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Restaurant "Pirs", Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg: reviews, menu

Krestovsky Island is a popular holiday destination not only for St. Petersburg residents, but also for visiting tourists. Inexpensive and tasty snack here you can in the restaurant with an open terrace "Pirs", which is located in the park "Divo-Ostrov". This institution will be discussed in this article. We will tell you more about the location of the restaurant, its menu and the events that are held here.

Restaurant "Pirs": location and opening hours

The restaurant is located in the Krestovsky Island. His address: Kemskaya street, house 1А. The easiest way to get there is from Krestovsky Ostrov metro station, which is 650 meters from the restaurant, but the entrance to the park is much closer. In addition, direct bus services run from many areas of St. Petersburg, where you can get to the park for a small amount. Here stops routes No. 10, 24 and 25. For visitors arriving by private car, public parking is available. Leave your car on it for free. The restaurant itself is located on the shore of a small lake, which offers a beautiful view of the amusement park.

осенне-зимний период. It is worth knowing that the restaurant works exactly like the "Divo-Ostrov" park, which is usually closed for the autumn-winter period. In summer the institution opens at noon and operates until 21:00 on weekdays, and at the weekend "Pirs" opens an hour earlier. In winter, only one of the restaurant halls is open to visitors, which is open from 12:00 to 18:00 daily. In addition, the restaurant from time to time can be closed for celebrations, during which it is not allowed to visit by strangers.

More about the restaurant

The restaurant "Pirs" was opened in 2003. At its disposal, it has a two-level terrace and a closed hall, which usually works in bad weather or in winter. This institution specializes in traditional Russian cuisine, which dishes are combined here with hits of Italian, Caucasian and Japanese cuisine. Because of its location, the restaurant sets a few inflated prices, so calling it cheap can be difficult. The average check is on average 1500-2000 rubles. You can pay in cash or by credit card. Children's lunch here will cost about 500-700 rubles.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in classical style. On the open terrace there are small tables, designed for four people, and next to them are comfortable wicker chairs. Some tables are also equipped with soft leather sofas. The walls of the terrace are decorated with live plants and light tulle. бежевого. The interior is decorated in light colors, among which white and beige shades predominate . Furniture here, on the contrary, has a contrasting color. Total restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people in a closed hall, up to 200 visitors on the terrace. Also there are 2 spacious gazebos, each of which can accommodate about 120 guests.

Restaurant "Pirs": the menu

Visitors note that the restaurant's menu is not very diverse. It features popular European cuisine. It is worth knowing that there are no complex lunches here at a reduced price. Does not offer a restaurant "Pirs" and exquisite culinary masterpieces. The menu consists of classic dishes, for example, the first is served fish or creamy soup, chicken broth. Desserts here offer various pastries, charlottes, fruit sliced, as well as cakes of own cooking. Ice cream and milkshakes are also served in the restaurant.

Here you can order classic Italian pizza or pasta, fried in oil sausages, baked in vegetables, fish. Guests are offered a wide range of salads: Caesar, Greek salad, Olivier. For its young guests, the restaurant "Pirs" has developed a children's menu. But its special pride is the open brazier, on which are cooked amazing dishes on the grill. купаты , запеченную картошку. You can try juicy chicken skewers, fried pork ribs, bathrobes , baked potatoes. Meat dishes are served together with pickled onions and Korean carrots.

What kind of drinks does the institution offer?

"Pierce" (St. Petersburg, restaurant) offers guests an extensive selection of soft drinks. You can refresh yourself with mineral water, carbonated drinks (coca-cola, fanta, sprite), concentrated juices, milkshakes, and also order black and green tea or instant coffee. The menu also has a drink. There are not many alcoholic drinks here. Basically served fruit sangria, wine, but you can also order a bottle of champagne, vodka. Do here and simple cocktails, for example, whiskey with cola and lemon.

Hosting an event

In winter, a restaurant located on the street. Kemskaya, 1, is often closed for banquets. Events here are organized differently, but most often weddings, birthdays and proms are held. To prepare for each holiday, the restaurant is quite serious. At your choice, guests are offered several types of dishes, desserts, a special drink card. At the request of visitors, the administration of Pierce itself will decorate the hall. You can also entrust her with the selection of a presenter or a toastmaster. By the way, some famous persons of St. Petersburg have been cooperating with the restaurant for more than 10 years, so they offer their services at a discount. мастер-классами и дискотекой, которая проводится на открытой террасе. The holiday can also be supplemented by original contests, master classes and a disco, which is held on the open terrace.

Positive reviews about the restaurant

Every day in the summer, the "Divo-Ostrov" Park is visited by a huge number of people. Many of them often stop to grab a snack in the "pier", and then leave on their pastime useful feedback. Also, banquette evenings are often held here, which restaurant guests are also told about. The reputation of the institution is mixed. There are people who appreciated the quality of local services, but there are those who would prefer to have a rest in another institution the next time. First, we list the advantages of this restaurant:

  • A varied menu, in which there are also light desserts, pastries for snacks, and dishes for a full meal.
  • Excellent location. Nearby there is a lake, which is decorated with water fountains, and a park. Even in hot weather it is cooler than in the rest of the "Divo-Island".
  • Fast and quality organization of banquets. The staff of the restaurant itself is engaged in preparing the menu, decorating the hall, selecting entertainment programs and leading.
  • Quiet environment. There is almost no noise from rides, children's and adult screams.
  • The restaurant serves delicious and large portions of chicken skewers. Also, visitors especially noted the refreshing fruit sangria.

Negative reviews about the restaurant

Despite the large number of positive reviews, the restaurant "Pirs" in St. Petersburg is often criticized. According to visitors, the administration of the establishment should pay attention to the following serious shortcomings:

  • Slow service. The restaurant has a decent number of waiters, but they still do not have time to distribute the dishes. Some guests noted that they had to wait for their food for more than an hour.
  • Rude administrator of the restaurant. Instead of trying to correct the defects indicated by visitors, he begins to be rude.
  • On the terrace there are a lot of dirty tables with uncleaned dishes, which also spoils the opinion of the institution.
  • Sometimes the food here is served cold, and the tea is already cooled.
  • The cost of the dishes is too high, however the portions here are served very small. An adult man can hardly eat it.
  • After the banquet, employees take away the remaining food with them, and do not give it to the guests.

Is it worth visiting this restaurant?

Krestovsky Island is a great place to relax with your family. "Pierce", located here, is suitable for a small snack in the break between riding on attractions, and for a full friendly meeting. If you decide to visit this place, then be prepared to spend a decent amount of time waiting for food. For a budget snack this place also does not fit. At the same time, the restaurant "Pirs" conducts quality banquet evenings, which are satisfied with their customers. Thus, the institution is a good place, which still has some disadvantages. If they do not bother you, then you can safely go here.

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