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The best restaurants in Minsk. Photos and reviews of tourists

To date, the capital of Belarus has about 400 bars, 160 restaurants, 400 cafes. It can be difficult for city visitors to decide exactly which restaurants to visit in Minsk. Photo of interiors, a description of the orientation of the institution and the menu will make it possible to make the right choice. This list is made on the basis of reviews of tourists, experts in the restaurant business and ordinary residents of the city. It is surrounded by the best luxury restaurants in Minsk, trendy bars and popular youth cafes.

The Black Door

Lounge-cafe The Black Door, without a doubt, can be called the most fashionable place in the city. Why this institution is ahead of other restaurants in Minsk? The rating of cafes among visitors is high not only because of the widest choice of dishes, although here you can taste European, Mediterranean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and author's cuisine. The Black Door is primarily an atmosphere. Stylish interior, wonderful music and delicious food create an inimitable mood. Guests will appreciate a wide selection of wines, a themed cocktail card, a special menu for the city's best summer terrace.


If you are interested in restaurants of Minsk with live music - visit Bergamo. Already for 10 years, this restaurant pleases guests and residents of the capital with exquisite Italian cuisine. Here you can taste classic dishes - homemade pasta, thin crispy pizza, real Neapolitan "Tiramisu". Bergamo - a restaurant of the highest class, which will allow you for a few hours to be in Italy.

"The Kamyanitsa"

Do you want to try Belarusian cuisine? Visit Minsk. National restaurants offer a wide choice of dishes, and one of the most popular establishments is "Kamyanitsa". It can be safely called one of the most original places in Minsk. "Kamyanitsa" is suitable for fans of folk culture, the Middle Ages and national Belarusian cuisine.

The main hall is made in the authentic atmosphere of the Middle Ages - walls made of stone, muffled light, low ceilings, stained-glass windows. The second room - with a fireplace, rough wooden furniture and a bar resembling a fortress wall.

Bella Rosa

When you mention the best restaurants in Minsk, you can not do without a story about Bella Rosa. This prestigious restaurant offers to enjoy dishes of Mediterranean and author's cuisine performed by a talented chef. Here you can appreciate the Italian pasta, snails, sauce from mussels, try the real "Caesar". The restaurant will please the guests with an elegant and chic interior.

"Singing Fountains"

Are you interested in unusual restaurants in Minsk? Reviews of the restaurant "Singing Fountains" are unanimous - this is the place where jazz is born. Here you can relax under the charming sounds of the saxophone and forget about the noise and hecticness of the big city. In "Singing Fountains" you can comfortably spend an evening in the company of old friends, and at the same time the institution is great for a romantic meeting. Here you can taste Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The institution boasts a large coffee card and a wide selection of drinks.

"Natvris He"

Fans of Georgian cuisine should always visit the restaurant "Natvris He", which means "dream tree". The institution is located away from the noisy city center, in a small mansion. Among the pines and birches there is a restaurant building, a summer terrace, several gazebos and a children's playground. The tutor can take care of small visitors while parents enjoy real Georgian shish kebabs in one of the arbors. In winter, you can enjoy delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine by the fireplace. The interior is made in the light of the national color - unusual handmade chandeliers, paintings, antiques. Pleasant music, both background and live. The restaurant provides food delivery to the house.

Irish pub "Clover"

Clever Irish Pub - a real Irish pub in the heart of Minsk. The pub will please regular visitors with interesting meetings, thematic parties, live music. Despite a small cozy room, the pub is quite roomy - guests can stay behind a bar, at tables and on the ground with sofas.

The bar is active, the bar card offers a wide selection of drinks, in particular whiskey is represented by 60 varieties, beer - 20. There are also cocktails, including beer. The kitchen is simple, with delicious and hearty dishes. In priority - snacks, including unusual, for example, pig ears. A sweet tooth can order and dessert for tea, for example, carrot cake.


Cocktail Bar BarDuck - a cozy place with an original interior. The inspirer of the establishment is Scrooge McDuck, so the floor is laid out with coins, which were used more than 100 000.

Duc cocktail bar was created in order that each guest could have a great time here in the company of close people. The walls are decorated with images of the famous duck, and stylized as medieval Italy. Despite the unusual, it looks pretty harmonious. Visitors of the bar are offered to enjoy not only the original interior and high-quality musical accompaniment, but also delicious author's drinks.

