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Hepatic fritters and other variations on a given topic

Have you got used to think that pancakes are just thick wheat cakes fried in a frying pan? In fact, today pancakes bake from a wide variety of products - from cottage cheese, vegetables and even meat products. For example, from the liver.

Air, tender hepatic pancakes are an excellent source of iron, so they should definitely be included in the children's diet. And adults do not put to diversify their table and cook this delicious dish. The principle of preparation of pancakes from the liver is no different from cooking all other types of this dish. First, the "dough" is prepared, and then it is fried in small portions in a frying pan.

"Dough" for baking liver pancakes is prepared with the addition of raw potatoes, flour or semolina. But first you need to prepare the liver itself. This by-product needs to be washed and removed from the film and ducts. Then grind with a blender or meat grinder.

If it is decided to cook liver pancakes with the addition of raw potatoes, but for half a kilogram of beef or calf liver, you need to take three potatoes and an egg. Potatoes three on the smallest grater, egg whisk. All we connect with the milled liver, salt, season with pepper and nutmeg. Fry in a frying pan, like the most common pancakes. You can add finely chopped and fried onions to the hepatic mass.

In the second variant of preparation, grated potatoes are replaced with two tablespoons of flour or semolina.

Hepatic fritters can also be successfully made from chicken liver, using the following recipe. Half a kilogram of chicken liver takes one onion and one egg, all this is mixed in a blender and added to the mass one glass of ground oats floured in a coffee grinder of instant cooking. All mix and start baking pancakes.

Pancakes from the liver can be prepared with "bake". As a "bake" you can use boiled eggs, mixed with green onions, rice and eggs, mushrooms, stewed vegetables. Prepare such hepatic pancakes as follows: forcemeat with a spoon we put on the frying pan, and on top of the semi-liquid still dough we put a teaspoon of "baking", slightly pressing it. When the underside of the pancakes is toasted, they will need to be turned with a spatula and fry until cooked.

In a festive version, this dish can be prepared as a hepatic cake. For this and the hepatic mass, you should not bake pancakes, but pancakes. And after they cool down, reseat them with a "cream" made from mayonnaise, mixed with chopped garlic, greens and grated cheese. Decorate the liver cake can be carved from boiled vegetables with flowers. Such a meal can take center stage among the appetizers on the festive table.

And what other unusual pancakes can you cook? Try, for example, to fry pancakes from mushrooms. For them, we need to fry 300 grams of champignons (finely chopped) in a pan with one chopped onion. When the mass cools, add three beaten eggs, a tablespoon of sour cream or mayonnaise and flour. Flour should be taken so that the dough acquires the consistency of sour cream. The flour can be replaced with oat flakes crushed in a coffee grinder. Fry, as usual, in vegetable oil.

Another unusual recipe - corn pancakes, which we cook from canned corn. A can of corn (400 grams) will require two eggs, a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream, a little salt, half a spoonful of baking powder, a couple of spoons of ordinary flour or ground cereal. You can add about fifty grams of grated cheese.

Such pancakes can be prepared in two versions - with a tender and sharp taste. In the first case, when preparing the test, sour cream is used, you can add very little sugar. In the second - we put mayonnaise, garlic and pepper. Serve fritters from corn as a separate dish or use them as a garnish.

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