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Restaurant "Mili", Yaroslavl: review, description, menu and testimonials of visitors

The modern world offers a huge number of places for rest and very little time for its implementation. That is why the choice of an institution should be approached very carefully. The restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl) offers its services to all those who wish to have a good time and to fill up a basket of bright moments in life.

Location and mode of operation

For many, good pastime means a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and quality service. All these visitors find it in the restaurant "Miles". Yaroslavl is a beautiful city where you can find your own version of entertainment. The saturation of this place means that everyone has the opportunity to have a great rest, the main thing is to know where. The restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl) is located at: Uglichskaya street, 36/84. Every evening in its walls you can see a very diverse contingent of people: these are big friendly companies, and quiet families, and couples in love. All of them find this place the best for their holiday. Guests of the restaurant "Mili" can enjoy its cuisine and atmosphere from Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 to 22:00, and on Friday and Saturday - from 11:00 to 23:00.


Each institution strives to meet the requirements of its visitors. The restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl) does not depart from this principle. Holidaymakers can evaluate the work of the institution from the first minutes of staying in it. Polite, qualified staff is not late in ordering, do not stand over your soul, help you navigate the menu and find a suitable dish. Also guests can appreciate the creative approach in the menu design. All dishes are divided into two main categories - "North Asia" and "Scandinavia", which will simplify the task for fans of a certain cuisine. In this place take into account the interests of various visitors. In addition to the main dishes, they are offered to familiarize themselves with the options for cooking grilled food, as well as the lean, vegetarian and summer menu "All for a picnic." "Miles" - a restaurant (Yaroslavl), whose phone number can be found on the official website, is ready to meet even the youngest guests. They have a special entertainment program and a separate children's menu. The hall and summer terrace allow you to enjoy more than 150 people at the same time. Live music, a rich wine list, thoughtful business lunches, the possibility of holding banquets and celebrations make this restaurant a truly unique place to relax.


The restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl) on Uglichskaya Street is an incredible place that every visitor will like. It is only necessary to cross the threshold, as there is a desire to just stand and examine all the details of the interior. The restaurant is decorated in a modern style. At the same time, the simplicity, comfort and harmony were perfectly matched in it. The color gamut was based on beige, brown and gray shades, which played a role in the warmth of the general atmosphere. Tables and chairs are made and wood, which is also observed in the decoration of some elements. Over each table hang long chandeliers, which provide a soft, pleasant light in the halls. Cream textiles and an abundance of living plants complete such a laconic interior and add new colors to it. In the design of the halls were used different materials, which did not make the interior boring and monotonous. In warm seasons, visitors to the Mili restaurant can sit on the summer veranda, enjoy the weather and fresh air.


Even the most unusual interior will not save the institution, if it is not served the best quality food. About restaurant "Miles" it is necessary to speak, as about one of the most visited establishments where process of preparation of meal and selection of components pay special attention. The menu of this institution is rich in dishes of different culinary traditions. The chefs of the restaurant are real masters of their business, because they can best embody any idea. Guests can taste international cuisine. Most often in the orders you can find a tuna cooked with citrus vinaigrette and sprouted seeds, a salad with eggs of pheasant, cheese and beef ribs, mutton soup as a traditional Icelandic dish. Interestingly, next to such exquisite options you can find a very familiar burger. True, the non-standard approach of this institution does not allow to bring it in a simple form, because perfectly roasted venison and baked vegetables make it a gourmet dish. For dessert, guests can enjoy themselves with strawberry soup, frosty chocolate or dessert with hazelnut and rum, as is customary in Scandinavia. Also, the restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl), whose menu often contains novelties, offers its visitors a wide range of drinks, among which everyone will find a favorite cocktail and incredible elite tea. The average score in this place is 1000-2000 rubles per person.


The institution can be called really worthy for rest, if after a visit there are pleasant and vivid impressions. The restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl region) does everything to ensure that its guests have something to tell their relatives. The staff of this place applies to both new and regular visitors with care and attention. The decor of the restaurant insists on a quiet, quiet evening with delicious food and pleasant music. Coming here with your loved ones, surrounding yourself with relatives, you can forget about all problems and just enjoy such valuable moments of rest.


For the restaurant, as well as for future guests, it is important that what visitors say about it. The reviews allow us to reveal the real picture of what is happening and to understand in what direction it is worth developing further. Many do not immediately understand the name of this place. Often awareness comes already at the table when reading the menu. The guests say that the restaurant "Mili" (Yaroslavl) gives an opportunity to overcome a huge distance and make a gastronomic trip to another country. Incredible culinary masterpieces, their great choice, high level of service and warm atmosphere are all that is needed for good memories and what the "Mili" restaurant guarantees.

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