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"Hunting restaurant" (Perm): description, menu, reviews

Among all the restaurants of this ancient Russian city one establishment is called truly unique. The Okhotnichy restaurant in Perm (address: Permskaya st., 200) is the owner of the concept award, which, incidentally, does not surprise his guests, many of whom have become regulars.

лежит идея возрождения традиционной русской охотничьей кухни. The menu of this institution is based on the idea of reviving traditional Russian hunting cuisine. Specialists of the institution have adapted it to modern tastes.


This idea was not necessary for the organizers of the restaurant to search far. The edge is distinguished by lush forests, replete with game. And the wealth of Russian culinary traditions is famous all over the world. Long since the hunt has been a favorite amusement of wealthy gentlemen. Dishes from game - it's not just amazingly delicious meat, it's a really delicious treat.

Previously, before the appearance of such a restaurant, in Perm, no one took up the embodiment of this seemingly reclining, simple idea. The fact is that cooking game requires a certain skill, experience, skill. Equally important is the environmental safety of raw materials. Specialists of the restaurant "Hunting" in Perm guarantee the high quality of their dishes: suppliers that deliver raw materials (local forestry) to the local cuisine, are checked by the founders of the restaurant for years of long cooperation.


Guests are offered dishes of Russian and European cuisine, there are banquet halls. The institution positions itself destined for meat lovers and posikunkchikov. Working:

  • Monday to Saturday: 12:00 to 24:00.
  • Sunday: 12:00 to 23:00.

Business lunch is provided on weekdays, from 12.00 to 16.00. Payment by bank card is accepted.


  • The size of the average check: 1200 rubles.
  • Russian and European cuisine, an extensive wine list
  • Facilities and services: you can order meals of the children's menu, food with you, book tables. There is a VIP-lounge, a summer terrace.
  • The restaurant seats up to 30 guests.
  • Visitors are provided with Wi-Fi.
  • Payment: payment by cards, cash, by bank card.

Restaurant "Hunting" (Perm): menu

Although "Hunting" is considered a men's restaurant, its menu has a lot of compliments for ladies, there are also treats for children. Game at the restaurant "Hunting" in Perm is the main, but not the only direction. In the culinary range of the establishment - dishes of European and Russian cuisines.

Features of the menu of the new season

Authors of reviews about the restaurant "Hunting" (Perm) are pleased to note the features of the updated menu. In addition to the traditional pelmeni, steaks and posichunkchiki from game meat, in the new season guests are offered an unusually delicious treat - the tail of the beaver. In addition, there are prepared sausages from all kinds of game. A full set of exclusive hunting joys is presented in the "Dish of Real Hunters", consisting of pickled scones from the grill, boar cutlets and posovunkchikov from the beaver.

Fish new menu of the restaurant "Hunting" is rich, wide, and, according to many guests, elegant. Seasonal offer is a shish kebab from a catfish. Very tasty, according to regulars, they are preparing a solyanka "Royal" - from sterlet and salmon.

The dish "Salmon in a sarafan" is prepared as follows: a salmon steak is stuffed with cream cheese with herbs and wrapped in fatty film from lamb. Guests are happy to recall the taste of thin slices of salmon with a scent of coriander, served with dried toasts from French bread. They also rely on butter and garden greens.


Visitors to the restaurant "Hunting" believe that in the local cuisine dishes are prepared from everything that is found in the forest. Guests praise the unusual taste of smoked ribs of wild boar, soup from elk, stew of bear meat, cutlets from game, tail of beaver and many other dishes.

Wild game lovers emphasize that the choice of posikunchikov here is truly inexhaustible: with meat of beaver, wild boar, bear, deer, elk, etc. An ideal option, according to the guests, is visiting the restaurant by a large company and ordering pies with all possible kinds of fillings. The guests celebrate the extraordinary cordiality and helpfulness of the local staff. The authors of the reviews thank the restaurant for its delicious food and provided a wonderful holiday.


In the design of the institution, the decorators, naturally, could not do without the stuffed bear. Unoriginal may be someone and the presence of brilliant hinged ceilings. But the restaurant "Hunting" in Perm, according to many visitors, is just the case when the unusual taste of dishes compensates for some old-fashioned interior.

It should be noted that in the design of the restaurant, according to especially scrupulous guests, there is some awkwardness: on the walls huge photos of animals in their natural habitat are hung. It seems that they look with reproach at the way visitors eat the meat of their dead brethren.


  • The restaurant offers a 10% discount for the birthday party on the whole menu. The discount is valid one week before the birthday and a week after. Condition: pre-order table, presentation of a passport or driving license, use of alcohol ordered in the bar of the institution.
  • The restaurant provides a 20% discount on the whole menu from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 16:00 (except for banquet and buffet receptions).
  • A special offer can be used by guests wishing to hold a banquet in the restaurant "Hunting": when ordering for the amount of 60 thousand rubles. The action "Its alcoholic" operates.

Official Recognition

In 2014, the restaurant "Hunting" in Perm was checked by the "Revizorro" program. Inspector Elena Letuchaya has placed 5 "pluses" out of five possible.

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