In the cocktail card, you can find not only unusual tinctures of your own preparation (for example, rum on pear, tequila on currant, whiskey on apple, vodka with ginger), but also classic cocktails and drinks with original recipe. People who do not drink alcohol will be pleased with non-alcoholic cocktails, named after the nephews of McDuck.

"The Old Town Brewer"

Beer restaurants of Minsk will delight visitors not only with a variety of delicious varieties of foam drink, but also a rich menu. On the ground floor of the "Old Town Brewer" usually accommodate small groups of guests, the second floor with large tables is suitable for long gatherings in a large company of friends.

The menu includes both Belarusian cuisine and light snacks. The main emphasis is on meat dishes, which are offered both portioned, and on huge plates for the whole company. The highlight of the establishment is its own beer. High quality of the freshest drink from selected ingredients is noted even by specialists.

Sweet and Sour

The Sweet & Sour Bar is a unique retro atmosphere, jazz and classic cocktails popular in the forties. Cocktails will be served with delicious snacks. Do you need anything else? The creators of Sweet & Sour believe that no. This bar will appeal to lovers of quality alcohol and pleasant atmosphere.

Gastro-pub Gambrinus

After a long walk around the city, visit the gastro-pub "Gambrinus", located in the historical part of Minsk. The pub is named after the famous brewer. Here you can taste many kinds of beer from producers from Belarus, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain and the best national dishes of Irish, Czech and Belgian cuisine. The institution is constantly held various promotions, there is a system of discounts.


Restaurants in Minsk can attract fast service. Restaurant "Lido" is popular due to its convenient location, good capacity and the ability to combine meals. This fast food restaurant can offer a huge selection of dishes for every taste at a democratic price. This is the place where you can always stop eating a snack.

"The Golden Scallop"

The extensive menu of the restaurant presents traditional French dishes, as well as author's works of seafood, fish, meat and poultry. This is an institution suitable for both fast meals and business meetings. Business dinner, presentation, fashion show, family dinner, romantic date - all this is convenient to spend in the restaurant La Crête d`Or - "Golden scallop".

"My English grandmother"

In the cafe "My English Grandmother" you will feel like a resident of the foggy Albion. If the bar counter reminds the style of an English pub, then in the hall you really will feel at a party with your beloved grandmother. Already on the threshold you will meet a nice woman who will help you settle in a cafe.

The menu is quite diverse. You can try and tender beef steak, but most visitors come here for amazing desserts. The cafe is played by background music. If desired, you can enjoy the game of your favorite sports team in a live broadcast.


Feelini - a cafe that meets its visitors with a stylish, spectacular and bright interior. Comfortable atmosphere, soft light and staff hospitality will make you stay longer in Feelini. Guests can stay in a red-brown darkened area or choose a fresh and sophisticated white room.

The chef will surprise you with masterpieces of European cuisine - juicy steaks, delicate salads and light snacks. The wine list contains over 60 varieties of wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. In the evening, guests can participate in an entertainment program.


Describing restaurants in Minsk can not be ignored by Falcone. This is one of the most famous restaurants in the capital, where everything is done for the guest's comfort - light live music, exquisite Italian cuisine, a VIP room and a children's room. The exquisite interior was noted by many specialists, and the talent of the chef Giuseppe Zanotti was appreciated by the Italian Federation of Chefs. The restaurant is included in the worldwide directories of Italian restaurants. Listed in the list: "The most expensive restaurants in Minsk"


Maraschino is a bar with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The interior is thought out to trifles and combines high-tech with classical style. A pleasant atmosphere is complemented by light music in the style of the lounge and fireplace. The choice of cocktails in the bar is amazing. The unique assortment includes drinks from the recipe of 1840 to the present day. The kitchen will offer dishes of Italian, Thai, Japanese and author's cuisine. Here you can try not only ordinary salads and snacks, but also exotic dishes such as coconut soup.

"On right"

Cafe "Right" - a cozy institution, where you can go with a company of friends, and with your family. In the hall of a pleasant beige-pistachio color, there are many different small interior details that are interesting to consider. The atmosphere offers a long sit-by for a cup of tea and dessert. The institution boasts a large selection of lenten dishes.

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