitation to appear in the picture "Odnolyuby", in which they played student-builders. Tyutin took a guitar with him and in the evenings, after work, entertained his colleagues. The director liked the performances of Alexander, specially for the young man was invented a small role in the film, consisting of five episodes. For one of them, the young man had to sing a guitar in the frame. Tyutin recalls that the spectacle of his own name in the credits of the film, at the premiere of which he was in the House of Cinema, caused him the first cinematographic shock.

Director and actor

After graduation, Alexander Tyutin was drafted into the army. For two years, the future actor served in Georgia as an engineer of radio electronic systems of a military transport squadron. The young man was demobilized in the rank of a senior lieutenant.

Returning to the citizen, Alexander Tyutin entered the Shchukin school for directing faculty in the workshop of M. Tep-Zakharova. He received his diploma in 1992. Along with studying in theatrical, since 1987, the actor entered the service in the theater "Players", where he first worked as an actor, and later as a director. For example, Alexander became co-director of the production "Through mutual correspondence," in which he also played the role of Altynnik Ivan. Later Tyutin was involved as an actor in the play "Devil" based on the work of M. Gorevoy "Chronicle of theatrical events."


Alexander became a sought-after actor in adulthood. At first he played negative characters, not without attraction. These characters fell in love with the audience.

Then Tyutin began to offer positive roles. Now in his acting coin box are quite interesting characters. In the television series "Dear Masha Berezina" he was played by the politician and businessman Alexander Kruglov, in the film "Second before ..." - the wise archangel Michael, in the film "On the Bridge" - a successful manager, general producer of the TV channel, Semyonov Vadim Petrovich. Alexander Tyutin played the role of a wise major in the tape "Stroibach." The actor played Goshi's father in the rating series "Margosha."

For his artistic career, Alexander Tyutin took part in the filming of more than a hundred films. Among them are: "Duba-Dyuba", "DMB", "Kamenskaya", "Turkish march", "Truckers", "Antikiller", "Bayazet", "Yesenin", "Hunting for deer," "In the circle first" , "Last Confession", "Paragraph 78", "Daddy's Daughters", "Hot Ice", "Zhukov", "A Man From Nowhere", "I'm Going to Find You" and many others.

Roles of dignitaries

Tyutin's external data are often used by filmmakers to portray images of dignitaries: militiamen, military, investigators. The actor was involved in the role of the police general in the film "Hunting on the asphalt," the director of the FSB in the film "The Code of the Apocalypse," the head physician, captain of the medical service in the serial film "The Saboteur: The End of the War." Alexander portrayed the prosecutor in the "Good Guys", the division's chief of staff in the topical film "Mines in the Fairway" and the police colonel in the television series "GAIshniki." All the characters Tyutin played reliably and remembered by the audience.

Alexander Tyutin, whose photo you see in this article, considers the division of his characters into negative and positive ones very conditional. He is more interested in playing ambiguous characters with an unusual fate and contradictory character. Tyutin as a professional actor can perform any role.

Alexander Tyutin. Personal life

Despite the attractive appearance, Alexander is faithful to one woman for 20 years. His wife's name is Irina Kashirskaya, she works as a casting director and journalist. The artist is sure that the main thing in love is to find your soul mate. Prior to the meeting with Irina, Alexander was already married, but this marriage quickly disintegrated. Relations with the second wife began with a non-binding communication, which over time turned into a strong bond. Alexander Tyutin, whose filmography is known to numerous fans, is proud of his wife, says that she never arranges scenes of jealousy. The actor considers himself a monogram and in the next 50 years with his wife does not intend to part. Alexander and Irina have no children yet.

Actor Alexander Tyutin simply disarms his simplicity and openness in communication. He does not hide that he refused the role in the famous "Brigade" because of low fees. However, he happened to play together with Sergei Bezrukov in the film "Yesenin." His work in this film, he frankly calls failure. In the film "White Moor" Tyutin starred in an unexpected role for all, depicting with Igor Vernik a couple in love. The actor states that it is not homophobic. The drama "The White Moor" tells of the unfortunate fate of two men who all their lives have to hide the truth about themselves.

Alexander is very fond of traveling. He has two apartments in Bulgaria, one of which he refers to as a dacha. The actor has visited many countries of the world, including Spain, Austria, Istanbul. Tyutin is a very sincere and sociable person. People familiar with it say that a merry, singing company always gathers around the artist at film festivals.

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