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Restaurant "Olivier", Sochi: menu, address, reviews

In Russia there are a huge number of cities that are worth a visit, if you go on a trip. One of such places is Sochi. However, we all know that during the trip there is not always time to prepare food, so you have to visit local restaurants or cafes, as well as other similar establishments. Well, if you are traveling with your family, then in Sochi, you will be ideal only one restaurant - "Olivier", where you can taste the best in taste and appearance dishes at the most affordable prices. So, today we will discuss this wonderful place in detail.

basic information

Restaurant "Olivier" (Sochi), the photo of which is presented in this article, is one of the most popular places in the city for family holidays. Italian cuisine is served here, and if you love it, you will definitely be delighted with this establishment.

To order a table here is quite simple, however, it is obligatory, because sometimes there are such situations that guests come, and there simply are not any vacant seats. Therefore, try to order tables in advance, so that nothing could prevent you from spending a good evening with your family or friends.

By the way, there is also a banquet hall, which holds a huge number of people, which makes it possible to conduct quite large events. Thus, when you visit the restaurant "Olivier" (Sochi), whose address is Roz Street, house 52, the administration will be able to clarify all the necessary information and agree on a banquet. If there is no time or opportunity to arrive, we recommend that you ask all the questions that arise by calling 8 (862) 264-06-42.

There is a restaurant from 12 days to midnight.

Special atmosphere for non-smokers

As you have already understood, the restaurant "Olivier" (Sochi), which we will discuss about a little later, is basically a family institution where you can bring your children quite calmly. It is for this reason that there is a division into rooms for smokers and premises for those who do not smoke. So, you can not worry at all about the fact that your child is breathing smoke.


The restaurant of family recipes "Olivier" in Sochi is a unique place, since there is even a menu for your little children who constantly want something. In this case, you will not suffer from the selection of dishes from the menu for adults, since in the children's variation everything is quite simple and understandable, so that the child can choose what he wants later.

Well, in addition, you will always be pleased that in the restaurant "Olivier" in the Russian city of Sochi, you can always order a meal to take away the remaining delicious food home. Unfortunately, there are no delivery services here, however many customers of the establishment constantly ask the administration for such an innovation. Let's see what will happen next.

Working staff

As in any other institution, there are waiters, cooks, and other staff. All representatives of the institution are the most experienced workers in their field and can explain something to the client. They are nicely dressed and always communicate with customers with due respect.

If you have any questions, you can ask them to the waiters. Well, in the event that if you introduce yourself, you will not be able to give a full answer, the administrator will always come to the rescue, who will tell you everything and show you. Of course, in occasion of any events it is best to immediately apply to the administration, with representatives of which you can discuss everything and agree on everything.

By the way, payment is possible not only in cash, as in many restaurants in Sochi, but also with the help of a bank card. Learn more about how to pay the bill by bank transfer, you can have a waiter or, again, the administration of the institution, but still it's logical that even the waiter can give an informative answer on this issue.

Customer Testimonials

Many visitors to the restaurant "Olivier" in the city of Sochi agree that the food here is extremely tasty, prepared by highly qualified chefs of the restaurant. And the prices, in principle, are not too high here, as it may seem.

For children there is a special menu, and a nice looking room is created where your little pets can play with their new friends or restaurant employees. Also, many customers of the restaurant are satisfied with the interior: everything is beautiful and laconic, it is very cozy and cute.

Of the dishes, most customers recommend different, well, it's generally understandable, because the taste and color ... However, all the same now it is worth highlighting that they praise in the restaurant "Olivier" (Sochi) a hodgepodge made according to the original recipe, and Also pasta with seafood, ear and even mussels in tomato. The cost of the dishes is small, but the taste is really gorgeous.

As for dinners for people from the nearest offices, they are available here, though not all day, but still. The cost of business lunches is 320 rubles, and there is more than enough food there. Many even argue that it is enough for even three people to nourish.

Of the minuses, some customers note a long service, but that's directly depends on the complexity of the dish, as well as fairly high prices.

Promotions, discounts and interesting

In the restaurant "Olivier" (Russia, Sochi) there are also regular discounts. In addition, there are often a variety of actions, with the participation in which you can win something very tasty. For example, on Tuesday, there is a 50% discount on certain wines, which you will definitely like.

It is also worth noting that on Mondays in the restaurant of family recipes "Olivier" there is a unique master class on drawing from the excellent Khatuna. The cost of one lesson is only 350 rubles: think, it's worth it so that your child learns to paint very nicely? Well, it's logical that not only children can take part in the master class, but also / and their parents: there are no age restrictions!

Another interesting action is the presentation of a ticket for an airplane or train on the day of departure or arrival. In this case, you will receive a discount of 20% on all meals in the menu. In addition, it should be noted that when children get grades "excellent", children can present their diary and get a dessert completely free of charge (this action is not permanent and only if the child has come with his parents).

To sum up

In general, the restaurant "Olivier" (Sochi), the menu in which it is simply excellent, is a wonderful place where you can have a good time with your family and friends. Children will like it here, because for them there is not only a special menu, but also a room where you can find new friends who came to Olivier with their parents.

Evaluating this place, you can gather and go here for lunch!

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